Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rose’s & Blue…

Hello everyone!!!
My second semester of photography school is finally done!
Finals were tuff…but, Yippeee…I am finished!
I have been working hard as usual, and now baby is
due in 3 weeks!! I can’t believe it.
I have been trying to get everything ready around here!
Kitchen Display 039
I was having some fun in my kitchen and
here is a simple French kitchen display, with roses from our garden.
There are so many blooms this year.
Loving my antique French Cafe Au Lait bowls!!
They are my new favorite thing to collect.
The French drying rack adds a bit of rustic texture.
Kitchen Display 042

Kitchen Display 044
I love this French, I forgot what you call it…
But, If I remember correctly
it was used to collect
sap or milk. Not sure, I think it adds
the perfect pop of blue in our kitchen!
Kitchen Display 056
I have added an email subscription button to my blog at the top right corner.
Since my posting is sometimes irregular LOL, you can now follow me by email.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Be back soon…


  1. Lovely items beautifully photographed. I know you are getting tired now, the last 4-6 weeks of pregnancy are exhausting and exciting. I know you'll be thrilled to greet your new little bundle. Congrats on completing this semester of photography class. It sounds like and exciting and challenging course.

  2. That color blue is my favorite...
    Love your French display and your roses.
    I will be thinking of you and keeping you close in prayer as you wait for your new baby.
    Take care Lulu!

  3. THERE you are!!
    I've missed you ...

    baby, baby what baby?

    ooohhh such fun and excitement.

    Fifi was here at the farmhouse again ... did some booksignings and such ...
    she's wonderful isn't she?

    I love it when you stop in

  4. I also love your French display and roses!
    Congratulations on everything!

  5. I too have a love of those darling lil French Latte bowls.I love all different ones together~Cheers Kim

  6. Beautiful display, Lu! I love the way the blue pops.

    Congratulations on wrapping up your 2ns semester...that's a good feeling. :-)


  7. Hi Lu,
    I can only agree with all the comments above, beautiful pictures, great items and set up. Wishing you all the best in your last 3 weeks of pregnancy.


  8. looks like you´ve picked up a thing or two at your class....your pictures are simply beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!:))))

  9. Gorgeous! Love the blue on the whatchamacallit pot. Working on French country look for my kitchen. Have great day!

  10. Those photos were a better treat than any magazine....just plain stunning!!!! x0x0

  11. Beautiful as usual. I can't wait to see your pictures of Dusty with his new baby sibling. Now that 's going to be something!

  12. Simply lovely! Congrats on the soon to be new bebe! Xoxoxo

  13. Beeeeautiful, Lulu! Lovin' that blue with the blush roses! :) Enjoy your last few weeks as much as you can, fluffing and floofing your nest - and know that we are thinking of you!

    xoxo laurie

  14. I love everything about this vignette...just beautiful!

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