Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chicken Soup & The Winner!

April shower’s bring May flowers! 

It was suppose to rain today. It was cloudy but, the sun came out this afternoon.

Cozy weather often puts me in the mood for a delicious meal..

I wanted to make some chicken soup today..

It is real simple and has a ton of yummy flavor..

Bathroom Blue Star 153 

Carrots, Onions, Celery.. are essential in cooking…

  cookin ckn 101 134

Fresh parsley

cookin ckn 101 145

One can of Swanson chicken broth..I use this and the organic kind.

cookin ckn 101 168 

Good sharp knives are key to easy cooking. The sharper the better… it cut’s smoother and faster!

cookin ckn 101 140

I love this cutting board..green is for the side to cut vegetables.

cookin ckn 101 172

Red is for the side to cut meat..no cross contamination here..

cookin ckn 101 141

 Cut pieces into any size you choose, often with soups and stews you want your vegetables and meats  to be cut into large chunks. 3 carrots, 3 celery stalks, 1 onion

A Mirepoix..

cookin ckn 101 175

  Learning how to explain recipes! Bare with me..

I like recipes to be healthy, easy and quick

One breast chicken

cookin ckn 101 171

Add 4 cups of water, to include your one can chicken broth..

cookin ckn 101 217 

Toss in noodle style pasta 10 minutes before serving

Half a bag only..

cookin ckn 101 167 

Add a bouillon cube for even more flavor. You can choose chicken or vegetable. I like using vegetable because I don’t like to much chicken flavor in my soup! Your choice!

cookin ckn 101 220

My oil & spice caddy!

cookin ckn 101 180

Add pepper & salt to taste

cookin ckn 101 191

Ok side bar..I found this cute little tablespoon set on sale at Anthropologie for

$3.95 great for baking..

cookin ckn 101 200

Ok sorry.. back to the soup..throw everything together in a large pot.. cook 45 minutes total, except the noodles style pasta...again wait till the last 10 minutes to put the noodles in.

cookin ckn 101 215

.. and taa daaa

Bathroom Blue Star 151

Bon Appétit!

I was so happy and grateful to receive all your lovely entries for my first giveaway..

I wanted to run out and buy 182 books and send one to each of you!!

But,  as agonizing as it was we did a random drawing and finally..

Drum roll please..

The winner of this fab Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Interiors book is..


Susie from Bienvenue

Susie Harris Blog

Congratulations Susie!

Have a beautiful day everyone!



  1. FABULOUS recipe Lulu, thanks for sharing. It is a cold and damp Autumn day here with the same to follow for the weekend, this soup will be perfect for dinner one night this weekend! CONGRATULATIONS to the lovely Susie on winning the fabulous book! Thanks Lulu for such a gorgeous giveaway. Wishing you a wonderful and happy Easter weekend ~ Tina xx

  2. this chicken soup looks delicious!I'll try this tonight, thank you teacher!;)
    Congrats to the lucky winner,that book is really unmissable !
    Happy easter to you
    xo Flaviana

  3. I've never seen such chicken soup look so lovely ~ your photos are beautiful! I could go for some chicken soup after all the cold rain and flooding here.

    Susie is a lucky lady ~ yah for her; I know she is going to look her new book.


  4. c o n g r a t s to Susie. Your pictures are delicious... would love to join for a cup of your soup!
    Have a merry happy Easter! xo

  5. Lu, That would be a great soup to keep around the house this Easter weekend. My son is coming home and that means a crowd of friends. Thanks for the recipe. Have a great weekens.

  6. That soup looks amazingly yummy!!! Congrats to Susie!

  7. LOVE homemade chicken noodle soup!!!! My mom's is the best....always want it when any of us are sick!!

    LOVE the Anthropologie measuring spoons...and I adore your salt and pepper shakers...where did you find those?

    Great post, Lu!!

  8. Lulu, you're hysterical! Ok, back to the soup... As my little grand girl would say, "dulish!"

  9. I think this is a sign. My MIL has been hinting that some chicken noodle soup would be wonderful. I think I will make this for her today and take it over. It looks so yummy!

    Congrats to Susie!

  10. Now I'm really hungry. Yum!

  11. Hej Du Rara!
    Jag ville bara kika in och önska dig en riktigt trevlig påsk! Kram Petra

  12. YAY Susie~ love her!
    PS-Your soup looks SO yummy...

  13. Yum! look wery tasty..love chicken...that´s a soup for me!

    Happy Eastern!

  14. I can taste it ....mmmmm. So beautiful.

  15. Congrats to the lucky winner! I'm only a *little* envious...!

  16. Congrats to the winner!!! That soup looks so yummy!!! Have a happy day!!!

  17. Yummy! Brings back memories of my moms chicken soup! Your pictures are so colorful! Congrats to Suzie!

  18. Lulu! I know, i'm so with you - I love soup on cold days. It is 'cold' today - and I think soup is on the menu - your description and recipe are mouth-watering...so simple and SO GOOD! Thanks for sharing!

    LOVED your giveaway - I didn't enter because I own the book....would love to make it out to Shabby Chic with you someday! (can't believe I haven't been yet.....shame on me!) Your pics are so tantalizing......MUST. GO.!!

  19. G'Day LuLu~Yum! I could have used that all last Month.Thanks for sharing.

    Congrats to Susie, you are going to enjoy your new book very much.~Cheers Kim

    LuLu~I am sending you a Beautiful Blogger Award if you would see me @ whitewhispers2u.blogspot.com ~Cheers Kim~

    on your beautiful blogger AWARD from Kim,
    I was included in the group, it is great honor to be in your good company.

    My daughter mentioned she wanted homemade soup!! Yum, yum!! now you make me want some!
    we will be right over. (smile)


  21. It looks fresh and delicious!! you put me in the mood for some serious home cooking!!!
    Happy April,

  22. Congrats to Susie!!
    THat soup looks yummy!!

  23. oh thank you for the soup recipe. I LOVE soup!!!

  24. Dear Lulu I don't even eat meat but that chicken soup looked super yummy! I am currently a disaster in the kitchen but it is so lovely that you post recipes I will make sure to follow your blog and maybe even try to cook ;)

    ps: LOVE the measuring tablespoons, I got mine from Anthropologie too (they currently decorate my kitchen LOL)

  25. Dear Lulu, I wish you Happy Easter too! Please don't thank me for sharing...your blog it's so amazing I have to be here :) Chicken soup... we say : mniam ! Of course congrats for Susie!

  26. Lulu, I am so happy for Susie. She will love the book, I'm sure. I just won a copy over at Glitter and Roses. I couldn't believe it. I have wanted to get that book forever.
    I am defintely going to do this soup in the next couple days. We are having such cold weather here and I think it will certainly take the chill out of our bones. Thank you for such easy to follow directions.

  27. You sure do cook up some gratifying meals! I'm sure your husband is very happy that you do. That book is perfect for Susie.

  28. Hi Lulu, your chicken soup looks very yummy! I love a good soup on cold and clowdy days... added you to my "favorit bloglist", hope you don't mind, happy easter - hugs Mira!

  29. Hi Lulu! Your soup looks yummy and just perfect since our weather has been snowy, cold and blustery. Bentley and I wish you and your family a blessed Easter!!

    Susan and Bentley

  30. Hi Lulu,
    That soup looks delish. I love vegetable broth in my soup as well, it's so good. Love those little measuring spoons, they're darling!
    Happy Easter sweetie!

  31. Hi LuLu,
    I am so exicited!!! I just could not believe when I found out I had won this book! Thank you so very much and I have sent my address via email. Cant wait to read every single page. Thanks again! Susie