Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thank you Laurence Amelie

When the girls from Shabby Chic called to tell me I had a gift
waiting at the store, I couldn't imagine what it was.
When I went to the store to see,
I was in tears to say the least. 

Laurence Amelie had created a masterpiece painting just for me.

I knew exactly where I wanted it to go, 
 it had to be one of the first things I looked at when I woke up.

I met Laurence through blogging and we instantly connected,
she is warm, friendly, real, and beautiful to boot.  I feel
lucky to call her my friend. She is talented and kind.  I can not say enough
about her.

Laurence has been creating new paintings in Rachel's
barn these past few weeks and they have once again
 graced the walls of Shabby Chic
Everyone is going crazy over them. 
I feel so grateful to have one, and I know
this painting will be cherished and loved by my family
 for years to come.  

Thank you Laurence from the bottom of my heart.

You can visit Laurence Amelie blog here.

I have been re-decorating, again. LOL.
 Pieces are finally starting to come in that where on back order 
 and a few more will be here in June. I can't wait to share.

I thought her painting looked perfect next to our bed with our reclaimed wood night stands. I love my
 French cross pillows made with vintage French linens and antique German grain sacks,
by my talented friend Kym of A Beautiful Mess.

I pulled off my heavy Pom Pom duvet and replaced
it with my light linen quilted cream Bella Notte bedspread for

I am really happy with how things are coming together.

My Louis book is from The Agoura Antique Mart. 

I can't remember what these flowers where called but,
they remind me of Laurence's painting. Kym 
gets the most amazing arrangements in the store every Friday.

 I have been working on some wonderful things. I have recently 
been hired on with small PR firm and last weekend photographed 
my first celebrity event :) A baby shower for the creative director of
Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice. I love those shows.  FUN!!!
I hope to soon share some 
of the events coming up in May.

BLESSINGS are all around me and
I thank God everyday.

It feels good to be back. 
Have a wonderful day.



  1. Her paintings are just amazing!!! I love her work! Congrats on the many wonderful things you have been doing, can't wait to see pics! Have a lovely weekend =) Xo ~Ashley

  2. What a blessing ~ the painting is beautiful, and your pillows on your bed with the crosses on them are just as beautiful too.

    I so enjoy your blog and posts.

    Have a blessed day ~

  3. So beautiful Lulu!!~ What an amazing gift!
    Your home is looking so beautiful and congratulations on all of the wonderful opportunities that you are embarking on!! You are so super talented and such a sweetheart, you truly deserve it!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Love it all! You inspire me! Thanks for sharing..

  5. Jealous! I love her work too! Melaine

  6. Hi~~ What a wonderful surprise and gift:) The painting is gorgeous. Cant wait to see all that you have been up to. Sounds exciting:)
    Have a wonderful week~

  7. LuLu the painting is Beautiful! I saw a similar print on canvas and loved it.Even so much better that you know the Artist.So happy for you and things are moving forward and you are using your artist abilities and it's such a creative outlet for you.A job most people just dream about! ~Blessings Kim

  8. This painting must be smiling so big! It found a beautiful place to call home! It will bless your every evening and greet you every morning~ I adore it! I know you must absolutley be in Love!

  9. Lu...I love your painting! I love your Pillows! I LOVE everything! thank you for sharing your beautiful life!! xoxokathee

  10. I LOVE IT!!! Beautiful...Lucky girl !!

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  12. Love Laurence's work! This painting is just lovely and it looks so beautiful in your home. Laurence is such a captivating person and is so kind to paint you such a beautiful piece. Enjoy it!

  13. What an honor Lulu...wow....truly shows me the genuine nature of the artists' creativity...
    it looks perfect there next to your bed (I have yet to even touch my master...I wish you were closer to help!!)
    Anne Marie

  14. what an absolutely stunning piece. it looks perfect in your room.

  15. That painting is gorgeous as is your photo of that little yellow bloom!! Glad to hear things are sunny and positive in your world. :)

  16. What a beautiful and generous gift! It looks so perfect hanging there in your bedroom - as if it were painted especially for that space. Gorgeous!

  17. Absolutely beautiful...and perfect in your gorgeous bedroom!!! So happy that amazing things continue you to happen for you and your work!!!


    :) T

  18. Just gorgeous, Lu!
    And blessing are all around you because YOU are a blessing!!!

    Congrats on all the goodness in your life, my sweet friend!

  19. Those pillows are to die for. Absolutely beautiful.

  20. Absolutely peaceful and so beautiful Lu. Its obvious you are so appreciated and loved~ Have a wonderful day! xo Rachel

  21. Laurence is so sweet to give you this gift. I guess she’s a wonderful friend, and you’re lucky for meeting her. I hope your friendship will burst with love as days pass by. Nice painting!
    Grace|employment posters

  22. So happy to find your blog and that you are back! Love your style!!! Blessings to you also!!

  23. I would love to know the paint color of your room. It makes everything look heavenly.