Monday, June 28, 2010

Master Boudoir Sneak Peek!


Master 2 064 

My wonderful, loving, & ohh so cute hubby,

surprised me this past weekend with a private lesson in photography,

with Patrick.

Mr. T even bought me some professional lighting.  Love, love him.

He supports everything I do.

Anyhoo, to make a long session short, I finally am able to shoot in Manual Mode, and OMGOSH!!!

The possibilities are endless!!!

It made me realize how much more there is to learn about my  camera!


Master 2 025 

This girl is going back to school.   I have enrolled in a

digital photography class this fall at a local college.  I will start from there and see where it goes…

My girlfriend Jennifer is going to be my partner in crime…

Master 2 070

I love  my collection of vintage bibles, books and

luggage!   The stories they must have!

Master 1 179

 All these photos are of a sneak peek into our Boudoir.

They are all shot in Manuel Mode.

It makes a huge difference and it is so much fun to photograph this way.

As I go through my class

I will share all the tips I learn with you.

Can’t wait …

Master 2 052

You can create your own formulas on Manuel Mode.

Master 2 076

The more you learn, the more you want to know. 

I have mentioned before I would go to school forever. I love to learn. Its fun.

I am a Interior Designer (CLSB) ,  I graduated from Culinary school

and now more than ever, can’t wait to learn more about photography.

Master 2 047


Master 1 062

This is my favorite chair! It

was a gift from my girlfriend 4 years ago.

I will never get rid of it!

Master 1 077

I re-upholstered it and wa la!!

Master 2 033

 I love anything monogrammed!

Master 1 035

Shutter and pillow from here.

I have a pair of these shutters and tons of ideas.

Master 1 024

I pulled the vintage, etched mirror out and added 

vintage French books.  I just love looking at them.

master 5 002

I have  a few things to do in this room.

But, I have finally found my dream bed!

She will be here soon. Lol…

Master 4 004


master 5 048

 I am working a lot this week and hope to visit everyone!

Sorry for being so absent.

master 5 007

Master Boudoir to be continued…

Have a beautiful day friends!




  1. Your photos are beautiful (so is your boudoir!) : )

  2. Can't wait to see the whole room!
    Gorgeous so far!

  3. Oh that is so exciting about photography class, cannot wait to hear your tips. I would love to be able to photograph half as well as you do.

    Just loving the "boudoir" so gorgeous.

  4. What fun!

    My daughters did a similiar thing to your blue shuttered door and displayed all their Christmas cards on it.

    Are you getting a new school outfit, too? :)

  5. Hi LuLu,
    How exciting to be learning something more in life!! I think your photography is pretty fabulous already but I know there are a million different options on digital cameras. I just got a new one for Christmas and I'm completely lost! Your photos above are just gorgeous and I can't wait to see more of your bedroom. You are so inspirational with your style.
    Have a great week.

  6. your touches of history, and nostalgia are an instant connection with you - and how you showcase your things as art is truly artistic! and not at all crafty!
    so, basically, you could host a fantastic dinner while I tour your home and get decorating tips?

    people would pay to do that with you LuLu....for real
    Anne Marie

  7. i absolutely love your chair!
    i hope i can eventually find one
    similar to it someday : )

  8. I'm loving what I see in these sneak peeks of your boudoir!!! I cannot wait to see more!!

  9. Lulu,
    I love all of the pictures of your bedroom. I love the suitcases on top of your cabinet!!
    Your bedroom is so pretty!!

  10. Great job taking the pics! How fun to get a private session. I admire your learning spirit. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with as you move forward with this journey.

  11. Just Gorgeous! If that was my chair, id never get rid of it either!
    How do I convince my husband tho???

  12. I have no idea what you're talking about 'manual mode', but I don't have a fancy dancy camera! I am so impressed by all you've done...Interior Designer, Culinary Arts, and now photographer (for the beautiful Rachel Ashwell).

  13. LuLu~It's very pretty.Thanks so much for sharing with us. I can't wait to see your new bed Woo~hoo! Great shots.........

    I am also excited to hear about what you learn in class.I love to learn as well and feel you can always learn something from someone.~Cheers Kim

  14. I LOOOOVE your white suitcases!! I have a major "thang" for vintage suitcases!! Like you I wonder where they've been and what stories they could tell :)) I love anything with a history behind it. Everything is gorgeous!! The vintage bibles and books, the shutters, the armoire, the mirrors, the chair, the pillow!!! Love it all!!

    I for one am looking forward to you sharing what you learn in your photography class. I am pretty new to this blog stuff (not to mention need for photography skills!!) If you have any hints or tips that would help a newcomer, I sure would appreciate it!! Your photography is just amazing!!
    I've added you to my sidebar on my blog and if I am not already following you, I will be your newest follower :))
    ~ Michella ~

  15. That's a dreamy chair. The books on the shutter is a fab idea. The room is lovely. Lokking forward to seeing more. Your husband is a keeper as you well know.


  16. If I find any white bibles, I'll get them for you.
    You have such a pure quality in your art. There is nothing extraneous in your pictures. Clean and pure. Gorgeous!

  17. Everything here is so beautiful. I am quite speechless!
    You already do wonders with your camera now, I can't imagine what you'll do later!

