Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Recipes, Thank you and More…


Rapini (Broccoli Rabe)  is a favorite healthy

Italian dish that only my mom can make perfect!

I think that know matter how old we are, we still want mom’s cooking...

Here is my quick version.

Side Dish 005

 Rinse and cut off stems!

I use to add red pepper flakes but, to hot for the little one.

So, just added olive oil

Chopped garlic

Salt & Pepper

Cook down until tender

I caught a picture with the steam.

You can also add Italian Sausage to this dish. Yummy.

Side Dish 030


Stuff it into to some sourdough rolls. ( my favorite).

This side dish is even better the next day!!!

Side Dish 062

Fingerling potatoes are the best!

Just add olive oil, rosemary, thyme and bake in the oven 375 degrees

for 45 minutes.

Side Dish 027

I try and cook for my family often. 

It is so important to sit around the table for dinner.

I was contacted by a great food purveyor recently that would

love for me to try some things out with my recipes!

Coming soon!

I wanted to thank the special and oh so talented,

 Tina from Rubies Place


Cathy from Mille Fleur

for helping spread the word about

 Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture

Thank you again!!!

Also, thank you to Maria from Dreamy Whites

for such a fun interview!!!

Hey, check out this great new blog!

My dear friend

Leslie !

You are going to love it.

She has a unique eye for wonderful finds!!

Have a beautiful day!



  1. LuLu, I have never tried broccoli rabe. I will try it soon...thanks for the recipe. We had organic grown zucchini in much the same fashion sans bread tonite.


  2. delicious! thanks!!! love the photos of your food - and can't wait to see your other business opportunities.......cookbook?
    keep sharing those fresh from the garden recipes...

    xo + blessings,
    Anne Marie

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning me, Lu.
    My Hungarian/Polish mom stuffs sourdough rolls with a ground bee mixture. I can eat 3 of them, at least I used to be able to.

  4. Hi Lu. Thanks for sharing more of your fabulous recipes. These both look great! Potatoes with garlic, rosemary and sea salt are one of my favourites! Thank you also for your sweet 'Thank You'. It was my absolute pleasure. I am so excited for you, and really proud of what you are achieving my friend. Hope you are having a fabulous week ~ Tina xx

  5. Ooo honey this looks so delish.

    I agree, I'll always love my mom's cooking too.

  6. Your pics look good enough to eat. Thanks for sharing such delicious recipes...will be trying them soon..Take care Kym X

  7. Well, you food pictures are as delightful as your home decor pictures, so I am sure your new project will be fabulous. This is an exciting time for you, and it is fun as a blogger to read about the path your career is on.

  8. Yay..i looove rapini..and it is my mom's fave too..it makes me think of her! Yum..what a beautiful post you have created! i want some now!

  9. Yammie yammie.....thanks for share.happy summerdays.....love Ria...

  10. Mmmm, so yummy. Being Italian, broccoli Rabe was a staple growing up and I love it. I however, can never make it like my mom! Have a great weekend!

  11. Oooh...looks fantastic! This one is going on next weeks menu! ;o)


  12. Yummmmmy THANKS...now I am hungry:) Looks delicious! Have a blessed day! HUGS!

  13. Hi Lu...
    I am here from Dreamy Whites! I'm so glad I found you! Thank you for sharing your faith in Christ and putting Him first! I have always loved Rachael Ashwell and never stopped having that shabby in me! I can't wait to take a longer look around... Blessings!!

  14. As always these recipes look soooo yummy! They are definitely going on the list!

    Thanks so much for mentioning me...it has been an honor to be involved with anything having to do with you! You are not only talented...you are on of the kindest and most generous ladies I have had the pleasure of meeting in blogland! You are always an inspiraion!


  15. Lulu - Just popped over here from Maria's blog at Dreamy Whites and I'm loving every minute I'm here. Beautiful photography, recipes, and decorating ideas! I'm a happy follower now! Looking forward to surfing around your blog for a while..... :)

    xoxo laurie@heavenswalk

  16. Oh it looks positively Yummo! Will have to give this a try.. TFS...
    Lou xx

  17. I love that recipe. My mom use to prepare it! They are fantastic
    and you are TERRIFIC!

  18. Lulu I definitely have to try those pototoes. That looks so yummy...and being from Idaho...well, you know.
    I love it over here at your house.

  19. Everything always looks so good you share...yummy recipes and what fun about your interview...I'll have to go back since I missed it and read it

  20. Not only do I love your kitchen and would never want to leave it but with the recipes you make I'm camping on the kitchen floor! Oh my goodness that looks and sounds delicous I have to make it for my parents who are making the treck out to see me for a month.

  21. Oh my YUM!! Thanks for the yummy ideas!!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  22. ~ Thank you for inspiring me ...

    Many blesssing to you -

    Anna Margaret

  23. I'm trying to cook for my family as well. I'm enjoying it. I just have to be more intent on getting to the grocery store more frequently!

  24. I've been flying below the fifi radar ... but I'm back

    you're making me hungry!!!

    stop over for a chat

  25. Fingerlings are my sons favorite dish! Your blog is really beautiful. I've just come over from Maria's at Dreamy Whites. She told me a while back when I personally inquired about using white furniture with children, to go ahead. She gave me the confidence to buy not one but, two white sofas for my newly remodeled home. It is great to see the photo of your white sofa and I can't wait to have a better look around your blog to see what else you do with white. Congrats on all your successes, you have a new follower.

  26. I love potatoes that way! Ah for the days of sourdough--wonder if anyone makes a gluten free version? Broccoli Rob (sp?)--I don't think I have ever had it....don't know if they sell it around here either!

  27. I also prepared it at my home and added so much chilly powder and turmeric powder because I likes its test so much.
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