Tuesday, March 30, 2010

White Wednesday!

I am joining Kathleen and the girls over at Faded Charm for another wonderful White Wednesday!

My transfer ware collection continues…

White & Black?

or is it

Black & White?

Ok, I think you all know I love transfer ware!

My all time FAVORITE… is White and black! 

 Kitchen 0322 006 

Black and White transfer ware paired with white ironstone, an old lunch box, and French Sign!


Kitchen 0322 022


Kitchen 0322 019


Bread & Butter 057

I want to Thank you all again for entering the March Madness Giveaways. I am making sure to stop by and visit all of my new followers… and to say hi to my loyal ones!! If I haven’t gotten to you yet! I will!

Giveaway ends March 31st at 12 noon pacific standard time and I will announce the winner April 1st.

I love blogging and all the positive things it brings! It is a great creative outlet for everyone! There are so many talented, creative people out there and I am blessed to get to know you!

Have a Beautiful Day!

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  1. Hey Miss Lulu,
    I am getting ready to respond to your email!!
    I was excited to see you had a new post!
    I love your collection of transferware! Your display looks beautiful!
    Hope you are having a great evening. I am trying to catch up since everyone is in bed!
    Hey my sister is the one if your followers list that is to the right of the bumble bee~She doesn't have a blog!
    Take Care,
    I am off to write you an email!
    Loved what you said about blogging!

  2. Love your black and white ? or white and black ? transfer ware! It is so pretty! The lunchbox is awesome too. : )
    Health and happiness!

  3. What pretty china! The black and white is so stylish :)

  4. Gorgeous transferware Lulu! Love your display as always!! I love what you said about blogging and totally agree with you. You inspire me all the time! Wishing you a wonderful day ~ Tina x

  5. Oh your china is just lovely !I always thought I liked blue and white best but now that I see your transferware in black/white I'm changing my mind, it is delightful! Thanks for the inspiration.
    P.S.you're sooo right about blogging !
    xo, Flaviana

  6. Hi Lulu,
    I am loving your collection of black and white transferware along with your other accessories...You have displayed everything so artistically! Very inspirational!
    Take care,
    Laura :)

  7. I love the black and white transferware too Lulu! It is soooooo hard to find around here! I do have three or four pieces that I refuse to let go of! I love how you have displayed yours....and that french sign is awesome!



  8. Gorgeous display as always dear Lulu!!

  9. Beautiful pieces - I too love transferware and black and white isn't easy to find.
    Have a great week.

  10. Lovely! In the past couple of years I've begun collecting ~ my husband doesn't understand why we need so many dishes :)

    Enjoy your day ~

  11. Oh Lulu! Your pictures today are just 2DIE4...Great display!! Thank you so much for sharing and happy WW!

  12. Isn't ww the best?! Love the transferware...whether is black and white or white and black! And ironstone...the staple of decorating.

  13. ... oh that Meakin sugar 'bout makes my heart stop ...

  14. Love your collection...I only wish I had room to start a transfer ware collection!
    Lovely words following your pretty images. I agree, being surrounded by such talented and supportive people (even in cyber space)is so rewarding and fulfilling!
    Hugs to you~

  15. Ooh Lulu, I do love your transferware. Just the loveliest pieces and the way that they are so artfully arranged has been a joy to view today.
    I love this blogging world as well. Just a wonderful place to be.

  16. That is sooo pretty. I haven't seen any white and black transferware. I may have to hunt it out now.

  17. absolutely delightful!What pretty, pretty dishes! Happy, Happy Easter Whites to you!

  18. Love all of that white and black transferware...the pattern is so subtle it is just beautiful! I love it when you can mix so many elements together, like your collection of white bowls an old lunch box (my fav) and your transferware, makes for a great combination!! Happy Wednesday!

  19. Your dishes are gorgeous!

    You're so right about the blogging world - so fun and inspiring - and welcoming!

  20. Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy!
    I love your transfer ware, Lulu! Blessings to you!
    Love, C

  21. Miss Lulu that white and black transfer ware is oh so lovely....but I am not surprised...you have such wonderful taste.


  22. Beautiful Lu, no matter in which order. I lve them all.
    Have a wonderful Easter,

  23. Ooooohhhh lovin the black and white! I just started collecting the red...I found a few gorgeous pieces at a little shop the other day and had to have them...I am thinking the black and white would look pretty mixed with them;)!

    As always I LOVE your vignettes...PERFECTION!


  24. Very pretty display! I love the old lunch box!
    ☺ Celeste

  25. You know I love transferware too. I have mostly brown, but your black is beautiful. You don't see it very often. Love the vignette with the sign and old lunchbox.

    ~Happy WW~


  26. What a gorgeous display! Thanks for sharing! Hope your having a wonderful day

  27. Beautiful!!! Love the touch of graphics mixed with! Have a great Wednesday!

  28. I don't think I've ever come across china like that in your first image. It's just beautiful and would go perfectly in my kitchen. Must see if I can find some..Happy Easter Lulu..Rachaelxx

  29. Hello LuLu,
    Oooooh! Lulu dear, did I forget my lunch box over at your place? if so and you can find it i'll be right over to pick it up.

    I just adore that lunch box!!

    How are you doing girl, looks to be that you are busy. Beautiful bolg and you don't need one more person to tell you that.

    did you find my lunch box yet???


  30. I love your transferware, it's beautiful. I'd love to find something like that. Haven't found any I love yet though. Love your arrangement of it all.

  31. Oh boo I missed your giveaway! But that's alright! I'm still a loyal follower of yours! :-) And I LOVE that black lunch box!!!

  32. your transferware collection is fabulous! and that lunchbox is adorable :) i too have enjoyed meeting so many creative people through blogging!

  33. It is gorgeous!!! That is the prettiest transferware I have seen!!!

  34. They are just beautiful! The French sign looks right at home there too. Your displays are inspiring as always and I do agree about blogging...it is wonderful.
    Ness xx

  35. This is my first visit to your gorgeous blog. I noticed the transferware and had to pop over! I love your pieces and the way you've displayed them. Come visit my blog...it's all centered around English transferware! Your pieces are black transferware (as the transfer is black) on white ironstone/earthenware. It's all gorgeous!!!

  36. p/s I'm your newest follower! Now I'm going to peruse your wonderful blog!

  37. I love transferware too. Awesome photos!!

  38. Lulu, just love that B and W transferware. I'm crazy over any color. It's pretty hard to find now, love how you have it displayed.
    Have a wonderful Easter!