Monday, June 14, 2010

Inspiration is everywhere!!!

BTH 5 015

I had some time to put together our half bathroom, using some new things

I bought and some stuff I already had.  I love to shop the house.

I have been around tons of inspiration lately! I am just absorbing everything.

I have been really busy and enjoying every minute of it.

We are never done with our homes and it is a constant work-in-progress!

I am into gold accents  for the moment.

Florentine accessories are my favorite, found some but, on the look out…

This is the way the bathroom is for now…lol

Bathroom LT2 082

 This dried white hydrangea wreath is from The Agoura Antique Mart.

Doreen is an amazing dried wreath artist. She can do anything.

I will be doing a wonderful post on her soon.

She is who inspired me to make the one for this post.

Bathroom LT2 067 

I am not a fan of before pictures, so you won’t see them at my blog.

I think it mucks up the blog layout…lol

Bathroom LT 073 

I bought this $5 dollar shelf at the Rose Bowl Flea Market…

BTH RM 6 007 

and added some accessories.

BTH RM 6 019 

I found these gorgeous vintage mirrors from Dan Marty 4 years ago.

Using antique ribbon I hung them.

Dan Marty is now with Maison Au Natural.

I love Dan Marty’s Style and used his finds when decorating the

Lake Sherwood Home.

Bathroom LT 133


Bathroom LT 164 

We hung this mirror over the sink,

and used these beautiful vintage shades for the lighting.

Bathroom LT 175 

I couldn’t believe I found this old etched

mirror framed in white!!!

Bathroom LT2 054

Cameo from Dunn Edwards was applied on the upper half of the wall

and the Analypta wallpaper on the lower half to break-up the wall,

an inspiration of Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Santa Monica.

I like to play around with paint color and often use Cameo at 50 percent strength.

It is a beautiful color.

Bathroom LT 3 003 

Perfect patina on this mirror.

BTH RM 6 010

Natural elements are a great addition to any bathroom.

Bathroom LT 147

 Cote Bastide accessories are from

The Agoura Antique Mart.

BT LT 4 022


Bathroom LT 015

The darling table above is from the lovely Cheryl.

Bathroom LT 088 

I found these cute gold sacred hearts

at the Rachel Ashwell Store in

Santa Monica.

You can also hang these on a wall.

Bathroom LT 127

It is so much fun to use things with our initials on them,

it means something to us!!!

I already changed some things in the 2 photos below

…stayed tuned for the next style!

I told you inspiration is everywhere.

Bathroom LT 001

I wanted to Thank everyone for helping in the announcement of the

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture web site.

I want to Thank 2 at a time! No big list…I will thank each one of you in a post.

In no particular order.

Tara from Between You and Me!

I enjoy our lovely, genuine chats my friend,  your blog is inspiring!

Thank you!!

Anne from Fiona and Twig…

a true friend, artist, and great photographer. 

Bathroom LT 107

Turned 35 today everyone!!! WOW! Hmmm….I am loving life, and

couldn’t be in a better place!!!

Have a wonderful day my friends!




  1. Happy Birthday...sweet girl! Your photos are gorgeous! I have always been a gold lover...I am glad to see it making a comeback!


  2. Happy Birthday!
    I remember 35~it was a very good year.

    That is one beautiful bathroom!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!! Thirty five seems so long ago. 2 years to be exact!;)

    Have a wonderful rest of the day, Birthday Girl!


  4. Hapy Birthday Lu! I pray that you have a great day! Your bathroom looks lovely as always. You have the most amazing images and you have incredible style! xx

  5. Happy Birthday Lulu! Have a great one and many happy more!!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. its gorgeous!! and HAPPY Birthday!!!

  7. Happy Birthday! Its my youngest daughters birthday today as well.

    Have a good Birthday and many many many more to come,lol

  8. Happy Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day!! I so loved all of your photos in this post, beautiful as always!

  9. Happy Birthday.... love the "all white guest bath".. it's so beautiful!

  10. Happy B~day and huge congrats on the Rachel Ashwell gig. Love the b~room and that is the best $5 shelf ever.



  11. Where have you been??? I've missed you!

    And it's your birthday? Oh shoot, I wish I had known! I hope you've had a stupendous birthday, my friend.

    And it was MY PLEASURE to help you announce your big Rachel Ashwell news. I'll be your go-to gal anytime you need me.

    Beautiful photos!


  12. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to youuuuu...
    that's me singing to you:)

  13. oh, the room turned out just lovely!
    hope your birthday is wonderful, too!

  14. you and Tracey (French Larkspur) and making me want to trash everything and do it again! I LOVE IT! wonderful post and inspiration...especially since our downstairs bathroom is under "decorating renovation"

  15. Happy Birthday you spring chicken you. :) I love your bathroom but then I am biased as I love all your rooms.

  16. Happy Birthday, today is my bday too,I wish I could say 35 but I turned 43! Your bathroom looks so pretty , I love the wallpaper (;

  17. You are such a breath of fresh air...I've loved getting to know you..and look forward to more chats!

    Happy, Happy Birthday! You are in a great place...God is good!

