Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Remnants of the Past…Part 1

 Hi everyone!!!

This past weekend my family and I spent some time in San Luis Obispo.

Judy Watkins, family, staff and vendors held a flea market event Remnants of the Past that was OVER the top,


Rated number 1 in the U.S ., and I can see why!

I was so excited to photograph the fun and share it with you. I was like a kid in a candy store.

I took a lot of  photographs. This was a two day event, so I decided to split this post in two.

Let’s meet some of my favorite vendors.

remnants 2 019

The grounds where picturesque! I shot this image of the sun rising for a perfect day.

remnants 2 014_1

It was held in the Expo event center at the Madonna Inn. My son loved the room we stayed in,

it was a cowboy themed room and his imagination ran wild.

Remnants 3 003

This was what I saw when I first walked in!

My mouth dropped open when I saw Kimberley Fraser of A Beautiful Mess booth. Very creative.

remnants 2 021_1

There was so much to see! Over 100 vendors.

(WARNING: I use, stunning, gorgeous, amazing, love, so, and many more of my favorite words over and over, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. LOL)

remnants 2 023_1

It was a fall  themed event, and the vendor’s went all out!

remnants 2 024_1

Here is a close up of A Beautiful Mess, booth. I love the old wine barrels and pumpkins.

The structure was huge.

remnants 2 028_1

The vignettes were set up with attention to detail, and so there was so much inspiration.

Yes, I went home with a few finds myself.

remnants 2 029_1

Doesn’t this look like large barrels of wheat?


remnants 2 030 

Here is a snap shot of Victoria Stoehrs booth.

WOW, this women sets up beautiful vignettes and is

very creative. Everyone worked so hard on their displays.

remnants 2 039_1 

I found some gorgeous jewelry, from A Beautiful Mess.

remnants 2 049

These pillows are from Erik and Daniel of Euro Linens.

They are a beautiful couple that work very hard on their products, and are always smiling.

Here is a close-up of my favorite pillow.

remnants 2 069_1

Some French letters.

remnants 2 058_1

You all know how much I love old books wrapped in twine.

remnants 2 059_1

This is one of my favorite booths. I love the chippy white

shutters, and candelabras.

remnants 2 080_1

I ordered of few of these pumpkins from A Beautiful Mess. I can’t wait to show

you what I do with them.

remnants 2 082_1

Isn’t this stunning???

remnants 2 084_1

Any ideas of what you could do with this???

remnants 2 088_2

This booth is Ormolu. Deborah has such a creative imagination. I will have more

images of her one-of-a-kind booth in day two.

remnants 2 093_1


remnants 2 100 

First prize big anyone???

remnants 2 115

I don’t know what this is,but it looks hand made and so unique.

remnants 2 116

More lovely jewelry from Victoria Stoehr. Check out her website.

remnants 2 118

Isn’t this a clever way to display French transfer ware? My favorite.

remnants 2 138

Another one of my favorite booths, I love the religious relics and all the chippy white

and gray furniture.

remnants 2 141

The bottles  and chandelier’s are to die for. I want one of these little homes that hold

the religious figurines in.

remnants 2 142

…that is all for now folks,

to be continued….

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Fabulous booths and great displays, thanks so much for sharing it, can't wait till the next installment!! xo

  2. Stunning!!LOVE the last booth you showed~ Thanks for sharing!! xo Rachel

  3. Wow!!! I would have spent way too much money. Someday I must make the trip up to this, can't wait to see day 2 :)

  4. So beautiful!!! I am so sorry I missed, but if I went I'd probably be poor by now! :0) So many amazing treasures!!
    Thanks for sharing Lulu!
    Have a beautiful day.

