Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Hi everyone!
My babies are a little under the weather today. So I made them some chicken soup.
Dusty loves it. Ever since he started pre-school he gets sick, people keep telling me it will only make his immune system stronger and I know that but, a mother always hates to see her children sick.

I love cookbooks from William Sonoma.  I started buying them when we got married.  Every recipe I try comes out delicious and full of flavor.

This book is a must have for those cold winter days.
When I cook I like to cook using ingredients that are in season.

Photographing in season is fun too. I like the warm moods you can

I got inspired to use bok choy as my back drop for this image
from a magazine.
It not only looks great it tastes great when sautéed. 

We planted some frisee lettuce
mesculin, and bok choy for spring.
Can't wait for those spring salads.

(images by dustylu)

I have been working around the house changing things around, organizing, and purging. 
Are you keeping up with your 52 weeks of organizing???

Be back soon.

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p.s I finally started pinterest! 


  1. hey girlie! I can't believe that you can start your garden already!! We can't start until the beginning of april (approx) In March I plan to add 2 more veg beds one being entirely dedicated to herbs. Can't wait! Hope you share your garden with us! :)

  2. Really beautiful photos, Lulu. Love how you layered the greens under the bowls! :)

  3. Nothing better when your sick than a hot bowl of soup and I must say yours looks really good! Take care of your sweet little ones,x0

  4. I will have to get that cookbook!;) Love your photography and will have to follow you on pintereset!Thanks so much for you kind words about my aunt too, I really appreciated it~ xo Rachel

  5. Hi Lulu!! Miss you!! The soup looks so delish...and the photo is gorgeous! I made soup yesterday too and we just had the rest of it tonight ...Yum :) Hope the boys feel better soon, big squeeze to all of you! xo

  6. Hi Lulu!
    I declare - my kids are homeschooled but one trip to the church nursery and BAM - cooties galore! Thank goodness for homemade chicken stock!
    This looks delicious!
    Thank you for your lovely, encouraging comment on my boys post! The crazies sure came out of the woodwork on that one! I finally started Pinterest too but I am afraid that it seems like one more thing to keep me in front of the screen - it's so fun.
    I hope you have a gorgeous week!

  7. Nothing is better than a bowl of soup when not feeling well! Sounds great!

  8. Just found your GORGEOUS blog all the way from Spain (altho' I am from the UK).
    What a pleasure to have found you; beautiful!!! xx

  9. That soup sure sounds yummy! I should be healthy as a horse, because I have some almost everyday. Hope you little ones feel better.

  10. I love soup and that soup looks so yummy! Hope your babies are feeling better very SOON! I am now following you on blogger...so glad I found your blog :o)

  11. These pics just made me very hungry!

    I'm giving away artwork here-