Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sherwood Country Club

Sherwood Country Club (and a little lesson)

At the beginning of my career in Interior Design we were blessed with a great opportunity to redesign a home that belonged to (can't say the name online, sorry), a kinda famous person. Who sold it to a young couple with 3 kids moving here from out of state. 

They were so excited when they bought it. It was a difficult transaction. The kinda famous person wouldn't make up there mind if they wanted to sell it or not.  Anyways, I will save you from real estate nightmares. We have all had them.

We really enjoyed working with our clients.
The home's bones were very Traditional. The designer before us decided to theme the home in what some might call Tommy Bahama. Which I love, for the right house, but it didn't fit the bones of this house. Grass wallpaper everywhere, floral wallpaper in the dinning room below, with window treatments that had palm trees on them in every room.  
So, we took it all down, which is where a big lesson comes in, ALWAYS TAKE  BEFORES PHOTOS!!! we were so excited and needed job that we just started working away.  These photos were taken 4 years ago, with my not so fun camera. We tried to contact the former owners to get better photo's, but they are no where to be found, and I think it's illegal to stalk people. LOL
I love these photos and work though, because it shows were we have been and how far we have come.

 This is their formal dinning room, we added the wainscotting panels painted them white and used a neutral tone on the walls above. The drapery panels are a gorgeous chocolate linen with a roman shade underneath. The chandelier and sconces are from Niermann Weeks. Check them out they have amazing lighting, http://www.niermannweeks.com
The table is from Barclay Butera (talented designer). 

Botancial prints are from Dan Marty Designs, who unfortunately is no longer in business, but is now working with Maison Au Nautral No. 819

Accessories from all over the place..LOL

The Mora Clock with an antique finish!
( I will be doing a post on these amazing clocks
check for it)

This is the Formal Family Room
with fireplace.

Accessories & chairs from Barclay Butera

Custom silk stripped drapery panels with balloon swags.. We were really loving the stripes.
Ok, funny thing about this view. Do you all know the sitcom "Mash", the one with the army folk, some where doctors that would help the injured army guys.

If you look closely out the window. That mountain was the one they shot when the helicopter was flying over it in the opening scene. LOL

We called it "Mash Mountain."


This room was my favorite. The Family Room off the Kitchen.  That is a French Clock face of a big ben clock somewhere in Europe, that was from Dan Marty Designs.
Custom upholstered sofa's in a gorgeous deep green linen, loveseat have a fantastic deep green damask print. Chairs again in our stripes! Ottoman was customized and tufted huge on purpose for the 3 kids to jump on. 

Kitchen area was my favorite. We painted the walls a neutral tone and added window treatments. Furniture for some reason I can't remember were we got them from..it will come to me...

another shot of the Kitchen Family Room

The kid's room's were a top priority, they wanted them to feel settled as soon as possible.
The Daughter's Room
We painted the walls in her daughter's room a soft pink, added the chair rail and used a neutral tone above. The furniture and bedding all from Pottery Barn Kids.

So cute, I wanted a room like this when I was her age..

Twin bed's are perfect for sleepovers.

Study, Study..That's all she did

The Son's Room
We added the wainscotting panels and neutral paint color to the walls. The art work was given to them by grandma. The bedding and furniture all from Pottery Barn Kids

They lived near a lake and he loved boats.

The window treatments are a dark blue denim.

One of the reason I love design is that I can live vicarioulsy through my clients.  I love all styles, Traditional, Tuscan, Contemporary etc.. etc.. and it goes on and on..In my dream land I would buy a house for every style I love..ugh thats endless. 

....however..My TRUE love..... is WHITE! WHITE! WHITE!

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  1. Another inpsiring post! Absolutely love this home, Lulu. Especially all the window treatments. And I totally reckognized Mash Mountain, LOL!


  2. great great job! i love the house!
    I didn't know Dan Marty was closed - wow?!


  3. Hi there, got your email, can't find a way to contact you. Need the name under which you ordered the magazine to check on this for you. I have no orders for anyone named Lu. Lisa

  4. I LOVE those botanicals, and the wall colors are fabulous! Everything looks really rich and inviting!

  5. Beautiful!!
    I love the dining room.
    Thanks for your advise on my cabinet and the paint color suggestions. I will send more pic's of the room but I can't seem to find your email address.
    Please send it to me if you have the time.
    We are loving your blog! Very Inspiring!

  6. Beautiful! I love that you shared those pictures...you did a fabulous job!!!!

  7. love that boy's room! such great ideas, when we get a new home!!! (we've been in the hunt all day today)

  8. This is so luxurious and beautiful! What an exciting career!

  9. Amazing photo's lulu. I love that clock and the large clock face. I can't wait to see more on those. You did a great job on that house- and I am like you- love white, chippier the better.
    thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  10. Looking forward to the post on Mora clocks and I simply adore your Madonnas! Roberta

  11. I love love the blue and white ginger jars on the mantle.

  12. this is sooooo lovely ...

    sure would be fun to know whon the famous person was ...I'm just a snoop

  13. I am so glad you found me, so I could find your lovely blog! I am enjoying scrolling through your posts.