Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful safe Thanksgiving filled

with love, family and friends!

Here is a simple table setting.

Our Thanksgiving 015

In a big Italian family

you may set a setting for eight (two went on the end),

then you never know.

At the last minute double arrive!

Our Thanksgiving 029

I used orange tulips and just gathered vintage French jugs in

different sizes. I used my white Vietri Italian dishware!

Its my favorite!

It was simple and quick!

Our Thanksgiving 055

I took images as I could, people were hungry and

ready to visit.

I started cooking at 8 a.m. and did not finish until

4 p,m. Everyone arrived at 3.

Our Thanksgiving 066

Our Thanksgiving 067

Here are a couple of sides and a 22 pound bird but,

I couldn’t take all of them

my family was hungry and so was I. Lol..

Our Thanksgiving 075

We have a traditional secret family stuffing we always

have every year.  I use Martha Stewarts method,

using cheese cloth to cover the bird and baste with butter

every hour. I have used other methods before but, find this

is the best way!!! This bird came out perfect!

I made extra, extra stuffing and everyone had leftovers

to take home!

Our Thanksgiving 081

Simple carrot salad, cook carrots until tender,

toss with olive oil, salt and pepper, dash of vinegar,

parsley and chill.

Our Thanksgiving 096

Corn with melted butter, salt and pepper!

Simple and sooo good!

Our Thanksgiving 101

Green beans with bacon! Need I say more!

We also had mashed potatoes but…..

And just because… my sweet hubby bought me flowers!

Just Because 003

He is so awesome and loving!

I couldn’t ask for a better man!

Just Because 011

Ok, all this talk about food has gotten me hungry. Must be

the baby. I need to get me some more stuffing. Lol, and

suit up for Black Friday!!!

Off to shop for Christmas now!

Be back soon.

Have a beautiful day!




  1. What a pretty table you made, so simple and refreshing.
    My French Country Home

  2. It looks very pretty! I hear you about Italian families we are one as well.The best though! Have a Happy friday~Cheers Kim

  3. It all looks absolutely beautiful, Lu!
    Not to mention mouth-watering, too!!! :-)

  4. beautiful, beautiful pictures....

    hubby did good on the flowers...they are so gorgeous!

  5. Happy day after. I hope you have a lot of good turkey sandwiches and memories. Love you,

  6. Yummy food...gorgeous table setting and flowers!
    Happy shopping!

  7. your table looks beautiful!! love the casualness and fresh simple beauty of the jars filled with tulips! food looks grerat too!

  8. You had such a beautiful Thanksgiving! Your table setting - simple but breathtaking, and you made me hungry to, I think I have to have a look into the fridge... hugs, Mira!

  9. Gorgeous pictures. Happy thanksgiving to you. Wish we celebrated something similar in Oz. It would be great to get the whole family around to give thanks. Such a lovely tradition.

  10. Lulu-Here I swore I wouldn't eat another bite until Christmas and now I am hungry looking at your blog! I love simple settings too...Your own is gorgeous...and how wonderful that hubby thought to get your flowers.

    So, I take it you are hugging that secret stuffing recipe to your heart and gonna make us worry and wonder about it, aren't you? Well..just be like that then!>) (just kiddin')

    Glad you had a wonderful Holiday- So did we! hugs- Diana

  11. Wow! Looks like you had beautiful weather. It rained in Michigan and we stayed cozy inside. Your table is so fresh and pretty.

  12. I love your setting LuLu! It's so simple and pretty! You must be so tired after cooking all day, hope you were able to rest!

  13. Beautiful LuLu! I love your table and the food looks delicious! Enjoy your evening! I am running late reading blogs:) Slow but sure! HUGS!

  14. A beautiful simple and elegant table.I love that you used the orange tulips ...so unexpected and gorgeous.Get some rest ,you deserve it!

  15. I love how you tablescaped for Thanksgiving, Lulu! So refreshing and chic! Your turkey looks like something out of a culinary mag, girl! Great job! And your hubby.....? He's a keeper! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  16. really a stunning table: I love tulip so chic... like you

  17. Your table looks so gorgeous! I know i'm from a big italian family too!!Your tulips are beautiful.Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.


  18. Amazing table and photography. I got to do Black Friday for the first time this year. I didn't have to travel to Louisiana. Stayed home this year and the family came here. Thanks for sharing, just yummy looking and loved your simple flower arrangments.

  19. Hi Lulu! Did you recover from Black Friday? I actually went out - not at 4am - but it was fun nonetheless -
    your table setting looks so fresh - just beautiful....I wanted to stop by here before Thanksgiving to tell you how happy I am to get to know you - I love visiting your journal here.
    Anne Marie

  20. Ooooo Green beans and bacon. A girl after my own heart.
    Your table is absolutely wonderful. The tulips are such a refreshing change from our typical mid-westerm centerpiece!
    Have a blessed Advent!
    Parisienne Farmgirl

  21. delicious and beautiful!

  22. This is seriously lovely! I am in love right now with your perfect orange tulips centerpiece! The white dishes complete such simple elegance, too! Your food looks incredible- so great you photographed it! :) Your husb got you such a pretty bouquet. I'm off to sit & read the new Martha Stewart December mag I just picked up a 1/2 hour ago! Enjoy your week~
    Lara xo

  23. Oh my goodness...you have outdone yourself this time...looks like a magazine spread..even the food!!! Love it all! x0

  24. Hi Lu! Sooooo beautiful!!! And a huge congratulations to you on expecting another baby!!! How wonderful!

    Big hugs ~

    :) T