Thursday, August 22, 2013

Better Homes & Gardens Halloween 2013 Issue & more...

 I was so honored when Better Homes & Gardens 
came out last year to shoot our home for their 
special interest Halloween 2013 Issue, out on newsstands today.
Halloween is my favorite time of year, and for me marks the 
beginning of the holiday season!
This issue is full of lovely inspiration and ideas.
The editor let me style the way I wanted to and 
it was photographed by the talented Edmond Bar.
I can't wait to share what I will be doing this year.
Kitchen remodel by my darling husband Geminii Services, Inc.
Sweet Sweater Pumpkins and botanicals available 
at A Beautiful Mess Home.

Update on the spa we went to. My husband and I had a wonderful time and yes it was 
life changing. We each lost close to 40 pounds over the past few months and changed 
our diet and lifestyle completely. I want to some how incorporate what I was taught 
about living a fit lifestyle on my blog, 
 and I am trying figure out how it will all work.  I need more time in the day and some help!!!
 I am working on several different
projects and will update the fun on my blog but, in the meantime you can follow me
on Instagram daily and Facebook if you like.

Lastly, count down T-MINUS one month until we start a complete
makeover on several rooms in our home! YES,
once again Dustylu is changing the formal living room, dinning room,
and master bedroom.  HUGE changes including furniture, walls, and flooring.
I have been waiting patiently to do this, researching what I really want and saving my pennies!
I am over the moon and so excited and will share the new look on my blog.

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY and loving every minute of it
I am truly blessed and a very grateful for my life and opportunties.
Thank you to all my old and new readers for sticking with me!



  1. Congratulations! Your home looks so festive and fun. Best of luck on the upcoming renovations. Would you share where you found the coffee tsble in the living room? I love it.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comments!! The coffee table was made by my friends husband he his cut down a metal frame and distressed and painted a piece of to add on top!

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  2. hello,

    About Halloween contact lens, do you know if any other shop is doing BUY 2 GET 1 FREE or only Solution-Lens.com has this promotion ?

    I see this:

    If you know better offer thank you to tell me ?

  3. a;ways buy this magazine! Can't wait to see you in it!

  4. wow nice to see Delight...just can't get to her blog!

    anyway off I go to the market to buy this issue!

  5. that's awesome! really:: about everything....your fit lifestyle and all the decorating projects too

    very much looking forward to seeing and reading more and more

    xo + blessings,
    Anne Marie
    (40 lbs. is a lot!)

    1. Hi Anne Marie! I was just thinking about you the other day and miss our chats! Lets talk soon and catch up on life!
      Yes loosing 40 pounds was tough but so healthy for me and my husband. We have never felt better. I hope to share more on my blog before and afters if I can find my darn before image in all my 17,000 images. LOL Hope you are fantastic!!

  6. I ALWAYS love seeing your home...especially all decked out for holidays.

    1. Thank you! Thank you! I love all your signs you are making and your cute home as well! Love following on Instagram!
      Hope you too are fantastic!

  7. Congrats! Your post caught our eye! Last year our velvet plush pumpkins from our boutique LoveFeast Shop were featured in B&H Garden Tricks & Treat. So fun to come across your blog! ~Chris Ann

  8. You mâke everyday a holiday when one visits.
    Going to be exciting to see all you inspire in BHG magazine.


  9. Lulu, thank you once more for including my original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins in your home decor and this feature story! You are so generous for sharing the creations and businesses of others <3 And I can't WAIT to see your remodel photos!

  10. Hi. I was stopping by in hopes of getting some help on a Martha Stewart Contest....I've been nominated and I was trying to get Votes...if you have time I would love to see you come by my blog, vote and also enter in a giveaway for your support!! Your able to vote 6 times in a row daily until Sept. 13th!! I would appreciate it so very much!! Thanks so much!

  11. Love all the changes you are making and I am a huge fan of renovating and redecorating rooms and changing your enviroment, wowo it can make a world of differene...If I could make one small small suggestion that would life changing for so many of your readers, please enlarge the font, it is so tiny tiny and light, it is so difficult to read...thats it....I come from a good place as a reader of so many blogs...Phyllis

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  13. Halloween Chic! Can't wait to get my white pumpkins.