  18. Happy birthday! Wishing you a wonderful year and continued success. Thanks for sharing your beautiful inspirations.

  19. Happy Birthday to you! Your bathroom is stunning.

  20. I love that you found so many of your accessories at the Antique Mart. It makes the whole space feel unique and one-of-a-kind. That feeling is really important to me in any space, regardless of the style. Yours, of course, is absolutely gorgeous. I would happily spend all day in your little powder room! :-)

  21. Happy Birthday!!
    You did a beautiful job on decorating your bathroom :)

  22. Happy Birthday Lulu, love your new bathroom look and thanks for the link, happy to see you still have the mirror over your sink you nabbed from my wall haha. Hope your out celebrated, see you soon, xoxo Cheryl

  23. Happy Birthday!

  24. Your bath is so lovely. The shelf and accessories make it just "you"! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday WEEK! Enjoy yourself and spend time with those you love!
    Big Birthday Hugs and Blessings,

  25. Your bath is lovely. I enjoy gold and white. Happy Birthday!!! I turned forty-eight today as well and have been too busy to write anything but comments which is fine.

    peace and blessings,

  26. Happy birthday Lulu. I could be your mom!!! My oldest just turned thirty-five too. Your pictures of your home always inspire me. What a lovley bathroom you have created here. Boy, do I ever love that wreath!

  27. Happy Birthday sweet Lu!! Hope you have had a wonderful day full of fun and smiles and hugs from your family & friends:) Big birthday hug to you from me! PS - Love your bathroom:) ~ Tina xx

  28. Happy Happy Birthday, Lu!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! I'm 35 too;)


    Loooove youre beautiful bathroom! Lovely photos:)

  29. Happy birthday! i just turned 40 a few months ago...Can't believe I just said that!! Enjoy goes by so fast! love your bathroom and everything else

  30. Happy Birthday! Love your bathroom photos! I too found an ol'etched mirror trimmed in white! Enjoy every minute today!!

  31. happy birthday! your blog is lovely!
    happy wonderful day!

  32. Happy Birthday sweetie. I hope you have had a wonderful day. Your bathroom makeover looks beautiful and you picked up some great pieces for it. Gorgeous shots.
    Ness xx

  33. Happy Birthday to you! I wish that my bath looked half as good. Right now I am dealing with a plugged up toilet and it is not pretty. Still trying to figure out what the bitty one flushed now.

  34. We have almost the same age, so cute!!! Your dried hydrangea is gorgeous!! Here there's much inspiration for everyone xx

  35. Happy Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day.....Lulu..i love all your pictures they are amazing !!..many hugs from me...Ria

  36. No detail was spared LuLu, I love it! Happy birthday to you, your so cute not to show your before :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  37. Such a beautiful job. I love the little mirrors and the $5 shelf was a great find! Happy Birthday! Laurie

  38. My dear Lulu, I wish you all the best for your birthday, health, luck, love and a wonderful lifetime! I love your new bath decorations! What a cute little shelf...
    Today I had my first acupuncture date.. strange how many needles were pricked into my body. And it tingled after a while, where the needls were plugged... I hope it will work...
    hugs & kisses Mira!

  39. Happy BIRTHDAY to you!! Wishing you loads of happiness!! Of course your bathroom redo dazzled me as does everything you do!! Just beautiful,

  40. Happy birthday 1 day older then 35 :)
    Your powder room is beautiful. I am sitting on the phone with a girl friend and we are both talking about your wonderful flea market shelf find we both want it.

    Your design style is dreamy!!

  41. I love your pictures and your blog! Happy Happy Birthday, may God Bless You!

  42. Woo~Hoo! Thirty Somethin, Enjoy they are the best years ever.........Well o.k so is forty somethin.~Cheers

    The bathroom looks amazing, you captured it well in your photos.Bravo!


  43. Hope you had a totally fabulous birthday darling, congrat's.

    I love the styling here it's just gorgeous, you have such a gift.

  44. Happy Birthday Lu! and what a totally beautiful post and make over! Looove the look you have achieved! Definitely off to check out those links.... Tooo funny about the before pics... lol... but totally get where you are coming from!!
    Lou xx

  45. Wow! this is lovely! Love all of your accents.
    Happy Birthday.

  46. Happy Birthday! You are the age of my oldest daughter, who I had at the tender age of 17! I love some gold accents myself. What a find, your mirror in the already shabby white. Love the shelf too. Lovely photos!

  47. I had to come by and tell you again how inspirational this post has been!! I was painting it white when you posted it, and now it is finished, and your pictures are totally what I needed.......THANKS!

  48. Simply lovely! All your beautiful touches make it such a cozy space.

    Happy belated birthday, Lulu!


  49. Happy {belated} Birthday!
    Such a beautiful post.

  50. Happy belated birthday! You ARE in a good spot in life. I'm really happy for you. Now about that cute little shelf...swoon. It's a dream of mine to get to that Rose Bowl flea market someday. I will!

  51. I went to the Rose Bowl flea market and found nothing like that shelf for $5! What a great find. Next time I am coming with you! I love the whites and soft golds, it is a very soothing room to be in.

  52. Happy Belated Birthday!! 35 is a good age!! And as I approach 40... I'm thinking it too is a good age, LOL!! It's all a mindset :))
    Your wreath is so beautiful. I have a basket full of dried white hydrangeas and have considered making arranging them into a wreath...well now I'm definitely going to!! Everything is just beautiful!! Wonderful post!!
    ~ Michella ~

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