Sunday, October 3, 2010

They didn’t make the cut!

Hi all!!!

Thought I would change it up a bit and post on

a Sunday!

I have many images on Decorating for  Cottage of the month!

Some images  didn’t make the cut.

I thought I would also go over what some things are.

Black vintage books paired with old, old bottles.

If I remember correctly the dealer said the bottles are from the 1800’s.

Final 344 

Final 332

I have had tons questions on where I find my things and I will try to get them!

If you have any question feel free to still email me,

it is easier for me to get to everyone that way, and I will get back to you promise,

just might take a sec!

I find some of my Holiday treasures at the flea markets,

some things are new but, I try to

always find


I bought these at and Antique store, they are not vintage.

Just look it!

Final 240 

I love vintage Halloween, as I like to call!

So, I will be sharing some more

ideas till I get tired of Halloween! Which might be soon,

since I have been thinking of it since last month! LOL

I have some good ones coming up, some with food!!!

Final 290

I love to decorate for the Holidays, can’t wait for next month!

Have a blessed Sunday friends!




  1. I just saw your house for Cottage of the Month and I am so in love with your creativity! I too love vintage Halloween...I can't stand the normal cheesy decorations. The hints of unexpected surprises fit for the season were my favorite-like the little masks on the people in the paintings. SO CUTE! You have so inspired me today...and pretty much every other day I drop by here. I love what you do!


  2. I spent last evening drooling over your home in the cottage of the month! BEAUTIFUL!
    Have a pretty day!

  3. I've been through all your photos over on the Old Painted Cottage - at least three times. I love how you've decorated up your home for Halloween. I loe decorating for Halloween too. I think I have the same chandelier as you. The one you have in your dining room. I have in my living room.

    Your front door decor is really fabulous. Well, it's all fabulous. Thanks so much for getting it all up early, so that we all can enjoy.

    I will be going back to look at over and over again, I'm sure. I'm celebrating Halloween all month on my blog....so please come by.

  4. Wow, just saw all your photos! Beautiful.

  5. Hi Lu,
    Never a fan of Halloween...I'm a scaredy cat...my decorations always consist of vintage black and silver books with scary titles and old antiques with "that" feel! Your photos are wonderful and decorations so creative! :)

  6. oh my, I just love that phone!!!


  7. I love vintage Halloween too. I see so many reproductions now which makes it nice for those that can't find true vintage....and you can always rough it up a bit to make it look older. (I think that's what happened to me);-)

    How I wish I had the old black phone that I grew up with. Hugs- Diana

  8. Really fun and such great finds!! Beautiful images...

    Art by Karena

  9. I'm with you on the Vintage Halloween, thats my favorite style!! xoxoxo ~Ashley

  10. Hi Lulu~ Ive asked a few times on my comments to you where you got your vintage dining chairs in your kitchen..but im not sure if you read the comments or not..so maybe the third times a charm!!LOL.. did you get those fab chippy white chairs from Cheryl at fascinatingfinds?? They look exactly like the ones she used to have..just curious..they look wonderful in your home!! Love your blog~ ;) Rachel

  11. Gorgeous! Love the old phone! I am retired from BellSouth and have lots of old phones:)

    Enjoy your day my friend! HUGS!

  12. Still tweaking my Halloween touches around my nest...love your ideas!

    Enjoy your week!!

  13. I too visited Cottage of the Month - and by FAR your home is my all time favorite. Can I just join in the stampede of others that are absolutely in love with ya?! I actually did a post on the Cottage of the Month (featuring you) on my blog.....I have not been so inspired in a while!!
    Off to daydream now....

  14. Hello Lulu!
    Love your old bottles!!! And you have some nice guests there in your sofa!! :))
    xoxo Susanne

  15. Good golly girl your house is gorgeous! Congrats on that honor. You definitely deserve it. Love it ALL!

  16. Hi Lulu!
    Even your outtakes are amazing! your Halloween is so wonderful...
    I can't wait to see what you do for Christmas!
    Have a great week!

  17. this lovely lady has been on my favorites since 2005 ... I think of us a pioneer bloggers ... hehe

    she's a phenomenon

  18. Hi Lu,
    Love vintage Halloween here too. The ghosts are so fun!

  19. I love the old bottles! Great ideas - Excited to keep exploring your site!

  20. Thanks for the visit :) You are too sweet! XOX

  21. Hi Lu! Your home looks utterly spectacular in Cottage of the Month! Sooooooo pretty...and my goodness, I've never seen such amazing Halloween decorating!

    Big hugs ~

    :) T

  22. Congratulations on being featured in Cottage of the Month...well deserved. Just found your blog and love it so I'm your newest follower. Every post is eye candy!

  23. Thanks for visiting, Lulu! You deserve the recognition for the inspiration you gave me. :) Love the vintage murder mystery books and vintage phone... great subtle touches!
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Jo

  24. I LOVE your Halloween decor... so creative... and those Ghosts just make me smile.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  25. Hi Lu. Those are the sweetest and most unique ghosts that I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing your finds.

    OOO's....Tracy :)