Thursday, October 17, 2013

Candy Apples and a quick hello...

 Today's post will be short and simple.  A quick hello!!! Getting my feet wet again.
William Sonoma has an amazing DIY carmel apple candy kit to do with the kiddos. Fun!
My blog has been down for awhile because of my Wordpress site. 
 I got hacked, and had so many problems with my blog and Wordpress so we shut down my Wordpress site, and now I am staying on blogger. You can navigate through my blog by simply going to the top right side and select what page you would like to view.
 With help from Sara of Sadie Olive my blog is fixed, organized, re-designed and finally working perfectly.  Thank you Sara.  Sara is amazing to work with and really knows her stuff.
I highly recommend her for all your website needs.

 Crossing fingers I should be
 back to blogging now but, in the meantime it has been easier for
me to post almost daily on my 
Hope you will visit me there! 


  1. What gorgeous apples, almost too pretty to eat. Almost but think I could manage:)

  2. Gorgeous Lulu!! Have a beautiful weekend!!