  18. Lou, Your room and your photos are lovley. How do you get the name on the bottom of your photos?

  19. there's a new catch phrase flying around blogland ...
    "someone please pick me up off the floor"

    you've outdone yourself ... again
    thanks for peeking in over my way

  20. Photography would be a very fulfilling, creative occupation. Well done for going back to school! And your bedroom...my goodness! Can't wait to see more..Rachaelxx

  21. So excited for you! I am terrified of manual mode. LOL. I took one class, and haven't worked with it enough to fully undertstand. I feel like a dunce! So..any tipsharing would be fantastic! Your room is gorgeous!!!! Love your touches, as always!

  22. Your room is so pretty and the chair is a keeper. So unique! You have taken all the classes that I would love and learning more about photography would be super useful.

  23. Your photos look great. I'm looking forward to learning vicariously through you. In the meantime, you have inspired me to pull out the manual and read it. Your dream headboard wouldn't happen to be a tufted upholstered gilded French piece, would it? Still looking for one... Have a good day!

  24. I just don't know how your photos can get any better!! Thanks for the sneak peek ~ looking forward to seeing the rest!

  25. Love Boudoir, the photos are gorgeous especially the very first one.Lucky you I would love to do that one day,but now Im much to busy.I only have a canon too, I need to upgrade lol.Im still learning about things in the manuel LOL.

    Happy new week to you!

  26. thanks for the tip going to try the manual on my camera all though I think I need a new one trying to transfer pictures to computer for my blog not working. love your master Boudoir

  27. Beautiful pics! It looks like your bedroom is going to be amazing! Can't wait to see :)

    I love the chair ~ wow!!


  28. Lu, you really don't stop surprising me. I am just like you, like to learn as much as possible in life. There's so much to know....I will be so happy to learn from you how to use manual mode better, and each photography lesson will be very welcomed!! ps. love your chair.... xx

  29. Your photos are gorgeous! I need to take lessons too! Beautiful...

  30. Everything is gorgeous and I can't wait to follow along with your photography lessons!!

  31. Yeah for Manuel mode you will NEVER go back! your room looks so lovely, I love all the vintage touches and can't wait to see it all!! enjoy your day~

  32. Hi Lulu!! First: your budoir is... hoo la là!!! You're so right: learning is so much fun!!! Can't wait to see how wonderful images you will take with the manual mode on!


  33. Thanks for sharing the manual mode tip...looking forward to hearing more of what you learn!

  34. The chair is gorgeous, as is the rest of your room. You are so talented, and the images are, as always, stunning. Thank you for sharing them.

    Happy Tuesday

  35. What beautiful pictures! I have really started to enjoy photography and have so much to learn about my camera so I'm excited to hear about what you learn.
    ☺ Celeste

  36. You have such a pretty boudoir & your photography is incredible. I love your use of the wood shutters with the pages on them propped againest the wall & your curtains/panels (I never know what to call 'em.) That is great that you have enrolled in a class! I would love to do that too, but I need to buy a better camera first.. hee hee! ;) Have a nice day!

  37. Oh Lu, you are SO inspiring, I want a new camera soon, Love the idea of a digital class. It's just a whole new world, OK, can't wait to see your new bed!

  38. WOW. I just discovered your blog, and fell in love :) Beautiful pictures, and a lovely style you have. I'll be back ;)

  39. i love your bedroom and can't wait to see more!

    i lOVE that you are going back to take a photog class....it's on my list for this year...

    i've got this great camera and can hardly use it!

    love the pics!!!

  40. Your photos are to die for...love the suitcases,love the books,love the shutter.....mmmm,guess I love it all!!!!!!

  41. Can't wait to see it revealed, Lulu. I know it will be breathtakingly beautiful! You've really put me in the mood for Alameda this weekend, as if I wasn't enough already. Thanks for the extra push. The classes you and Jennifer are taking should be great fun for you both ~ enjoy!

  42. Oh my goodness, I want more :) Such lovely photo's Lulu!!! Can't wait to see the rest and read your tips. I'm too afraid to put mine in manual mode. Have a wonderful day!

  43. your photos are beautiful!! i just finished karen russell's online class and learned a ton! photography is on the top of my list right now! i love all the details of your room. we have a lot in common :) have a super day!! susan

  44. WOWWWWW I just discovered your blog,
    and fell in love :)

    Beautiful pictures, and a lovely style you have.

    I'll be back ;)
    Kissssss <3
    Daniela Dream Shabby Chic Milano

  45. You go girl! Love your pretties in your house.

  46. So I'm your partner in crime, huh? I guess I'd better find out when classes start then!
    Your pics, and master bedroom, are absolutely gorgeous my dear.


  47. Lulu, wow, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Of course I love the vintage French books placed on the old shutter...way too cool!! :) But I love everything else as well! Beautiful! And, yes, please share your photography tips from your class when you start, I would so enjoy that!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  48. Again a message from Holland. Fantastic pictures, lovely to see. My husband bought a new camera which makes lovely pictures. Now making my blog is a lot more fun because of the beautiful pictures made by the macrolens. I wish you all the success and I can't wait for your advises.

    Good luck.


  49. Your white books, especially the Bible is beautiful. Sounds like you will have a blast taking the classes and learning new things. Can't wait to reap the benefits from all you beautiful pictures!

  50. Oh...Wow...your bedroom peeks look amazing...can't wait to see the whole room.