Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Beautiful Mess & A Grand Opening & A Giveaway!!!


I was honored when I was given the opportunity to photograph the

grand opening of my new FAVORITE store, A Beautiful Mess.

I love the name!!!

You may all know the talented Kymberly Fraser of 3 Fine Grains?

Owner Kymberly Fraser, Karen Chambers, Victoria Stoehr, Marilyn Thompson,

Tina O'Flaherty and Leah Cox along with The Junk Girls,

have creatively come together and opened this stunning store, A Beautiful Mess.

This haven of gorgeous antique finds along with Kymberly’s Antique German Grain sacks, is

defiantly unique, fresh, and one-of-a-kind!

These girls have serious skills, and are so talented and super friendly!

Each vignette of the store screams

take me home!!! You will not leave empty handed.

A Beautiful Mess 329

I spoke with the lovely Kymberly and I wanted to share it with you.

Kymberly started this whole beautiful mess with antique German grain sacks before, Pottery Barn

and Restoration Hardware, Kymberly started collecting

her unique collection a year before it was even on the market.

She is the true pioneer of this line.

Her back ground of 11 years in interior design helped tune her vision of what we see today as art in her


When I spoke with Kymberly I can hear and see her deep passion for what she does. She is truly behind

this beautiful mess personally and artistically. This is a dream come true for her.

Kymberly sells these treasure all over the country.

A Beautiful Mess 069 

Kymberly also finds the rarest French pieces and incorporates it into her work.

Her pillows and French postal sacks where featured in October issue of Country Living. Four gorgeous

pages to drool over.

Grab a copy and you can see this amazing feature. 

A Beautiful Mess 037

A bit of History.

Some of these stunning Antique German Grain Sacks date as far back as 1796.

Farmers, seamstresses, common folk often used these German Sacks to carry their work in.

They were also used as luggage. They would commission artists to design the gorgeous labels we see on them


The Germans did not skimp on beauty.

Antique German Grains sacks where expensive even in that time. Some have patches on them, because people

would use them time and time again. You can differ the ones that children would patch because the yarn the

children would use

to patch them would appear larger. How cute is that???

Kymberly would love  everyone to have a bit of history. So, she has created smaller pieces so that

anyone can afford a gorgeous piece of history.

A Beautiful Mess 057 

Ok, I will stop yapping so that you can enjoy the rest of this lovely store!!!

I took tons, and tons of images and had a hard time picking what I wanted to show you.

So, if you are in Agoura Hills, California, YOU MUST stop by and see A Beautiful Mess.

But, if not  A Beautiful Mess can ship anywhere in the United States and Europe.

If you are interested in anything you see here,

Email: ABeautifulMessAntiques@yahoo.com



Call the store 1-818-874-9092

The  address is:

A Beautiful Mess

28875 Agoura Road, California

(Whizin's Shopping Center)

A Beautiful Mess 062

Ok, Ok, I will stop oozing…


A Beautiful Mess 064 

A Beautiful Mess 075 

A Beautiful Mess 082


A Beautiful Mess 090


A Beautiful Mess 096


A Beautiful Mess 098


A Beautiful Mess 102


A Beautiful Mess 115


A Beautiful Mess 120


A Beautiful Mess 123 

A Beautiful Mess 132


A Beautiful Mess 141


A Beautiful Mess 147 

A Beautiful Mess 152 

A Beautiful Mess 159 

A Beautiful Mess 170


A Beautiful Mess 173 

A Beautiful Mess 181


A Beautiful Mess 183 

A Beautiful Mess 196 

A Beautiful Mess 207 

A Beautiful Mess 211 

A Beautiful Mess 217


A Beautiful Mess 219 

A Beautiful Mess 224 

A Beautiful Mess 230


A Beautiful Mess 237


A Beautiful Mess 242 

A Beautiful Mess 259 

A Beautiful Mess 268


A Beautiful Mess 305


A Beautiful Mess 353


A Beautiful Mess 356


A Beautiful Mess 366


A Beautiful Mess 380


A Beautiful Mess 407


A Beautiful Mess 417 

A Beautiful Mess 472 

A Beautiful Mess 508 

A Beautiful Mess 525


A Beautiful Mess 529


A Beautiful Mess 533


A Beautiful Mess 547 

A packed house!!!

They had

Music, Cocktails & Hors d' oeuvres.

A Beautiful Mess 026


A Beautiful Mess 479 

A lovely photo of all the creative genius behind

A Beautiful Mess!

From left to right.

Marilyn Thompson, Karen Chambers, Kymberly Fraser, Victoria Stoehr,

Leah Cox, Tina O'Flaherty.

A Beautiful Mess 553 Kymberly’s gorgeous family.

Husband and her best friend Geoff Fraser,

Daughters, Brielle 16, Grace 9 and sweet Scarlet 6.

A Beautiful Mess 565 (all images above done by me)

One more thing!

My dear friend Jennifer from The Old Painted Cottage is hosting

and amazing giveaway for this Antique Alles bag!!!

Alles means everything in German. The everything bag.

Retail value $365.00


image (this image by jenny)

A generous gift

from the 3 Fine Grains and the Fraser family!!!

Giveaway ends November, 6th.

Have a beautiful day friends!




  1. Hi Lulu, you did a fantastic, top notch job photographing the store! I'm in love with the aprons, among other things. I'll be stopping in on my next visit to town, as I've been receiving notices in my email for the past couple weeks. I can't wait to shop there, thanks for the gorgeous preview, tami from the high street cottage

  2. Hi Lulu, I just came across your blog...it's SO
    beautiful! I love when I find a blog who's author is not only talented but is rooted in the Lord.
    Thank you for sharing your God given talent with others. I will visit often.

    Hug from the OC, Irma

  3. Hi Lulu, Your photographs are wonderful and what a fabulous shop. I see lots of goodies there that I would love to take home. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    xo, Sherry

  4. Lu,
    I love your photography, it's beautiful (as always).

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    I have that issue of Country Living and remember the display or gorgeousness:)

    Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing ALL of this and making me drool! Great photography work by YOU!

  10. OMGosh! I wanted to just skim through and not bother..but WOW...what a great shop! I am so inspired just looking at it...I can only imagine how much fun it would be to see it in person. Lovely shop...lovely photo job! Hugs- Diana

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    Happy Halloween!!
    Hugs ~ Jo

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  13. This is beautiful, I don't think I could ever leave. Your pictures are stunning, capturing the beauty! Thanks for sharing with us, happy spooky day to you :)

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    Soooo bad! What a great store filled with wonderful things!!

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  19. Great pics. Love the book tower. The store looks larger in these pics than it is. It sure filled up with good looking people and things.
    How you feeling? You are so talented, Lu. I hope your future is always filled with lovely images.

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    And beautifully photographed, as always!

    Big hugs,

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    cathy b
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