Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hi everyone...
There are many exciting things coming up in next few months.
I am delighted that spring is around the corner. 
Work, family and friends are doing well,
life is good :)

I have been having fun redecorating.  I have gotten rid of a lot of 
my vintage finds, shutters, doors, tables, books, ironstone and more.
 Cleaning and organizing since January, I enjoy doing it. 
 It takes time and I have made good progress.

Spring cleaning kicks you into second gear to continue on.
Working on my kitchen, cleaned out my pantry, organized all my drawers,
cabinets and we are adding a built-in.  More on that as soon as it is done.

These yellow sunshine beauties are dried French flowers
and the color never fades. LOVE!!!
They make me happy every time I walk by them.

I added pops of green and yellow around the house for spring.
The cute little green pot and pillows are from Anthropology.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you would know how much I love candles.
Jo Malone and Lineas Lights candles are my favorite to use.
( Lineas Lights available at A Beautiful Mess

I love my Chanel book.
The black and white cover is gorgeous
but, the inside is even better. 
I collect vintage Chanel and I have a weakness for sun
glasses. I really want the Louis Vuitton book too, hmmm.

The hour glass is peaceful. It reminds me to slow down and enjoy each minute.
I have been leaning towards a more refined, classic, clean look for our home.
I am really happy with the changes.

New pieces are on the way!!!
I can't wait.

I got a new coffee table, it is the perfect size and color. 
I have to wait but, I will show more of this room
next week!!!

Have a wonderful day. 



  1. love love this post! do you ever share your vintage Chanel items here? I was at the Jo Malone counter yesterday! It is absolutely my favorite! Have a great day


  2. Love those flowers Lulu! And I am so looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful changes your making around your home.
    Hope you have a beautiful day.

  3. Your images are lovely~I have two pair of Chanel sunglassses from a little fetish I had....but they aren't quite vintage yet, only about ten years old. I often think of selling them, where do you find yours?

  4. I cant wait to see more Lu!! ;) xo Rachel

  5. I love your beautiful post Lu. I always love coming hear to read up on what is new in your life.
    I love to do my Spring cleaning, but have yet to even start : )

  6. I love your little cornfleurs, Lu. Can't wait to see the changes you've made to your home. I love spring cleaning, especially when it's sunny outside so I can throw all the windows and doors open here!

  7. Looking good over there Lu and can't wait to see all of your changes!
    Happy Friday,

  8. Hello Lu ! I'm Liana from Rome. Your blog is very nice. Sorry I don't speak english so well. See you later...Bye,bye.


  9. Beautiful post & beautiful images! Feel (almost) inspired to clean out my pantry to!

  10. Hey girlie! After reading this post I've been dying to head to Nordies to smell that candle! I ended up buying the perfume! I smell like Hawaii. yay! :) Thanks for the tip!

  11. So pretty, I love these pictures they are gorgeous!