Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas & 805 living…

Kym 805 Living 080

I love Thanksgiving and the

stuffing is my favorite part of the whole

lovely meal!  Being pregnant, I am

already craving it! I am going to make extra, extra!

Each year I make the turkey, stuffing,

carrot salad, green beans, pumpkin soup and

much more… I will take lots of pictures, yummy!

Did you see one of my Thanksgiving tablescapes here?

Christmas is my favorite now! Especially, now that Dustin is

2 and half he is really beginning to understand Christmas!

I love this 

vintage German grain sack Christmas tree from A Beautiful Mess.

Kimberly Fraser and I  styled and photographed this image

for 805 Living Christmas Edition.

Although I have done work for this magazine before,

this is my favorite image!

Email Kymberly if you would like one, they are going fast!


Kym 805 Living 075

This image has really got me in the Christmas mood, and

I have begun my own decorating!

Each year they do a local Christmas tree lighting ceremony,

and it’s tonight! But, only in hopes that it does not rain. They

go all out for it and I hope it happens tonight so Dustin

can see it and I can take some pictures. It’s

pretty cold out and I love it!

Be a back soon!




  1. beautiful pictures...as always!

    happy weekend....so, so excited that you're pregnant!

  2. Pretty photo...congratulations on your pregnancy...eat your heart out!

  3. Lulu- I love that tree! And the whole setup is just wonderful.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy...and just think what fun it will be next year with a new one to enjoy Christmas with. Hugs-Diana

  4. Such a pretty image and I loved your Thanksgiving tablescape. I am working on ours now! Congratulations on expecting another little one! It is a wonderful time of life! I hope Dustin gets to see the tree lighting! Enjoy the wonder of the season through the eyes of your little guy...such a blessing! :) Laura

  5. I love that take on Christmas decor! So nice!
    I've already decorated too ;)

  6. Did I read that right... you're pregnant?... congratulations, Lulu!! How exciting!!
    I can't believe how quickly the holidays have gotten here... time is-a-flyin'! Love that grain sack x-mas tree... what a beautiful picture you took!!
    Have a great time at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony! I hope it doesn't rain for you... :)
    Hugs ~ Jo

  7. Congrats on the soon to be babe! Lovely treasures :) xoxoxo www.1942charm.blogspot.com

  8. ~*~* I won her amazing alles bag from Jennifer at the old painted cottage and LOVE it!! I am in LOVE with the trees too!!! So beautiful!! Thanks for sharing Lulu!! Hugs, Rachel~*~*

  9. stuffing is my favorite too...and this year, I'm so happy that it's me who is the one who is bringing it to the family (we take turns)

    hope you have fun tonight all "lit up"!!

    p.s. love that tree!
    Anne Marie

  10. Hi Lulu~
    You are making me drool for Tgiving - my fave meal of the year! I kind of like the taste of the stuffing, turkey, tatoes, berries and gravy all mixed together. ;) I usually hardly eat meat, but don't pass up classic Thanksgiving fare. Your photo is great!!!! You have got the 3 photo elements theory down pat!! Can 'ya tell I'm doing some Photography for Dummies type book reading? ;))) I am seriously going to wrap my gifts just like in your photo. Great weekend wishes~
    Lara xx

  11. I'm with you, the freezing temps just make it all the more special. Hope you were able to go to the tree lighting ceremony...will be waiting for pics!


  12. That tree is awesome and unique! A tree lighting ceremony is so much fun! I hope to attend one this year, too! ;-)

  13. Hi Lulu~Oh my fav is stuffing as well and I also love pumpkin soup delicious! Hope you have a fabulous night.~Cheers Kim

  14. Beautiful photography and that tree is really cool. I hear ya on the stuffing, I usually make extra because I eat half of it before it gets to the bird. Have a fun night.

  15. 805 in da house!! Hahaha...I saw your post title and had to crack up! Im an 805 lifer :) I too am a stuffing girl. Thats why I make it every year - wouldnt want someone messing up the stuffing now would we?!
    It started to sprinkle up here, so Im hoping you guys stayed dry tonite!
    Keep that bun in your oven warm :)


    ps - that grainsack tree is too adorable!!

  16. OHHH, I love these pics, this time of year is bliss.

    Lisa xx

  17. I must own a tree like this!!

    I'm speechless

  18. p.s. I did not realize until today,that I'm on your sidebar ... I'm honored beyond words

  19. What a great tree. Love it! Beautiful photos.

    Enjoy your dressing and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  20. I'm so happy for you on your news!!!!!! Congrat's to you, so exciting and such a wonderful time to cherish! I know you will have an extra special Thanksgiving!

  21. Omg congratulations!!!! I was so excited when I read this post. You are a wonderful mother and Dustin will be the best big brother. xoxoox

  22. Congrats Congrats!!! so excited for your news!!!! Stuffing is my favorite too!!!

  23. Stuffing's my fav, too! Especially when my mom makes it. And like Lara, I love the taste of stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberries together! lol! Grain sack tree? Did you say grain sack tree??? LUVVVV it!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  24. The trees are just wonderful! Love the whole picture!

  25. The trees are great. So original. Lovely styling of course!

  26. So cute - and congrats on your new baby, didn't know you were preggers!

    P.S. – I’m having a Jeanne d’Arc Living Christmas Giveaway!

    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  27. Oh how sweet! Precious little tree! I love all of these images! Hope the weather holds out for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony! Have a blessed day! HUGS!

  28. Oh you have sooooo much to look forward too!! I love stuffing to,thats my favorite part of the meal! your photos all seem to be magical...thats a real gift! x0

  29. Your photo's are so pretty. Love the uniqueness of the little tress. Such a great idea.

  30. Lulu congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting!! Love that darling Christmas tree. Very creative idea. ♥

  31. What a perfect time to visit, Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am sure the baby photos will be taken with endless beauty, your photography is all so beautiful.

    Love the French looking European chic feed sack covered tree, divine flea market beauty!

    I cannot wait to post my cretive Christmas tree, after I announce the Giveaway. So please come for a visit and comment to win some natural beauty!


  32. hi lulu! well, congratulations on your pregnancy! how exciting! and what a great excuse to have seconds! well, who am i kidding! thirds and forths! i love your pictures and i do hope you and your family enjoy the lighting of the tree!

  33. aren't you loving this weather!? It is chilly and feels like we're actually getting 'winter'...or at least a taste of fall!

    Your photos are fabulous - and I can't wait to see how you Christmas your home......All our boxes are down, I'm so excited to Christmas our home!


  34. I really love hearing everyone's menus for Thanksgiving - such variety and yet similar favs. My daughter in law Ravy is Cambodian and making some of her traditional dishes along with our favorites - she loves sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes... Thanksgiving in Annapolis, MD at their house...blessings to you, Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  35. Gorgeous pics as always Lu!! Love the little trees:) On another topic...CONGRATULATIONS!! I have been away and missed your last post! I am so happy and excited for you and your family. Hope you are keeping well sweet girl. Sending you a million hugs ~ Tina xx