Monday, December 12, 2011

Fa La La La La...Holiday Meaning...

Hi there! I wanted to post one of our Christmas trees.
Charlie brown trees in just about anything are the craze this year. You 
can see them in the christmas issue of the Jeanne D' Arc Living magazines.

My son calls it the baby tree and the other one the mama tree. Too cute.

I found an old sleigh at my friend Marilyn's garage sale. Score.
I love to use old ski's and skate in my holiday decor.
Check out last year's here.

Sidebar. I keep forgetting to tell you that Heather Bullard gave me a great idea
when using vintage ironstone bowls, etc.  I had  mentioned that it was not sanitary but, she said,
"she line's her platters or serving bowls with waxed paper sheets or brown parchment paper. Kale, butter lettuce and other greens work well too. The waxed paper sheets are available at Costco...about 1000 come in a box so they'll last a lifetime!"
Thank you Heather I have already done this.

 I used an old basket I bought from the flea market. If I remember 
correctly it is from Belgium. 
It fits perfectly on my new/old table. I then added homespun French linen around
the bottom of the tree.
I also used my favorite rosary as garland. 

This gorgeous wreath is made up of old burlap and linen!
I am so picky when it comes to wreaths. I think this is just the right color and I love
the different textures of fabric. You can find it at A Beautiful Mess Antiques.

This is an old Nativity set. I wanted my decorations to emulate 
the reason we celebrate Christmas, and for my boys to appreciate  
the meaning of what Christmas is all about.

My collection of vintage ornaments has grown!
I collect them all year long. 
I was chatting with some friends the other day, and
these two gals are true traditionalists.  We spoke about how even though a pretty decorated tree looks good, it is important to have ornaments that have meaning .
One of my girlfriends has so many ornaments from when she was a child and from her own children  
she sometimes needs two trees.  That is awesome.
Although, my boys are only 3 years old and 6 months, I too have started collecting ornaments that mean something to us, and someday my tree will be full of symbolism.

Those are new/old pillows on the chairs and sofa. Stripped antique ticking. Yum!!!

God bless!!!

I fell in love with these little white antique linen doves with vintage
buttons for eyes.  I got a bunch from A Beautiful Mess Antiques.
The heart is made of burlap with and an industrial letter "D" for Dustin.
Kym gave it to him last year for Christmas. She creates amazing holiday decor.
Love you!!!

I hung a few stockings from my favorite hat rack, (my gorgeous sister's idea) and ta dah!!! 
I have not finished decorating the other rooms yet. We made a fun gingerbread house
last night, cooked dinner and just spent quality time together.
 It is so important to cherish these times, and not get caught up in all the holiday hustle and 

2012 is going to be an amazing year for us. 

I hope you are able to enjoy this holiday season and spend time with the one's you love.
Wishing you the best!



  1. A collection that holds special meaning is what Christmas is all about. Collections look rich.

    The wreaths are beautiful too
    Helen xx

  2. Such beautiful images! Your sense of style is fabulous. I love the urn that you filled with ornaments, so pretty. I'm having a vintage holiday brooch giveaway at my blog, please stop by...

  3. Everything looks amazing.. Love the living room and I adore baby Jesus, That nativity is amazing.


  4. gorgeous!!
    i especially love the urn filled with that fantastic green color and white vintage ornaments!
    off to pin!

  5. I Love it all!! You have such a fantastic eye. I love the initial ornament. I wanted a Charlie Brown tree this year to go along with my other trees and then just didn't around to it. Next year for sure. Thanks for always being inspiring.

  6. All so beautiful! God bless you too! :)

  7. How beautiful, I loved sharing your holiday decor. I wish it was in my house! I must order some linen and ticking it seems to be all the rage and I absolutely love what everybody's doing with it. Your ornaments are wonderful. I've also collected mine for a long time and each one brings back a special memory. As my children marry and move on I give them special ones which they love for their own tree which is a good thing because I don't want to have to decorate two!

  8. beautiful Lulu! Love the bright vintage ornaments. Hope you and your boys have a wonderful Holiday Season!!

  9. Hi Lulu,

    I just wanted to say that I so much enjoy your beautiful and inspiring pictures in every post! There is so much inspiration for me and some times I have to look at it several times to discover new beautiful details every time.

