Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Simple Healthy Snack & A Tip...

Hi there!!!
I wanted to share this simple healthy snack.
Did you know that organic rolled oats can help clear your arteries from plaque build-up, 
as well as lower cholesterol???
This taste SO good.
Stoneyfield organic low fat French vanilla yogurt
Organic rolled oats
Organic blueberries
You can get it all the ingredients from Whole Foods.

I am no expert but here is a tip:

When I was styling this snack for the shot, the yogurt became tricky to photograph.
Instead of dumping it into the bowl, I put it into a sandwich bag, snipped the corner
and slowly added it in. 

This is what it looked like before.
I also added way to many rolled oats.  :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I pound those oats every morning ...

    just had to come snoopin' back!

    1. That is wonderful! I really like them. They are actually really good! I hope you have a wonderful day and keep snoopin back I love your visits!

  2. I had a similar lunch with Greek yogurt, blueberries, and strawberries today. No Whole Foods here though.

  3. Hi Lu~~ That looks so yummy and healthy. I have to tell you I have a weird obsession with blueberries and pics with blueberries:) So as you can imagine I love these photos. I IN my house I have a couple of topiaries that are made out of faux blueberries.They are a couple of my favorite things. Maybe it has something to do with loving blue:)
    Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing

  4. I eat Vanilla non fat yogurt and fruit or grains each morning nearly. I love the combination of yogurt, berries, and one gluten free waffle, plain, the yogurt makes it sweet as do the berries. To make it fancy I have used a pretty parfait glass, but I love your blue bowl, your photography is amazing.
    I also love to add seedless grapes if I tire of berries. Have a wonderful Sunday, tami

  5. Thanks for sharing we love our oats and blueberries over here,Happy Sunday


  6. This looks wonderful...one of our favourite breakfasts! Your pictures and styling are fabulous!

  7. Hi Lulu,

    I love your blog! I had an interview in an Dutch interiors magazine ( ariadne at home) with pictures published of our home. I mentioned your blog as one of my favourite blogs. Hope thats oke with you. It will be published in the March issue. I think you will get a lot more of dutch followers because I am sure the will love your blog too.

    xoxo Rozmeen

    1. Thank you so much Rozmeen! I am so grateful. Thank you for being a loyal and sweet follower! Your the best! Big hugs. Lulu

  8. Yummy! I love some blueberries in my oatmeal.


  9. my goodness.
    I think I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow morning. :)

    except my stuff is from trader joes. :)

  10. So glad to have found your beautiful blog. Newest follower here! Please visit me sometime...