Sunday, January 2, 2011

New ideas, New changes, New…


Hi there! What is it about the new year that makes me want to organize, clean everything, and de-clutter? Well, that is what I have been doing these past few days, amongst other things. Since the Holiday’s are over and I am feeling lighter, well, not lighter I am 4 months prego now and baby and I are gaining some weight. Lol. But,when I clean and organize I feel my thoughts and actions are much more clear, light even & I know what I need to do. Last year I really wasn’t into organizing much, but I think I am also in the nesting phase of my pregnancy & that might have a bit to with it!

Website 4 488

I am making some changes around my blog, our house( painting some rooms), & exercising.  LIGHT LAVENDER is my new color for 2011. Can’t wait to share… when it’s done. I have also started developing a new Styling & Photography website that will be done later this week. I needed to get that done because I had a couple of very IMPORTANT deadlines I had to get in by last Friday. Which I did, and now the website will tie it all together. Keeping my fingers crossed that the website gets done!!! 

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I love to style and photograph outside in unexpected places. So much is going on and photography school starts on the 10th! Whewww…more on that later…Ok, I won’t bore you with it too much…

Four steps to achievement:

Plan purposefully. Prepare prayerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently.”

William Arthur Ward

Be back soon,



  1. I don't think my house was more organized then during my three pregnancies :)
    I am so looking forward to 2011 with you!!!!

  2. I love the nesting phase of pregnancies! I'm not prego but i'm definitely cleaning!!!! Can't wait to see all you do in 2011!! Wishing you a very blessed new year,

  3. looking forward to 2011 with you, friend.

    it's going to be an exciting year...can't wait to see you welcome this new baby and to see your new website...your life is unfolding just the way it is suppose to!

  4. Happy New Years to you! What an exciting year to look forward to! No nesting here, but I'm cleaning away the clutter and exercising! :)

  5. Love your vignette outdoors, Lu. I am itching to get out and do some of the same in my outdoor studio but it's been pouring and is so cold here. Hear it's going to be sunny starting tomorrow though.

    How fun to be back in your photography class. Know how you feel, I begin an art class on the 10th too. Enjoy sweetie and of course, take care of yourself and baby!

  6. Happiest of New Years! What a lot you have to look forward to in 2011. May it be full of blessing.

  7. Lulu- I am always happy to come here and see what you are up to. I love that you are feeling so energized and "light" in this New Year. God bless you and your little one! Hugs-Diana

  8. I am excited to see your new lavendar color. I love that color but it is hard to get right. I have purple transferware on my greige walls and it looks pretty..I want to do a lavendar toile on the kitchen walls!

  9. I just found your blog and it is lovely ~ Love the pictures of the suitcases by the tree. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  10. That sounds like a nice, crisp and happy color! Looking forward to seeing it. I went into nesting phase with my first child 36 years ago. Needless to say, I'm still in it!

  11. You are AMAZING girl, so well organized and bursting with exciting plans (not to mention a BABY!!!).

    Can't wait to see what you're up to in the year ahead!

  12. Hi Lulu! Amy at Maison Decor sent me over here...She said you mentioned light lavender as your color for the year. I'm also into lavender right now and I recently posted about wanting to redo a desk/hutch in a muted lavender...I'm looking forward to your posts so that I can get a good visual before I tackle such a large piece.

    Happy New Year!

  13. Hello, we are all looking forward to 2011 with you! Lavender is a great colour and matches with French grey and cream - oh the imagination is starting!!! Congrats on your pregnancy,
    Happy New Year

  14. Happy New Year sweet girl! So happy to hear that all is well with you! Can't wait to see what you are up to next!

    Happy 2011!

  15. Lavender is such a nice change from the well used pastels from the past. I am looking forward to seeing what you are up to. And a new website...fabulous!


  16. Great vignette Lulu, Bellissimo! Happy New Changes. Rita mammabellarte

  17. I hope you have a wonderful new year with all of your adventures! Love the outdoors pic. I know whatever you do you'll be successful at!

  18. Happy New Year Lulu! I cant wait to see your new site!;) Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  19. The new website sounds exciting! I love that photo, the furniture and white suitcases are so beautiful. Looking forward to an exciting 2011.

  20. gosh are you busy! all the best to you in 2011 lulu! hope you aren't doing the painting! sorry, i'm a mama and have to do the worry wort thing.



  21. Wow! LuLu I don't know how you keep up with all that's going on in your life and have 2 year old and be pregnant.Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on.Best of Luck and can't wait to hear about it all.~Cheers Kim

  22. Happy New Year Lulu and congrats to you also on your baby news...so exciting! Love your photo's and your awesome candlesticks too! Can't wait to see your new website...you are one busy gal! ~Deb~

  23. Bonne année de France.



  24. Lulu, can't wait to see what you're working at! Have a very good year!!

    Zaira xoxo

  25. Congratulations dear Lulu!!!! Baby news, blog news, photo news...this will be an extraordinary year for you and your family!!!

  26. light lavendar sounds beautiful! can't wait to see what you're working on.
    Happy New Year to you:)

  27. as soon as I hit post comment realized I needed to change my spelling of lavender...oops

  28. the white suitcases with the frenchy chair and candles is so visually yummy... ! and, can't wait to see what you do with lavender. in the movie "the 40 year old virgin", the woman in the lead role, i can't remember her name, but her house is done in different shades of lavender with cream trim, and it's fabulous!


  29. I'm so crazy about organization! When I was pregnant it was just SCARY! Lavender sounds beautiful! Good luck with that website!

  30. great advice Lu...and how exciting for you!!

    I'm going to write that quote on my inspiration board...(and maybe even attempt to say it 5x fast) lol

    talk soon.
    Anne Marie

  31. OK, kiddo is back in school, and now I'm feeling ready to reorganize.

    I always feel like I'm wasting precious out of school time when I clean/organize when she's home!

    Love your light lavendar - can't wait to see how you incorporate it!

    Hugs sweet Lu - T.

  32. You're pregnant?! Congratulations!!
    Sounds like you're starting the new year off right. Thanks for all the inspiration over the past year.

  33. Oh, how I enjoy your photos, Lu! I think decluttering and lightening up is the "in" thing for 2011! Everyone's doing it and GW is going to be verrry happy! lol! Congrats on your pregnancy, too! :)

    xoxo laurie

  34. Lulu,
    Love that nesting phase! I turn into the Terminator!
    I am so excited to see your new website!!! Congratulations!


  35. Think I am always nesting!!! Love the photos,you have sooooooooo much talent! Hope all is well. xo

  36. What an inspiring backdrop for a photo. Looking forward to seeing more....