Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Early Fitness Resolutions & A Continued White Christmas

Mini white birch logs used to hold chalkboard name tags.

French jars holding berries, bunched with acorns 
and vintage tea light candle holders from the 1890's that where used
to hang from a Christmas tree.

My last years Anthropologie wreath hangs on my
new/old reclaimed wood cabinets. Vintage green French wine bottles
and stacks of linens and ironstone.

 A sliver tip fur tree and popcorn garland for the perfect
amount of contrast.

French pendants lights.

Pulled the switcheroo. Living room is now the dinning room
that held 12 for Thanksgiving. 

My gorgeous new/old reclaimed wood table and cabinet is
 from Found in Arizona! Kristin Alber is the uber talented owner, her store
is amazing and there are so, so many gorgeous items available! 
You may also know her as the founder of Restyle Source.
Accessories on the table are all French and
 from A Beautiful Mess Home. I am blessed and grateful to
be collaborating with these two boutiques!!!
More images will be out next year in a magazine for Christmas!

 On Instagram I mentioned
how much I have been working out this past year. I started working out
when I was 16 with a good friend and it has always been a part of my life.
LOL A little something about me :
I won best body and butt in high school! Why they have those 
contest and feature them in the year book is beyond me and really silly.
I hope they take those contests out of schools, it gives 
kids a complex. Good or bad, I don't think they are healthy.
Fitness should be about being healthy on the inside first and
the plus side of it is that you look fit.

I am lucky to have a home gym and wanted to start there first
to see how committed I was. Realizing quickly, that with age (getting older) comes serious commitment LOL. My husband and I have cleansed a few times with Kymberley Synders cleansing programs and we went away to a cleansing spa, I wanted to gain more knowledge that I hope to now share here. I wanted to first get a routine in tow and then share my plans here on my blog.  Equinox gym has come into my hood and opens in January. I joined and I and gearing up to work out harder and live an even more fit and healthy lifestyle.  It is a process and is becoming a more serious lifestyle for me and my family. My husband and I work out together and we love it. 
My mom got sick with cancer at a very young age of 30.  Stress from raising 4 kids on her own and working so hard,  took a toll on her. She is strong and hanging in there and wants to be here for her grandchildren, but  because of all the chemo she now struggles with so many aliments, Lupus being the latest diagnoses. It was rough seeing her in and out of the hospital all my life. My mom often 
tried to get really healthy, but work and family always took front and center. 
She has taught me balance and to take care of me first, then I can better care for my family.
I am a mother of two young boys and I wanted to share with you that it can be fun
and exciting to workout and that anyone can do it. 
We spend countless hours on our homes and family which is important but, I 
think spending time on yourself is just as important.

My goal this coming year is to make my blog not only about interiors, which I LOVE and it will always remain, but lifestyle too, healthy food, my work outs, my struggles and more.
Collaborating with my old friend from high school and fellow photog, Adi of
We are going to have some fun!!

Purpose is the spirit seeking expression! Always evolving, forever changing.
I hope you will join me on my journey.

P.S Our home is still a work in progress. I am adding wallpaper to my dinning
room and hope to get things moving soon. There is just not enough time in the day!


  1. Lu everything looks gorgeous!!! So pretty!!! I am very much looking forward to reading more about your recipes for eating healthy and working out :)) We are big into an organic, healthy lifestyle in our house, but it is always a challenge when we are all so busy and I would love to hear your tips!!



  2. Yay! Can't wait to hear all about it!!! xoxo

  3. I'm Pcovi on IG and always enjoy your visits and your photos! I love your home. I saw the Anthro wreath online the other day and went right out and got yarn..I'm making one :D
    I'm sorry your mom has had all that...hug her tight and often!
    When I was in high school...a teacher put on a quiz...T or F... "Paula P. has a big nose" ...it was an actual girl in the class and he did count it wrong if people answered, "no". That wouldn't float today, I'll bet!

  4. So pretty! Love your style. Always have, always will. :)

  5. Oh my..... what a lovely room is this. I am really happy to saw the room design. Bedroom Decor ideas is most important for decor the room.

  6. Love every detail! Seriously. Every. Single. One.

    Before I met my husband fitness was so important to me but other things took over after we started dating, got married and had kids. Now, I find myself complaining all the time about our health...must make it a priority again. Getting started is the hardest part!

  7. Your home is beyond gorgeous, I absolutely love all the red berries.

    Fitness is my number one goal for next year, I look forward to following your blog next year & to seeing what you do.

    Merry Christmas!!

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