Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thank you Houzz.com


Thank you Houzz.com for featuring my son, Dustin’s room in your

recent feature of I Spy Barn Stars!

These images were taken last fall, see the pumpkins. :))

His room has since changed and I will try and re-shoot it again for those

of you who have already seen these.

Dustins Room P 028_2

While the stars gained popularity outdoors, they have been brought inside as well.

Barn stars were supposed to bring good fortune,

offer protection against fires, hope, love, fertility, energy and harmony.

Seems like a good

symbol to put next to the bed (via houzz)

These images where taken with my old Nikon.

I have upgraded to a Canon and I LOVE IT.

It is inspiring to see how much you can grow creatively from your blog, and

how so much can change. I think that is one of the things I love most about


Dustins Room P 091_1_1

 I use this old cabinet as storage for all of his books.

Dustins Room P 072_1_1

I decorated using vintage toys. He enjoys them and plays with

them often.

Dustin-apples-kitchen 450_1

My husband installed the wainscoting half way up the wall

and we painted the rest of it

with a warm grey.

Dustin-apples-kitchen 463_1_1_1

I love the old milk glass lamp, it has a key on the switch which

he has fun turning on and off.

Dustin-apples-kitchen 476_1_1

I will be posting more often in the next couple of weeks,

so be sure and check back with us!!!

Thank you for stopping by.

Have a wonderful day.



  1. Your blog is a constant inspiration and feast for the eyes. Your talent shines through all of your posts.

  2. never get tired of looking at your home.

  3. Hello Lulu,

    Congrats on the Houzz feature! Yay! :-)
    Your son's room is beautiful.. such calming colors.. I love the wall color! I love my Canon camera & I have been thinking about the whole growing creatively thing myself lately, too. I started blogging with a Kodak easy share! If not for blogging, I probably never would of fallen in love with the art of photography. I am so glad I discovered it! That last post with your 2 sons was really beautiful.. darling boys!

  4. It's so funny to me how gray can be so filled with light and calming at the same time. The room is totally peaceful, and i love that he plays with his vintage toys.
    beautiful post as always... and congratulations on being featured, it's no surprise though that they would choose your home...


  5. What a cute little boys room, very precious little place...love it!! Hope you are having a great summer !!

  6. Beautiful! I love it and can't wait to see the new room too! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  7. Love my Canon as well...although I still need to learn so much! This color combination is so lovely...I just painted my kitchen cabinets white and the old formica (yes really) a pretty gray.
    Your son's room looks perfect to me although I am looking forward to seeing the changes you have made! :)

  8. Okay, this room is fun, inspiring and the photography is really neat.

  9. Love the room! Very simple and that is defiitely what calls to me =) Xoxoxo

  10. ..lots of fun things for your boy to enjoy...and a sweet feeling of peace!

  11. Hi Lu Lu! Beautiful post! I miss you........

  12. Very beautifoul pictures and enterieurs !!

    Congratulation! :)


  13. Hi Lulu! You are such a cool momma! I remember meeting you while you were last pregnant and now read about you and your children. I hope you can come see us soon. Bring THEM along!


  14. i can see why they've chosen to feature these images! Gorgeous! You are so talented in so many ways! You inspire me so much!!

  15. Congratulations on the feature. What a beautiful room, it seems so restful...I love the color. I got a Canon camera a few months ago and I absolutely love it too. My photos are so much better and it has, in a way, changed the direction of my blog.
    Tricia :)

  16. what a beautiful room. i would move in in a second.

  17. came by via ashley...and am i glad i did...just beautiful here...love your blog...all so pretty...

    great photography


  18. Beautiful post! Congrats on the Houzz feature!

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