Thursday, October 28, 2010

Studio Lighting

Hello my friends!

I wanted to share a bit about studio lighting with you.

My hubby bought me My First Studio Lighting. It comes with 2 lights and all the accessories needed.

It so perfect but, sound like one of my sons toy sets. I laughed when I saw the name.

There are many amazing deals out there, check online, we bought ours from Sammys!

I recently shot this celebrity home for my friend the super talented Janette Mallory!

I love Five for Fighting! I love their music! It made it even more fun to shoot!

Picnik collage 

However amazing the vision of a photographer may be, however sharp their lens and regardless of the number

of pixels on their camera’s sensor, the shot can only succeed if the lighting is right.

This home was shot during the day

but, when you have so much color you want the colors to show richness!

Studio lighting will help you achieve that.

Celebrity Home Janette Mallory 100

This is without lighting and you can see the colors look faded.

Celebrity Home Janette Mallory 020

It is a small investment but the possibilities are endless, and it

does not limit you to only have to shoot in natural light.

Studio lighting is so easy to work with and is wonderful when creating portraits

as well. More on that later. It can give your subject a beautiful even glow.

All you need to do is make sure your subjects or vignettes are evenly lit!

Celebrity Home Janette Mallory 205

These two images are my favorite!

I love how rich the color is. Janette has some

serious skills!

Celebrity Home Janette Mallory 216 

If you have any questions feel free to email me!

More fun stuff coming soon!

Have a beautiful day!




  1. You are so right, lighting is key.
    That, and composition.
    With those two, you can conquer the world! :-)

  2. What beautiful pictures.....I'm not a fancy photographer...just have a small digital but the lighting you use makes ALL the difference. WOW!!!

  3. That's quite a difference in the two bedroom shots, with and without lighting. Great illustration of the importance of good lighting! Even armed with knowledge I don't shoot great shots. Best regards, Connie

  4. you are so cool Lulu.......i love your outlook on life and the encouragement you give others and it IS all about the lighting...but it really comes from within.....
    five for fighting is such a good band...and this new decor is just what i would have expected: clean, a little bold, and a mix of both old and new...and a bit moody....

  5. Where did you purchase your stuido lighting set? I am in the market and a bit overwhelmed with the options.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement and the information. Lovely images. ♥olive

  7. Yes...I can see the difference ... really great photos! Thanks for sharing all your tips!


  8. Oh, you are so right about lighting. I know it's trendy right now to "not use a flash" however, I love the clarity that great lighting can bring. My flash broke this week and I am lost. I am blogging these horrible photos for now til my new one arrives. This post is inspiring me to make some more equipment investments.

  9. ~*~* What a cool opportunity for you!! You are very talented!~*~Hugs,Rachel~*~

  10. I didnt realize at all about the lighting. thanks for the tip. Gorgeous images

  11. WOW! thanks for this! check out my blog and you will be able to see that I am not ver good with lighting! Thanks for the tips!

  12. You are so lucky to get that wonderful equipment! Love the colors, brown walls are gorgeous!

    Have a blessed day, hugs!

  13. Thanks for the heads up! I am going to look into that. Not that I am a photographer, but it really makes it hard to work around natural light all the time for taking pictures, this might be a good investment for me.

  14. congrats on your new awesome "toy"! cant wait to see what you do with it! however your pictures are always beautiful! xo

  15. Have fun playing with you new toy! I know you will and can't wait to see what you can do with it! Hugs-Diana

  16. I would love to know more about how to get fabulous shots so this helps a little although Im sure Id have to practice heaps and experiment.Fiona

  17. Beautiful photography Lulu!

  18. this is great to know!! have a great weekend! susan

  19. Thanks for the tip. What a difference. Great seeing you yesterday. Wow were you busy! Love you,

  20. Love this tip....Hmmmm...and Christmas is around the corner too. My home is on the "dark side" of the street so I need all the lighting help I can get. :) Thank you.


  21. Lighting is so important!!! great images! happy Halloween,

  22. This is great to know...will be most definitely looking into this! Love your photos!!


  23. Lulu, You can really tell the difference good lighting makes in the two bedroom shots. It would be great if you could show us where you set up the lights in a room. Your photos are beautiful.