Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve Wishes

For a lively New Year's table conversation have guests write down their wishes for the New Year. When all are finished, collect the wishes and toss them into the fire. The rising smoke will carry the wishes to the heavens. (toss one in at a time, for safety!)

I set this table for less the $50 dollars (table setting for six). The trick is that you will need your own basics, china (ie, my wedding china) silverware and inexpensive beautiful ironstone pieces. Your just adding the finishing touches!

I made the star garland by purchasing silver stars ($1.99 sm pk of 4, $3.99 for med pk 4) from a local Party Max store and running ribbon from Micheal's ($6.99) threw them. Alternate sizes.

I also bought paper whites from our local nursery ($1.99 each), I just filled my ironstone planter with dirt added the paper whites then topped them with mood moss. Mood moss ($7.00 for big bag) is very easy and fun to use. You just tear it apart and fill in the empty spaces. It likes to stay moist just like paper whites.

add ornaments and..oh la la (on sale Michael's 79 cents)

The gifts to each guest are gourmet chocolates ($15.00 for assortment of 30) from our grocery store, I filled these boxes from Michael's (79 cents each) then rapped them in this gorgeous white ribbon ($6.99).

..and the rest of the night was a blurr..

Slow down and appreciate the year gone by, to exit 2009 quietly and enter 2010 peacefully..

Be safe & God Speed!



  1. Just found you via Jennifer's blog. Oh my, are you going to have a bunch of followers now!!

    Love your table setting!


  2. I just found your blog the Jennifer's also! Your tablescapes are just lovely! Love the star garland! You are very talented! I have already became a follower!

    Have a Shining New Year!


  3. You're one clever girl! And talented too.

  4. Just found your beautiful site through Jennifer's...love it!!!

    I can't wait to come back and see more!!!

    Happy New year to you and your darling family!!!

    I became a follower...looks like you are going to have many!!!


  5. Also found my way here via the old painted cottage. You are so talented!!! I love all things vintage. That is one gorgeous table setting! Can't wait to read/see more here on your blog. Would love to see pictures of your home!



  6. Hi and welcome to blogland all the way from Australia. Came over from Jennifer's blog and just love your style. The table setting and your house is beautiful, just my taste! Love the wishes idea and hope yours comes true in 2010, Mel xxx (ps have added you to my favourites so hope to catch up often)...

  7. Hi Lu! Just found your blog this am via the old painted cottage - Happy New Year! your ideas are lovely! I am your newest follower! Look forward to visiting soon!

  8. Your decorating is beautiful, I am looking forward to more pictures!!

  9. Oh Lulu you've arrived!!! So excited to see your blog and your tablescapes are gorgeous. Did I recognise some great purchases in your pictures...lol good eye! Can't wait to see your upcomming blogs and thanks for sharing your talents with all of us. xoxo Cheryl

  10. Hi Lulu :)

    I found you via Jennifer and I'm glad I did! Welcome to Blogland :)

    Happy New Year!


  11. LOVE the palette and decor style for New Years Eve!