Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The beautiful, practice, practice...the winner's

What I love most about photography is that it is all engaging. 
I forget everything else when I take a picture. 
Photography is all about solutions to what's in your viewfinder;
composition, lighting, movement, color, and my favorite and what I like to call
 "the beautiful."
I love the process more then anything else.

One of my new years resolutions of course was to photograph 
everyday and study more. So far so very good.  

Lately, the winter light has been perfect and cozy. 
Mood is something I am trying to capture in my images, and find 
myself looking for it in everything now.
What do you think about this image above? What feeling does it
evoke in you?

I wanted to announce the winners of the Souvenir Magazine
Giveaway and the Graceful giveaway.

Winners of Souvenir giveaway. 
Please email me your info.
Carol from Oh Goodie
Becky up the Hill
Graceful Giveaway



  1. Good job on the photos. I'm constantly with camera in hand, too. I love it. I photograph things that I would never want to forget.

    This photo is dripping in home, love, warmth, dessert after a cozy, family meal. Nice.


    1. Wow thank you so much. I have been trying out new lens as well not sure which ones I would like.
      Photography is endless.

  2. mmmmmm. it evokes mouthwatering and an urge to lick the screen. it really does engage!


    1. Thank you Michele! I love hearing from my readers!

  3. Your photo makes me think of cozy, comforting food, something delicious to eat while I'm nestled in the house on a cold winter's day. A day like today!

    I love photography too, it's something I'm trying to focus on more this year. For me, it's all about composition and lighting. I'm always looking for the light, especially when it's nice and warm and golden :)

  4. It is beautiful! I feel "comfort" when I look at this photo.
    A down home sense of gooness.
    Good for you and for that new years resolution!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  5. It evokes in me the desire to bury my face in that bowl! Actually i love the sheen on the chocolate, it's like you can reach out and touch it. It also imparts a very comforting homey feeling... I like the way the bowl is slightly tilted, like someone's hand is right there out of the view finder getting ready to stir the chocolate...


    1. Ha! That was funny! Thank you for your feedback. Love it!