  5. Beautiful post and pictures Lulu! It was so nice to see you and all your boys there.....beautiful family!! What a fun weekend, huh? :) xoxo

  6. Wow...everything looks amazing...oops...I stole one of your words ;o)

  7. hi Lulu, thanks for stopping by my booth and my blog! Your photos of Remnants are amazing! I too kept using all those "words" in my post...lol!~
    Nice to see you,
    talk soon,

  8. Hi!
    Wow! Simpley lovely!! I really liked the one with all dose plates on.
    Hug Anna

  9. Just found your blog and I just love it!
    Soo inspiring!
    Added myself as a follower!

    Hugs Tina

  10. Oh. My. Gosh...I think you've captured the beauty that is "Remnants of the Past!" Sooo completely amazing!!! It would have been very, very hard not to come home with tons of stuff...so many lovely things to choose from!!!! And I'd probably be broke from buying everything in sight! lol Anyway, thank you so much for sharing!!! Can't wait to see Part II! And also, it was a pleasure meeting you @RA's signing last week! :) What a wonderful photographer you are - truly inspiring!!!!


  11. OMG... SO much fabulousness, I see so many things I would have Loved to have... especially those Religious Inspired Altered Art Bottles. I actually used to have a large wicker basket full of that White Fluffy Wheat Grass in the 60's, don't see so much of it now, it lasts a long time, I had mine for years.

    Can't wait to see what you did with your Velvet Pumpkins... I've been collecting them for a couple of years now and use them year round for displaying my jewelry... easy access & too pretty to pack away after the Season has passed.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. What was the name of the Vendor with those amazing Religious Relics, Altered Bottles and fabulous Chippy Furniture? I'd like to see if they have a website to see more of their products!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. Hi Dawn! Thank you for your kind words. I do not remember whose booth that is. I can try and find out for you. I will let you know if I do. It was one of my favorites. Lulu

  14. I was there and your photos make it look even more beautiful!!

  15. It was soooo good to meet you in person--we two "LuLu's" have a lot in common, no?! So glad you had as much fun at ROTP as I did. I wanted to freeze time and am still reeling from all the beauty. Thanks so much for including pictures of our booth--what an honor!!

    BTW, the photos on the last pic are Tim and Lisa of Blue Canoe. Don't think they sell online, but they are usually at Alameda. They are the ROCK STARS of my vintage world . . . talented beyond belief!!!

    Hugs from Bellingham, Washington (it was a LONG drive home)!!

    xo Debi

  16. Wow you must have had an amazing time. These vendors went all out. Their displays and vignettes are wonderful. Thanks for sharing! I wish I could have been there.


  17. Great Posting Lulu! Your camera and your sensibility really work together in capturing the essence and magic of Remnants of the Past. Always a pleasure running into you!

    Trinidad and Team Atelier

  18. You captured it with you photos so well....it was all so beautiful...and the weather!...was perfect!

  19. I love the plate display the best. . Great pictures, Lu!

  20. Thank you so much for a lovely tour. I enjoyed every moment!!

    Susan and Bentley

  21. It was so great meeting you!

    Your photographs really capture the beauty of Remnants of the Past.
    I hope to see you next time, if not sooner!


  22. Thanks for letting us browse with you...these are wonderful photos full of amazing treasures!

  23. Dear Lulu,

    OMGoodness! I would have loved to have gone with you - my head would have been on a swivel for hours!!! What thrilling inspirations. Thank you for taking the time to take all those photos and sharing them. I'll be watching for Post #2 - I'm hooked now! LOL

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  24. I can't wait to see what you did with your Velvet Pumpkins. I've been collecting them for a couple of years now and use them year round for displaying my jewelry. Easy access and too pretty to pack away after the Season has passed.
    anti-fatigue matting

  25. Wow! It looks beautiful. I love the velvet pumpkins as well as the white ones which have the tacks in them. thanks for bringing a bit of rotp to me as i could not get to it. I added you to my blogroll as well.


  26. Soooo Beautiful - absolutely love the photos!! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  27. Lulu - I have tried emailing several times since winning your giveaway but haven't heard back from you- I know I have been having some difficulty with comments so thought maybe the email is messing up to and am trying to contact you this way as to the status of my win.

    Thank you!

  28. Oh my gosh....what a treat...how ever did you decide what to buy,I want it all!!! Your so lucky! x0x0

  29. Lu~
    Thanks so much for the beautiful photos! You are amazing! Love you XO
    MARY ELLEN, You won the give $50 gift card on my website/ online store and we can't get a hold of you!Email me at: victoria@victoriastoehrdesigns.com Thanks!