Saturday, February 19, 2011

Leah Ingersoll

Hi everyone!

Don’t forget to enter the Cabbage & Roses give away that ends the 21st

I have some great things to share with you this week.

Stay tuned!!!

In the meantime visit my friend whom I

met last semester in beginning photography,

Leah Ingersoll’s new blog.

This girl has so much talent!!!

Genuine and a heart of gold and I am so excited she

started a blog and to share it with you.


About Leah

I'm a mom to a sparkly little girl- I hope you get a chance to meet her someday. I'm a wife to a generous and loving man. Not to mention handsome. I'm a student. I will always go to school, take a class, research something and try new things. I'm a creator of things. I'm inspired by other creators. I aspire to have the time and resources to create daily. I take pictures, sew, cook, craft, dream and play. I long to capture every moment on film. Although there are some moments so brief and not worth missing just to grab the camera. I choose wisely. Photographs are priceless. They instantly become part of your history, your story and a documentation of us. I will always take pictures.

Visit Leah’s Blog



  1. I'm going to jump over now ~ have a wonderful weekend ;-)

  2. Off to check out her blog right now!!Hope you are doing wonderful and cant wait to see what you have coming up! hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  3. Heading over! Have a great day!

  4. great! thanks Lulu!! have a fantastic rest of your weekend :)

    Anne Marie

  5. I checked miss Leah out, I enjoyed my visit.Thanks for the info, she is talented for sure.Your so sweet to share her with us,I love meeting new friends~Cheers Kim

  6. Lulu- thank you so much for your post and my warm welcome into the blogosphere! I have already met several amazing women and I owe it all to you! xo

  7. Ahhhhh - just saw the post with all of your gorgeous photographs on the Shabby Chic blog! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  8. i can't wait to check out her blog!!! i bet it is beautiful!!!!

  9. Hi Lu,
    just wanted to say that I really love your photo work, I read from time to time your blog but always am in a hurry, and just now thought, duh! just press follow... sometimes I'm a bit slow... greetings from a happy follower!

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