Monday, August 23, 2010

Couture Container

It was the most gorgeous container I had ever seen…


I was so excited when I was given the honor

to photograph for Rachel Ashwells latest post of her blog.

Her recent post was my favorite of all projects!!!

Why you ask?

 Christmas came early!

This container was from Rachel Ashwells recent flea market trip to Brimfield flea market.

I witnessed each piece carefully taken off the container and placed into order, and

I got to document it and create these images!!! (photos)

I got to see first hand the amazing work and behind

the scenes of how Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture does it!



 Beau hard at work!


The lovely, talented Susan!

RASC BlOG 139 

You know you’re around something special

when you see that even when the boss is not around,

her team works even harder. We all carry her same passion,

and truly believe in Rachel Ashwell.


One of my favorite shots!

I have to tell you…

I am really touched on how amazing Rachel Ashwell really is.

I have had the privilege of hanging out with Rachel and I am getting to know her.

She is so kind, generous, warm and friendly,

she treats her team like family. I don’t even want to call them her 

team or staff, because it REALLY is a family.

Not only have I been blessed to see the

beauty she creates, and create images for it, but I get to see

all the hard work

and devotion that goes into it!

Lots of love,

passion and people coming together striving to achieve the same goal,

“Pure Couture Beauty.!”

Wow, my eyes were so full and my heart had a smile.


I am so grateful to be a part of this!




(more photos to come)


Check out her the latest post of her blog!

More gorgeous eye candy to

see over there…

Have a beautiful day




  1. all of this stuff looks amazing. such a history

  2. How exciting! I met her at Brimfield this year and she was truly warm and friendly. You must have had such a great time phtographing! Good for you:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Oh Lulu!!! I love this so much. I have been following Rachel Ashwell since forever - completely in love with her style. For you to be able to work with her and share this with us is pure delight.
    It's all gorgeous - but your taking the time to share the everyday details - pure heaven!
    Thank you!!!
    Happy week to you,

  4. i love hearing of the wonderful camaraderie that we "antiquers" have...it's not all about the stuff and money - but the experiences and fun! that we share with people!! Fifi told me she is SO sweet and genuine in person (as is Fifi I must say)

    great post Lulu
    Anne Marie

  5. I was in love with that post, it inspired me for my weekend flea market hunt.Now that I know they are your photos, I know why I loved it so much!
    xo Jenny

  6. Gorgeous images, I'll be sure to check out her post as well. I could kick myself for not visiting her store in Notting Hill while there two weeks ago, UGH!

  7. You lucky girl!!!
    It looks like heaven!!!!

  8. ~*~* Oh Lulu you are sooo blessed to work for her and create such lovely images!~*~I admire Rachel Ashwells love for discarded pieces and shabby things people used to just throw out(and still do).How much fun to be able to spend quality time with such a lovely lady*congrats to you Lulu!!~*~*

  9. I love hearing stories of people who treat their staff like family! Really says so much about the person. What a fun day, all the furnishings are just beautiful! Have a great week!

  10. Everything looks just beyond dreamy!
    You are truly blessed, Lu!

    Have a wonderful week!

  11. WOW!You are simply THE luckiest duck...ever! And what self control you possess...I would never have been able to drool, swoon AND snap pictures at the same time! ;}

    m ^..^

  12. You are in your dharma, Lu!

    Do you know the French business expression, 'lu et connu' - read and understood?

  13. LuLu~What a dream come true to work by Rachel's side and all that you will learn as well.Simply Amazing! Pure Joy~Cheers Kim

    P.S.~My dressings arrived.Fabulous! Kim

  14. Oh how fun, Lu! These were great photos, and I'm just in love with that pink cupboard! She has a terrific eye!
    hugs and blessings,

  15. Your photos are amazing...and I know I've told you before...but I'm so happy for you...you can hear in your words how much you enjoy what your doing...and it shows in each photo.

  16. Looks like it was a most wonderful experience!! I have heard that Brimfield is one of the best! That candy pink armoire is incredible! And the dishes.. wow.. I can certainly understand how they inspire Rachel. Such a fun post!
    xo, Lara

  17. beautiful stuff friend...and beautiful words about your friend, Rachel!

  18. you are so lucky!

    beautiful photos

  19. It is so nice to have a job where the people feel like family and where they enjoy what they are doing. It is a blessing.

  20. Gorgeous photos! How fun it must be to work for the Queen of Shabby Chic herself, especially when she is so kind and treats you like family!

  21. I had read Rachel's Blog last night and witnessed all the wonderful pieces and behind the scenes peeks she so graciously gave us. How special that you were able to be a part of it, see and photograph all the lovelies as they came off the truck and get to know this amazing group of people that bring us the 'Shabby Chic' experience.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  22. Thanks for sharing your experience via the wonderful behind the scenes photos! I have always admired how Rachel continues to stay true to her vision and style.

  23. LuLu, truly exciting times for you. blessings♥olive

  24. I am so very excited for you! You deserve all of this happiness!
    Have a pretty day!

  25. Lulu- I am soooo jealous! I have been following her since the very beginning of Shabby Chic..when other people used to think I was crazy... (well, they might be a little right). I just KNEW that she would be just like you described her. It just shines through her face that she is a wonderful, warm person. Enjoy! And congrats on the job you did! Diana

  26. I read this post on Rachel's blog the other day. How wonderful to know that it was you who shot these amazing images!

    ~ Clare x

  27. I cannot even imagine meeting her, let alone working with her! I would be a bundle of nerves! She is my decorating Goddess!;-)))

    Such a wonderful opportunity for you, Lu~ You are blessed with amazing talents. No wonder she asked you to join her family!:-))

    Have a wonderful week!


  28. WOW Lulu, I am sooooo jealous:) You are so lucky and obviously extremely talented to be a part of this! Thanks for sharing all of these gorgeous pictures! Have a blessed evening!

  29. Gorgeous....beautiful...and every word I can think of between!

  30. Wow! Love that pink cupboard!! This must be such an amazing experience!

  31. What an incredible experience you're having dear Lulu..you'll always look back on this time with amazement. Your photos are wonderful and the items Rachael picked up are so gorgeous, she really does have a wonderful eye. Rachaelxx

  32. Hi Lu! It's so nice to read your stories about your new job, I can feel the same excitement you feel. Amazing shots! Complimenti xx

  33. Amazing photos from an amazing experience! So happy for you!! Helps me keeps my dreams alive!

  34. Hi Lulu,
    I am so excited for you!
    Thank you for sharing this with us... I am so glad you did!

  35. Wow what fun! dream job huh? lovely!!!


  36. WOW is right! Thanks for sharing your amazing experience with us, Lulu!


  37. Breathtaking!!! You my dear found yourself on Mt. Olympus.....I am in awe...and swoon with each picture. I am giddy that I got to work with her THRU you (kinda...like once removed).

    You and her have such a vision and you are most gifted in capturing the essence of those treasures into the home through your pictures...thank you.


  38. Wow - I wish I could pick up the entire container and transport it back here to Norfolk, England! What heavenly photographs and what simply beautiful pieces - I can imagine each one fitting perfectly into my home. You're very lucky to experience it, but judging from your photographs you totally deserve it - well done! x

  39. You are blessed, and the people who know you are blessed. Boy, that must have been a day of highlights!

  40. What an incredible assignment! Really enjoyed seeing and reading this post. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful photos. ♥