Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vintage Blue Book Love…

Hi everyone…

blue books 2 013

 My new obsession are these vintage, French, blue books!

I want the pinks ones too… been searching…i think I may have  found them!!!

I was photographing an amazing, one-of-a-kind boutique the other day, that I will soon

be sharing with you and there they were! Love at first sight.

blue books 2 019

This vignette is in our family room,  which is adjacent to our

kitchen.  I have not shown this room  yet.

So,  this is a sneak peek!

blue books 2 0212

I have a great healthy recipe to share with you next and ,

I will also be announcing the winner of the Cabbage & Roses Giveaway.

There is still time to enter below!!!

blue books 2 007

I have been working out and I am on day 9 of my 12 week trainer.

I feel amazing, mentally and

physically. I am hooked again. I have always been into health and fitness.

I took before photos, Oy vey! Darn baby weight…  I will keep you posted on my progress.

Oh ya, I love Pinterest. Just sayin…

A small favor, please pray for my friend Anne from Fiona & Twig, her mother has fallen very ill,

and Anne is so scared. Your prayer’s will help.

Have a beautiful day!

~ lulu


  1. Hi Lulu!
    I understand you for liking those books they are wonderful, looking forward to se the pink ones.
    Hug Anna

  2. See your beutiful vintage blu book was love at first sight, very very pretty. I think that they become my obsession too

  3. I love your blue vignette. I will go over to Anne's blog and give her some healthy light for her mom! Thanks for letting us know.
    Love you,
    P.S. I'm having a yard sale this Sat. check out my blog.

  4. You're a tease....just showing us a tiny speck of your room....we all can't wait to see what you've done....so inspire us! Mel's Designs from the Cabin follows you....Mel

  5. Beautiful Books, the blues are perfect !! I know about loosing the baby weight !! 4 times ..lol Your home is beautiful !

  6. those are beautiful books i would be in love with them too. have a wonderful day. i will keep anne in my prayers.

  7. Sweet blue books! I have some as well that I adore but they're in English. There is nothing quite as frightening as when a parent is ill. It's never easy when the "backbone" to the family is hurting. My prayers are with Anne and her family, thanks for letting us know!

  8. They are beautiful--so pretty how you tied the bundle with twine. I love to decorate with books too.

  9. Gorgeous books, I can see why you obsessed!
    Your images are so dreamy, glad I stopped by.

  10. My prayers go out to Anne, blessings.I too am in love with French books my friend turned me onto them and now there's nothin like them.Ugh! She has so many you would lust for hours over them.How do the French do it! Have a great day~Cheers Kim

  11. Ahhhhh... gorgeous photos, and the hydrangeas look so pretty with the books. I'm always on the lookout for pink books too, can't wait to see your, I know they're gonna make me die...


  12. Beautiful images..cant wait to see more! ;)
    Ive been praying for Anne's mom..xo Rachel

  13. The books are just beautiful...thanks for the sneak peek of your room! Hope you find the pink ones!

    I am sending many prayers off for Anne's mom...she is just so sweet.


  14. Oh I love this post( such a surprise) your books are so pretty! I love pinterest too,so inspiring! Must pop over to Annes,I know what she is going through,poor thing! x0x0

  15. Hi lu, your post is amazingly beautiful! Thank you for all you do to inspire us!
    I will be sending thoughts and prayers for your friend! xoxokathee

  16. Beautiful pictures as always:) Anne is my friend too and I am praying for her and her Mama! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  17. Gorgeous photos, Lulu! And yes darn that baby weight! I am having a MUCH harder time getting rid of it this time!

  18. Thank you so much !! I just loved how it look in your home!!! So beautiful !! You too have a great Labor Day !!!

  19. Hello there,

    I'm also into books, old french blue, pink, white! Your pictures are so nice.

    Bey, Sylvia

  20. Lovely Blog, I sure have enjoyed my visit I am now your newest follower~ Hugs, Diane

  21. Hi Lu!
    Beautiful little blue books!!
    I have your other books ready....maybe I can slip them over to you tomorrow sweets!
    Night, night xoxo

  22. Lately I've been picking up various old Books because I love the worn patina they have that look so amazing in vignettes. These Blue ones are lovely!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  23. Hi Lulu,
    Those books hydrangeas are gorgeous!! What a wonderful find!
    Hope your having a lovey week.