Friday, January 22, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Boards

I made these boards awhile back. I was searching for something to put my favorite design pictures, or inspirational quotes, family photo's etc on. A place to display my everyday reminders of all things beautiful. I searched and searched and did not find much. Soo....I made these..
Vintage Inspiration Boards!
Vintage Frames, Vintage Ribbon, Vintage Fabric!

Shabby Chic
Vintage Frame
Soft yellow floral print 1930's 
Ribbon Soft Yellow 1920's Sweden


Rooster fabric 1950's
Ribbon Deep Green 1920's France
Frame Old


Vintage Reproduction Jack Russel Print
Ribbon Sienna 1930's France
Antique Frame circa 1910


Vintage Reproduction All Breed Dog Print
Tin Frame was custom made out of old ceiling tins and painted chocolate
Ribbon Chocolate 1920's france

Vintage Mirror Frame
Rachel Ashwell Serenity Fabric

Ribbon White 1930's Sweden

..Rachel Ashwell has this one in one of her office's..custom made for her

Vintage Fame
Water Color Fabric one of Rachel Ashwells older prints
Ribbon Soft Lavender 1920's Denmark

Vintage Frame
Apple Fabric 1950's
Ribbon Red 1930's France

I was into blue at the moment..don't ask

All of these were custom made by Fosso's Upholstery. But,  can be made easily by yourself. Especially with all you very talented women out there!
I have tons of Vintage Fabric, Ribbon and Frames

 I was thinking of making more....what are your thoughts?

oxox, lulu


  1. Oh Honey, I'm in LOVE!!!! These are gorgeous! I have tons of old chippy gorgeous frames and have been wanting to do this.(not to sell, but for me) Now I know that I absolutely MUST give it a try! Thank you for your wonderful inspiration!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!! Definitely make more...I love them!!!


  3. Love them all! I can use them all over my house :)

  4. They are very beautiful! You should definitely make more! Just found your blog & it appears we love the same stuff!! Getting ready to browse around!

  5. I LOVE them...I could definitely use those around my home:)

  6. Love your 'mood' boards w/ vintage frames! All one of a kind and beautiful. I made one without the ribbons and pinned my cool stuff on with pretty rhinestone pins! xo

  7. SO inspiring !!! Make more more and more, makes me want to learn making one.

  8. Wow, I love them all! I need one for my new studio space, gotta get on that. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours, so much inspiration. I have 3 kids & a mess of a master bedroom so I'm searching for online help. I'll be back soon. Lisa

  9. Love those! I was debating on making one for my girls room. Yours are much prettier than what I was planning on though.

  10. My thoughts - I think they're beautiful and I think you're very clever! Thank you for visiting and for leaving such a lovely comment. Leigh

  11. Oh, I keep saying I'm going to do this. They're so pretty!

  12. I think you should just custom make them for us not so crafty ladies. And whats wrong with blue my friend? I don't have much of it in my home but one of my favorte colors. Your so talented, post some that aren't already sold, and when you run out of frames you know where to find more....haha, Cheryl

  13. thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous pieces! I inherited some antique frames that belonged to my great-grandparents (Mom wanted to pitch them) and this project would be perfect for them! :)

  14. These dog print is so fabulous, I like to appreciate for sharing these gorgeous stuffs with us. I was debating on making one for my own room with my parents.
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