Friday, October 1, 2010

Cottage of the Month!

I first met Jennifer from The Old Painted Cottage

2 years ago when I purchased a gorgeous chandelier

from her beautiful website and we were

insta-friends!  I love her. She finds the most unique things

Jennifer is so sweet, talented and hardworking.

Final 279 

Stop by here and see what we have been up to

The wait to get into this issue is over 2 years!

Final 147

Jen is one of my dear friends

I  truly am blessed and honored

that our home is featured in this months

Cottage of the Month October !

I love Halloween! This is my time to use color!!!

I am so excited and we worked really hard on getting this together!

Thank you again Jennifer your amazing!

The issue looks beautiful!

Front Door Final 149

For those of you who do not know

Jennifer check out her amazing blog and

She is a true pioneer in blogging and has been doing it forever!

She has taught me so much. Thank you again Jen

Love ya,

Please visit Cottage of the Month here!

Come back and tell me how much fun you had!

Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. OH.
    GOSH Lulu.....your home is unbelievable!!! truly!!
    I can't wait to study these photographs and put more of your decorating style into my own home (minus the black rats and skeletons though ;)
    have a great weekend! wait until some of the girls see this...they are going to flip!

  2. i love your cottage. gorgeous.

  3. Oh WOW!! Such an honor to be featured on Jen's Cottage of the Month. You're home is to-die-for gorgeous!!

  4. I love you sista. Thank you again for allowing me to feature your beautiful home. After such a long wait, I can't believe it's finally here. And you totally made me blush. Thanks for all the kind words : )


  5. What lovely features! Have a great weekend!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS, LULU!! You are the QUEEN of fall decorating... STUNNING!! There really is no point for any of the rest of us bloggers to blog about fall decorating or to buy any magazines... you have covered it ALL with PERFECTION!! All we can do is try to emulate what you've shared with us... thank you!
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

    P.S. Is your fall decorating going to be featured in any magazine??? I would love to get a copy of it, if it is, so I can save some of these ideas in my inspiration book. :)

  7. Those are my absolute favorite photos Lu!
    Great Job and Congrats!

  8. I am in serious AWE.
    You captured the inside of my head with your home! I absolutely love the warm fall colors and decor items that you have in your home right now!
    I sincerely hope that your Fall home is going to be in print somewhere....I will snatch it up! For now, it is numero UNO in my inspiration file!
    Im off to go daydream with visions of your home!!

  9. ~*~*congrats Lulu!! Im heading over there to check out your beautiful cottage now..Hugs,Rachel~*~

  10. Congratulations! I always stop by Jennifer's blog to see the "cottage of the month" ~ your home is beautiful ♥

  11. Your home looks fabulous! What fun!
    Loads of insipiration!

  12. Congratulations on being home of the month, what an honor! I loved seeing all of you decorations for Halloween. I have been told by my 3 year old no scary skeletons this year in the house which limits me because when I think of Halloween I think of skeletons and lots of black scary things. I hope you plan on throwing a fab Halloween party for all of your friends and family, your house is perfect for that!!

  13. Congratulations and your home is gorgeous! Have a blessed day and I am going to take a peek:) HUGS!

  14. Hello Lulu, made my way here from the "old painted cottage", love all the white, and the Halloween decor is beautiful.....(except those black critters on the book shelf, eeek.....your Halloween village is awfully cute but my favourite is the skeleton in the wagon.....could you share where you found that little skelton....I have a wagon on the porch waiting for one......

  15. I just checked out the issue and your home is just amazing! I love the halloween village!! Thank you soooo much for the inspiration!

  16. WOW! Please tell me that your home has been featured in many magazines! It is soooo gorgeous. I love how you have mixed color with all of your whites. Truly inspiring;)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  17. LU!!! Your home is one word: FABULOUS.

    I just love every inch of white goodness, crispness, cleanness. Your eye is amazing and I DO hope to meet with you someday!


  18. I just popped over there to take a look at your beautiful cottage and it is just AMAZING! every single detail is to DIE for!

  19. it's just fabulous. you really went all out!

  20. Okay...I just went and saw your home...it's gorgeous...love what you did for Halloween...do you wanna Halloweenize (I just made that word up)another house?


  21. Lulu- I am headed over there now. If your post is anything to reference I am in love already!>) Diana

  22. love every detail...
    so happy for you, Lulu!

    Happy Weekend~

  23. wow...your home looks amazing Lu! i just love every single room! congrats on your feature! Deb

  24. Lulu, Your home is beautiful and you have gone all out for Halloween. Congrats on being selected as Cottage Of The Month...well deserved.

    It does look like your dinner guest have been waiting for quite a while to be served though!
    Hugs, Sherry

  25. Hola Lu, I have no words to express my admiration for the wonderful home you have created!!! Every detail, every corner and the whole are incredible beautiful!!!! I think is the most gorgeous home I have seen at The old painted cottage....
    maria cecilia

  26. Congratulations on being "Cottage of the Month"! You home is beautiful and ready for Fall! Sweet touches every way! How fun to have Fifi in your home!


  27. Hi Lu, Your home looks so gorgeous. Congratulations on cottage of the month.All your fall decorations are so beautiful.I love your front door.I'm going back to get more inspiration.You are the best decorator with so much talent.....Kathy

  28. Congratulations! Going to take a peek now...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  29. I just about died when i saw your house as cottage of the month. Seriously, you almost killed me! You've inspired me to haul out all my Halloween goodies a bit early! Let the decorating begin! Melaine from my sweet savannah

  30. Your home is truly beautiful, and those skeletons sitting at the table totally cracked me up - love it!!!

  31. Hello Lu!
    Wow! Your home is stunning!!! Love every little piece of it!!!!
    Nice guests you had at your dinnertable, hi, hi...
    Xoxo Susanne

  32. Wow! Your home looks so ready for the season. I love it. Too cute.

  33. OH MY WORD! I've always loved your home and your blog, but seriously you took my breath away with this!!! If I ever win the lottery (fat chance since i never buy tickets...but maybe I will now)you need to come help me : ) ok really, I can't close my mouth, my jaw won't get off the floor! happy fall to you! ~Stacey www.thevghuis.blogspot.com

  34. Lu, your cottage pictures on Jen's Cottage of the Month, are unbelievable. You are the master at design. I love your house. Every vignette is perfect. Congrats to you.
    Love. Leslie

  35. it's absolutely beautiful...congratulations to you and how wonderful!!!

  36. Your home is gorgeous!!! I love the gray color in the bedroom that is on the Cottage of the Month. Can you tell me the name of the color and brand?

  37. That front door photo is amazing. Well, all of them are, but that could be on a cover of a book or magazine especially. I drool over everything you do!

  38. oh lulu! i just drooled over the cottage of the month post! what a wonderful job you do! congrats! xo

  39. seriously! the best halloween decorated spaces I've seen! vintage yet fresh. sooo talented :)