Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Stay tuned this yummy white wallpaper is going somewhere in our house...

My new fav right now is wallpaper.
You can use it when doing an accent wall or simply on half of the wall, behind shelving, or in little niches...  If your in love with it, do the entire room..
I prefer soft white palettes..

but bright colors are also stunning against white..

Vintage Wall paper is unbelievable..that's if you can get your hands on some

love to share,


  1. I LOVE the anaglyptic wallpapers. I just used the beadboard one in my kitchen for a fraction of the cost of real beadboard. I also used on on the ceiling at our old house. I painted it a dark brown and dry brushed it with a copper to create a faux copper ceiling. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with that one!

  2. I've been contemplating wallpapering something around here, too. Husband things I'm nuts and swear he won't participate since we've endured so many weeks of tearing the stuff off when we moved in! :)

  3. I adore wallpaper!!! In my home it hasnever been out of fashion...it adds so much to a room!!!

    Can't wait to see your completed project!!!


  4. And we thank you for sharing! Oddly enough, I can't paint worth a darn. But I can hang wallpaper!

  5. It's me again. On Fridays I often feature blogs on my blog, Cozy Little House. And today yours is one of the ones featured. I couldn't find an email address for you, so hope you get this comment. You've got a wonderful blog!
    Brenda http://cozylittlehouse.com

  6. Hi Lulu
    I saw that Brenda had mentioned you so I came over to say hello and welcome you to blogging. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

  7. I have a roll of wallpaper (that I got at Target, of all places!) and I'm just waiting for the perfect spot to hang it. Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

  8. The 2nd photo inspired me so much i have ordered 2 similar rolls for our office and am going to paint over in a pearlised finish. thank you so much, Mel xxx