Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas Week!

It has been raining all weekend. I love it.

Even though it isn’t snow. It gets me in the holiday

mood even more. We stayed in today, decorated a little, cooked and

ate some wonderful food. I am now 16 weeks pregnant, and the cravings are here!!

We  found out its going to be another

beautiful baby


My due date is June 15th, 2011,

one day after my birthday. Guess I know what I will be doing then.

Here is some Christmas loveliness from around our home.

Did you see the Merry Bright Country Living book from last year?

I got this idea from there and tweaked it a little.

Christmas 12-10 267

Christmas 12-10 281

Notice anything different about my images?

Sad story but, ended inspirational, soon to share.

Christmas 12-10 301

Have a wonderful day!



P.S. Here is a sneak peek at our tree, I added dried

hydrangea’s all over it, my favorite!

Stay tuned…

Christmas 12-10 2 068


  1. Pretty little snow baby. Can't wait to see your tree.
    Mary Ann

  2. Congratulations on your new baby boy! Another boy? hmm I think Another miracle!!!

  3. Love that Merry Bright CL book...and have used it for inspiration for many of my vignettes too!
    Love your white and silvery photos...
    Sending good wishes as your keep that tiny baby boy close to your heart over the next few months...
    Have a wonderful Christmas!
    Laura :)

  4. Sweet decorations, bright and cheery! Hope you are having a wonderful day! HUGS!

  5. LoVe the ornament idea, I was going to do that too!
    And, CONGRATS!!!!

  6. This is lovely, lovely!


  7. Can't wait to see the rest of the tree!

  8. I added those roses that husband gave me to a small tree (love flowers in the tree!) yours look perfect in pink :)

    your pictures look great....I told husband all about it - and he couldn't believe it!

  9. I love your decorations..your posts are always full of inspiration...I visit your blog many times for inspiration.

    Thanks for the inspiration..
    Wishing you a lovely and blessed week.

  10. Such pretty pictures, I can't tell what is differen't, hope your camera is ok???

    Congrat's on another boy, I have three and I wouldn't change a thing, it's an amazing experience... Enjoy this time of year and rest!

  11. AWWWW congrats Lu.Here's to a wonderful Christmas to you and your family, and a healthy baby boy!

  12. Congrats on another little boy...we are in the same boat my dear, I am due April 21st! :) Merry Christmas to you...did you know we live kinda close to one another?? The rain was crazy this weekend, we loved every minute of it, even my son riding his bike in the rain! Hugs! Tara

  13. How exciting Lu! You are filled (literally!) with Christmas blessings :) Hasnt this rain been craaazy?! We stayed in all weekend too. I guess its God's way of sayin we need to s l o w down, huh?
    Your photos are still lovely, so I am stumped as to whats different?
    Hugs to you and your new bump ;)

  14. What a great present! Joyeux Noel, Lulu.


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  15. ~*~*Yay!! Another little boy! I have two boys almost 12 and 14..how time flies!;) Cant wait to see more of your beautiful decor!! Hugs~Rachel

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  16. Congrats on another lil boy!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  17. Congrats on the new soon to be babe!! Xoxoxo 1942charm.blogspot.com

  18. I am dying to see the tree with hydrangea's!!!

  19. You have a beautiful blog.....I am your newest follower!!

  20. So pretty and congrats on the news of another adorable boy! 2011 will be a magical year for you xo

  21. LULU! Another boy - congratulations - prayers still with you for the remainder of your pregnancy!

    And your photos are fabulous - love the white & sparkle of them all. But a sad/inspirational story behind them? can't wait to hear.

    AND YOUR TREE!!! Can't wait to see that, too.


  22. your photos are always so lovely! Congrats on the bouncing baby boy! I keep hearing about you cali girls in the rain. My brother lives downtown on 4th and he brought the sun up here with him.

    ps when I was shopping in santa monica last summer I thought of you as I went into shabby chic and pom pom interiors. I can picture you there!

    Merry Christmas

  23. you're due on my parents wedding anniversary! congrats, i have two little boys and they are so fun! merry christmas! susan

  24. Your ornament bottle toppers are so beautiful. Love that little bird too! Can't wait to see your tree. Everything you so is just stunning!

  25. I have never been to your blog before, but you have so many pretty things I will definitely be back. Congrats on your new little one on the way....so exciting.

  26. Congrats on your baby boy. Have fun thinking up names and decorating his nursery.

  27. Another BOY!! So excited for you. Your Christmas decor is dreamy, but I would expect nothing less from you! :)

  28. A sweet baby boy! You are blessed. Going to visit my two baby grand boys for Christmas. I can hardly contain my joy!! xo

  29. Merriest Christmas and CONGRATS on your 2nd boy....we have two sons and I swear, I could have twenty. Boys are precious to their moms!

    Your home is beautiful..can't wait to see more of it....

  30. how exciting! congrats on another sweet baby boy! your pictures are beautiful as always! i hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas! xoxo