Friday, January 1, 2010


I have started the New Year with Joy & Peace...

I could not believe my eyes last night when I went to see what was going on in Bloggy Land. Joy & Peace filled my heart when I saw what Jennifer from The Old Painted Cottage had done. http://theoldpaintedcottage.blogspot.com/
She wrote a tutorial about our Dustylu Interiors. I was speechless! I am so grateful to her. She is a genuine soul! One of a kind. Honest and sincere. Talented, one who knows formulas of design like know other. Her site was one of the first I visited a year ago, and I have been watching her ever since. Very creative. ( ok I will stop gushing, sorry Jen)

She is the one whom turned me into a fellow blogger. Cheers to you Jen & Adam!

Thank you to all my new follower's for all your motivating, sincere comments! Thank you, Thank you.

I can not wait to share all of my ideas, my home, family and clients homes with you. Looking forward to spending time in Bloggy Land 2010...

luv, lulu


  1. thank you for your comment today!

    Happy 2010

  2. Hi Lulu.
    Just found your blog through a friend of mine.
    Very beautiful and the clean, relaxed look I would like. Can't wait to see much more.
    Welcome to bloggy world and congrats on being featured on The Old Painted Cottage. That is a wonderful blog.


  3. I just found you a few days ago through another blog, love your designs. Those words are so cute in the picture, can't wait to see more....

  4. just found your blog and will be adding it to my list of visits this year, beautiful!
    blessings to you this New Year,

  5. Love your blog! Thanks for your inspiration and have an Amazing 2010!!!
    (Hugs) Denise

  6. Hi Lulu,
    You are so tallented !! Thanks for sharing your photo's from Agoura Antique mart! I was there in December and really enjoyed the vignettes also. Great job !!! I am new to blogging, Please stop by and visit me sometime!
    Sincerely Laurie