Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hi there!
I wanted to share a quick post on how 
I like to display my family photos.

For me, I like to create a, "moody," theme when I put my family/friend's photos together.   I feel that when you see candids or any other "mood," i.e weddings, baby's first pictures, etc. Grouped all together.  It seems to have more of an impact, rather than random images thrown together.   Here I chose to go with candid color images with white chunky frames, it added a pop of color to one of the hallways. 
I also have another hallway with similar frames of our baby's first pictures, all done in black and white.

I collect these frames in black, too. You can always mix black/white chunky wood frames in with modern, clean lined frames. I like to stay with either all black frames together or all white frames together . 
The small French hand is from A Beautiful Mess.  Reminds me of a child's hand.

I bought the four frames in the center of the wall from My Sweet Savannah.
Melaine is so talented and handmade these for me.
If you head on over now to My Sweet Savannah Etsy Shop and enter "lulus"
as the coupon code you can save 20% of your next purchase of a frame.

I am working on updating my blog and photography portfolio, 
I am super blessed to be working on  photography projects 
and I am trying to organize all my work and how 
to save it. It's been busy and bit tough to stop and share. Sorry.
Summer, summer!!!  
Watermelon, swim parties, fireworks, sun tan lotion smell, are just some of 
 the fun memories that let me know its here...ahhh ,
Have a wonderful day



  1. It looks wonderful Lulu!! I have a few chunky wood frames that I got from Shabby Chic years ago that I love displaying together. I love your idea of putting them together by mood though!
    Thanks for showing us how you display your photos, they are just beautiful!
    I'm so thrilled that your photography is taking off!! You are truly so talented and you are one of the people that inspired me to study photography myself! Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  2. A lovely display of frames and flowers!
    Bec x

  3. those are gorgeous frames and you display them really well. so, so pretty.

  4. Love those white chunky frames!
    Mary Alice

  5. Beautiful photo display Lu!! ;) Melaine and you are both so talented!! xo