    I wish you and your family a very blessed and merry christmas.

    Love from Holland,

  10. Stunnning styling and pics Love your room its warm and inviting and has a real sense of what Christmas is about- well done xx Corrina

  11. Hallo! Ik ben een heel tijdje niet in blogland geweest. Jouw kersthuis is een heerlijke verwelkoming. Wat heb je een sfeertje neergezet. Prachtig dat wit met die groenige details. Mmmmm ik heb genoten! Liefs Janneke

  12. Hi Lulu,

    Love your decorated home for the holidays! :) I always buy a "Charlie Brown" tree for my boys, but this year we didn't get around to it! It's been a bit hectic with the move & the fixer upper craziness, so it's just wonderful to be able to log onto "blog land" and see all the beautiful inspiration all around! :) I have still yet to visit "A Beautiful Mess Antiques!" My sister lives in Agoura, so I am always there - seems like they have sooo much wonderful stuff, so I must make it a point to stop by! :) Thanks for sharing all of the lovely items around your home!

    Hugs & Happy Holidays to you & yours!!!


  13. Your living room looks gorgeous. I love the charlie brown tree.I love all your vintage ornaments.


  14. Hi!
    So lovely you have it in your house thise time of year, yhe christmas three is wonderful.
    Hug anna

  15. Hi. Your home is stunning!! Love all your beautiful christmas decorations! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos from your Christmas decorated home:)It is just so enchanting! Hugs Ellen.

  16. Hi Lulu....your home is so lovely - and where the heck have I been missing your HGTV spot? oh my gosh that is so exciting!!!! you are so deserving of it though - your eye is awesome - well, you are awesome!

    miss ya!
    Merry Christmas + God bless,
    Anne Marie

  17. Well SAID Lulu! I love your beautiful blog post today. Thank you for sharing. I too started an ornament collection for my 3 children...each one has a meaning. My oldest daughter is now 30, she has enough for a very large tree.
    Have a wonderful Christmas my friend!
    See you soon,

  18. It all looks so beautiful!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  19. Feliz Navidad...maracas...Feliz navidad...Spanish guitar...Feliz Navidad, Prospero Ano y felicidad! I want to wish you a Merry Christmas! I want to wish you a Merry Christmas! I want to wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my HEART!!!

    Love you Lulu!


  20. Everything looks gorgeous. I absolutely adore your vintage nativity. Just beautiful.


  21. BEAUTIFUL Lulu!! I love it all~ so stunning! xoxo Rachel

  22. Everything is gorgeous Lu~ Merry Christmas my friend!

  23. That was AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL, my dear innovative Lu!

    God Jul,


  24. Just stunning! You are SO inspiring - thank you!

  25. Absolutely gorgeous Lulu! I love your new old sled. It truly was a score.

  26. i love the rosary on the tree. you did a wonderful job.

    god bless

  27. So lovely Lulu, you always do such beautiful decorating in your home and your photos are so yummy!
    Hope you and your family are having a glorious holiday season!

  28. Fabulous decor! Loving the rustic touch! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  29. What fun. I haven't had time to go exploring for a long time now, but I am so glad I stopped by. Beautiful. The tree, the table, the mantel .... Everything. I love your last post also... Your Christmas card with the children is so fun!

    Merry Christmas lulu

  30. Stunning Lu, your home looks like a beautiful Christmas dream!


  31. LuLu that rosary is stunning...wish it were not so expensive,maybe one day! Wishing you nothing but the best this Christmas! x0x0

  32. I shared your living room on FB and people commented how beautiful it is. I love the clay cross rosary on your tree. Next year I want to get a fresh tree the size of yours. I like them so much better than the big trees.

  33. Another beautiful post my friend, so nice to catch up with you again. Sending you and your lovely family special wishes for a very Merry Christmas Day and look forward to keeping in touch in 2012.

    Always Wendy

  34. Hi Lulu! Your home is so beautiful and I love the way you decorate it for the holiday season!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
    hugs, Cheryl

  35. just beautiful, Lu.

    love every single detail that you've captured.

    Merry Christmas to your sweet family!

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  37. Happy new year! I hope this year is amazing for you!