Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wordpress, Moving, Kelly Moore...

Kelly Moore Libby Sapphire Camera Bag.
This is my favorite bag right now and my camera was in 
desperate need of some style! HA!
Next on my list is this bag here!

I have tried to stay with blogger as long as I could but I have decided to move to
Wordpress. The creative options in Wordpress are endless.
I will be running both and letting you know here whenever I post there.
Gonna give it ago and I am excited for the change.
My host has assured me my followers will still remain in my feed 
or something like that, and
that you will still see my posts. 

Keep ya posted...



  1. Hi Lu! Have always loved your blog! Happy you are an IG friend so I can more of your lovely images! :)

    Oh and that bag is to die for...LOVE!


  2. Will absalutely follow you over- Your Pictures are amzing & worth the follow

  3. Nice bag!

    I was wondering if it was not too difficult to use WordPress?

  4. I migrated from Blogger to Wordpress in September, about a week after ankle surgery. I couldn't get around, so figured it was a good time. I used an ebook that helped a lot. Maybe you are using someone to help you. It isn't for the faint of heart. But I love, love Wordpress, and you will too! No more Blogger glitches. I wish you luck. And if you want to email me about some problem, and I can help, I certainly will.

    1. Wow thank you Brenda! I am a bit nervous and excited at the same time. Blogger has so many problems. My sweet savannah recently lost her entire following. Scary to work that hard for so many years and then blogger just loses your site. So I figure if I don't it now I am good. I will def email for questions! Thank u