Friday, July 15, 2011

Fifi O'Neill's book signing at A Beautiful Mess & A visit…


Fifi is everywhere these days!

Currently, Fifi is busy

traveling, producing photo shoots for her next book and many

different publications. Her recent stop here in Agoura Hills, was for a

book signing of her beautiful new book

Romantic Prairie Style, and a visit with me.  There is nothing this woman can’t do!

The book signing turned out wonderful. We all had so much fun

visiting with her. Thank you Fifi for such a great time!

Fifi Book Signing 038

A Beautiful Mess had a wonderful display of wine, cheese and desserts! Yum!!

What a gorgeous spread!

Fifi Book Signing 004

Hmm, what should I have…???

Fifi Book Signing 003

Paris anyone??

Fifi Book Signing 011


Fifi Book Signing 012

The wonderful, talented Sunday Hendrickson made a debut

as well. She is a riot!!! Love you!

Fifi Book Signing 079

Kymberley Fraser owner of A Beautiful Mess

and a dear friend.

Fifi Book Signing 021 

 As many of you know Fifi is so funny to be around, very real

and smart, it is so refreshing.

Fifi Book Signing 073

and these are the girls from A Beautiful Mess who

rocked this event!  All of these woman are so talented and beautiful.

Many of them are coming out with new projects that I hope to soon share with you.

Thank you girls!

Fifi Book Signing 025

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mark Lohman photographer at large.

Check out his website here.

He and Fifi graced our home this past week for a photo shoot (more on that later, I am so excited)!

Mark is funny and talented he even shared a few photography tips with me, how cool is that???

Fifi and Mark’s teamwork is exceptional.

Fifi Book Signing 093

We are honored.

Fifi Book Signing 096

(all images by me)

What a fun week, lots of love, laughter and talent!

More to come…

Have a wonderful weekend and for those locals

Don’t forget to STAY off the 405! Carmageddon is here! LOL



  1. What a special event! I would love to be able to visit A Beautiful Mess one day.
    Looking forward to seeing what happened at your house with Fifi and Mark!
    How's your little one? Bet he is getting big quick! Take care, Laura :)

  2. Wonderful photos~ I cant wait to see your beautiful home in another publication Lu!!Congrats! Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  3. oh my goodness girl! A brand new baby and your home ready for a photo shoot! You really do it all!!! Have a fabulous weekend! pretty pictures!

  4. Fifi looks beautiful in these photos.....and I totally agree about Mark - he's so talented (and hilarious)

    so, you did end up being my superhero friend!

    love ya!
    Anne Marie

  5. Very beautiful photos! Looking forward to seeing your upcoming publication photos!!

    I LOVE Fifi's hair! She has the best layers! :)


  6. What thrill for all of you! I'm envious and hope to meet Fifi one day! It's nice to see all the familiar faces! Hello ladies. Thank you Lulu!


  7. So beautiful of you to have shared,
    Breathtaking visiting you!

  8. Congratulations on so many exciting events in your life!! - new baby, visit and photo shoot with Fifi and Mark, and not to mention the fabulous spread of your Halloween home in the latest Romantic Country. I love that feature and will take away much inspiration from it.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your home in future publications. :)
    - Susan

  9. Beautiful photos, Lu!
    It is unbelievable how Fifi goes and goes and just gets more beautiful with each project she's working on.

    Thank you for sharing these with us, I can't wait to see more and share some of my own with you too.

    Have a great weekend, I heard about the 405 being closed this morning on the news... unbelievable, I wish everyone much luck with that in So. Cal.

  10. These are beautiful photos of Fifi...she has so much energy and yet looks so relaxed and fun. I'd love to meet her!

    Congratulations on your new addition!


  11. She is so beautiful. Your photos of Fifi are some of the best I've seen! You captured her loveliness in such a soft glow. Looks like a wonderful time. I so wish I could have seen her. Hopefully one day(maybe for the next book signing) she will make it a little bit closer to me. ox

  12. How fun! I met Fifi and Mark in Geneva, IL right before my kids were out of school. It was a wonderful treat, and I love the book!

  13. What fun that you got to meet her and photograph her and talk to her...and...and...well, just be there! Love all your photos-2nd best to being there myself! xo Diana

  14. Fifi is a true angel. To have Mark & Fifi in your home.. what a blessing. I love your blog, your taste & look foward to all the beautiful things you share.

  15. Beautiful Photographs as always my talented friend!!! Thank you for being there to take photographs and for making this book signing possible!! Your friendship is such a blessing to me!! xo

  16. How exciting for you as well as all of us when we get our hands on another fabulous book of Miss Fifi's.
    They seem to be a perfect team and sure know how to show off all of the enchanting homes.
    Excited to hear all about it~Cheers Kim

  17. Op en top genieten dus! Mooie, leuke, gezellige foto's. Dank je wel voor het meekijken. Ik wens je een heel fijn weekend toe. Liefs Janneke

  18. Hi Lu,

    Lovely photos again and Fifi is the sweetest and most generous person. Congrats on your little one.


  19. flash backs now!

    we've had the honor twice in the last year and I can't get enough of these two ... funny, charming, unpretentious ... Fifi said it best when she told me
    she was "just one of the girls" ...

    savor these moments

  20. How exciting!
    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing your shoot with Fifi!!

  21. A brand new baby and your home ready for a photo shoot! You really do it all! Have a fabulous weekend!

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