Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Interview with Laurence Amelie

I was thrilled when I went to see the art exhibit for Laurence Amelia. I love her work.  If you have seen Rachel Ashwells latest book  you can see two of her gorgeous paintings on the cover.

Laurence is an artist from Paris and her painting’s are beautiful. Her work is seen all over the world and in art exhibits in Paris and France. 

We have been corresponding via email and I have had the pleasure of getting to know her . Laurence is warm, friendly, kind and very passionate about her paintings. We have become good friends.

  She has 5 children and they are her inspiration.  She is married to Ubaldo, he is half Italian and half French.  They are both painters, they have a romantic love story. I will be doing a post on Ubaldo as well.  But, today it is about Laurence. I was able to get an interview with her from Grange De Charme. Grange De Charme is a stunning blog, you need to pay them a visit.

Laurence has a wonderful blog as well, called Kittens Tribulations, its fun, clever and inspiring.

You can check it out here. 

It was a little tough to translate the interview but, I know you will enjoy her spirit and I wanted to keep

it as she would express it. She call’s it  Frenglish. LOL.


What is your background?

I trained as a designer.  I drew flowers in every detail and I had an epiphany when I discovered the water lilies of Monnet.  … I have an inordinate love for the 18 th century, flowers, fabrics, silk ribbons and crumpled Fragonnard of course the dancers of Degas ...


Where does your inspiration?

One day, someone ordered arrays of white robes, and having bathed since very small in abstract art, the natural returned at a gallop. . By dint of strokes I left the scope of the command to turn into a kind of abstraction and become the tutus that we know.


How did you meet Rachel Ashwell?

We met 10 years ago . I was looking to exhibit my paintings then in shops imitating the Shabby Chic style.  I went to a shop in Paris in vogue at the time, and it made me realize that I had no chance, is not known, and that this could harm their reputation!  I then wrote directly to Rachel Ashwell asking her to show my paintings in her stores and she was immediately seduced by my work!  And there was born a true friendship.

laurence 2

What is your favorite phrase or motto?

Each person is born with a talent, but 90% of people are born, live and die without ever having known they had a talent ...


What would make you get up early on a Sunday morning?

Undeniably the inspiration!

Where have you spent your holidays?

Rachel in between Brentwood and Malibu, to paint and draw inspiration from her world, and its color without painting a few days ... and I'm bored! The ideal holiday home, not far from my studio, the comings and goings of children, punctuated by a good family meal because the kitchen is for me a means of artistic expression.

Amelie Kitchen



What is your wildest dream?

My dream was to make a living from my painting and my dream came true ...


Thank you Laurence for taking the time with me and for the endless emails, I can’t wait

to get my painting.

I kept it short and sweet. I hope you will all visit her blog

Have a wonderful day.




  1. Love her and her paintings! Thanks so much for this post Lu! xoxo Rachel

  2. Omg, that was so awesome. I loved your translation, and i could die for her work. I want to try to emulate her style sometime... and learn to be more loose and creative with my painting. I soaked up every word of your interview...
    How totally cool that her dream came true and look at her, she's beautiful on the outside too!


  3. What a wonderful interview. She has such spirit and her artwork is beautiful!



  4. Love her work....such a free flow to it. I had seen her interview over at Tania's blog (Grange Charme) who is a personal friend and huge shabby chic fan.

  5. I love her work. The photo of the white room with the paintings on the floor is beautiful!


  6. Loved this interview and could hear Laurence's voice throughout. She is a wonderful person and such an inspiration. I am so lucky to call her a friend and to own one of her gorgeous paintings that she was selling here at the Denver Ballet. Thanks for posting this interview.

  7. Wow~ her work is absolutely gorgeous....LOVE!!!