Saturday, May 1, 2010

French, French, French…

I found these Classic French Lavender

plants at the Farmer’s Market to plant in our garden.

Lavender 2 232

I put them in these cute, rusty buckets…

Lavender 2 030

and arranged them on top of my drop leaf table in our kitchen.

Lavender 2 083

It smells soooo good.

The whole house smells of lavender.

Ok great news!

  A dear friend of mine,

that we all know and love, (can’t say just yet)  will be launching an

amazing website. I begged her to let me do a minnie announcement.  I am so excited…lol

She will be selling fantastic, beautiful items, lavender sachets made out of vintage fabrics, French wares,

totes and much more...

She is going to share her stunning taste with us!

She will be announcing it soon! Be on the look out.

Lavender 2 192


Lavender 2 095

I found this gorgeous ,French, mother-of-pearl Hummel at the flea market,

I tied it around my rusty bucket.

Lavender 2 277


Lavender 2 255 

I made this fast and easy potato salad.


1 head Romaine Lettuce

1 Bunch Asparagus (blanched then cut into pieces)

7 New Potatoes (cut into wedges)

1 Red Onion (mooned)

1 Red Bell Pepper (diced)

Agoura Front 205 

Boil new potatoes. Let cool. Cut into wedges.

Cook the asparagus in boiling water for 10 minutes.

In the meantime fill a bowl with water and ice.

After 10 minutes remove asparagus from pot. Immediately put asparagus (BLANCH)

into cold ice water to stop it from cooking.


Olive oil

1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard

1 Tablespoon White Balsamic Vinegar.

( Tip, I don’t like to use the dark balsamic vinegar,

it darkens the lettuce. Use white balsamic vinegar.)

Wisk together.

Salt and Pepper to taste

Toss salad and dressing all together.

Yummy and healthy, my little one loves asparagus. More recipes on asparagus

to follow.


Agoura Front 266



Happy May!

Have a beautiful day.




  1. Happy May Day! I can't wait to hear more about your friends new venture!
    Your lavender looks just lovely!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. There's always such a lovely happy fresh atmosphere chez toi! The lavender pots look wonderful and the salad delicious.

  3. Yummie yummie !! great salade!!

    Lovely lavender !!!

    Hugs from Ria have a nice happy day !!

  4. Next weekend , bring on the potato salad ! Sounds delicious.

  5. What a busy lady you have been. The lavender looks great and the salad yummy.

  6. i love the smell of lavender too & they look so cute in the pails
    saw you in the magazine, congratulations!

  7. Love the idea of the dijon in the potao salad, I must try that recipe. The lavender is beautiful in those buckets. I love having fresh lavender as you smell it everytime you brush past it. I always clip a stem and throw it in the bathtub while running the water. The hot water releases the scent and the oils. As usual you seem to have been very busy. You always go a n extra step, such as embellishing the sap buckets.


  9. Those pails of lavender are simply beautiful; I can almost smell them from here. I have the pails; wish I could find that kind of lavender around here.

  10. Loving the lavender. I am on the lookout for some to put in the garden. We don't have any here yet. The plants are just starting to arrive. That potato salad looks oh so yummy! I am going to have to try that since I have some asparagus in my fridge. Thanks for the recipe!

  11. The lavender is simply adorable...love the rusty buckets...love your life. You ooze with style and grace. I find myself so envious of your little world. Makes me want to slipcover all my furniture and paint anything and everything white. :)


  12. Crazy good salad Lulu! I cannot wait to try it. We love asparagus here at our house. Your lavendar looks divine in the buckets. I can't seem to get enough lavendar in the garden. I love the stuff!

  13. Love the lavender and I have three small culinary lavenders in buckets in my kitchen but two of them seem to be going south.
    Love the smell of lavendar too.

  14. Love your lavender pots! While I love flowers, the herbs in my garden are such a pleasure. The fragrance is so wonderful. I like to use a classic vinagrette on my potato salad too. Have you ever tried tossing the hot potatoes with a bit of white wine and letting them cool and then creating your salad? Julia Child used to do this to give the salad a depth of flavor. I will be looking forward to your upcoming link. Happy Sunday!

    Susan and Bentley

  15. Lavender is one of my favorites and your photo's are stunning! Love the hummel tied around your bucket. As always, everything is so pretty!

  16. I love lavender, it smells wonderful! That potato salad looks so good and refreshing. Hope you are having a great weekend :)

  17. LOVE lavendar! I just bought two pots at a local herb festival. I might copy the bucket idea!
    Thanks for posting

  18. Hi dear Lulu! I love lavendar! I'm waiting for mine to bloom!!! yours is amazing in that rusty buckets!!...now I very courios about thi new website...please tell us more!!!


  19. gotta get me some lavendar...everyone's talking about it! Also, can't wait to try that new spin on potatoe salad!!!

    Happy Sunday...

  20. Always love your photos...how do you get the lighting just right...have you posted about that? Would love some of your tricks:)

  21. Lovely :) I love lavender! I have my own - couple years ago I bougth Lavender seeds. It grows very slowly but now I have everywhere a lot :)
    I wish you sunny Monday!

  22. Can I just say...I love your blog!!!! Every post is so.....I don;t know just perfect! Hope you are having a lovely day! Chrissy

  23. I feel like I have walked into a wonderful world of exceptional beauty every time I am here...your images are so gorgeous and etherial...

    I adore lavender...it is one of my favorite plants and scents. We visit a place in Fredericksburg where they have a huge lavender farm...I always try to buy as much as I can to last me till we go again;)!

    I am in love with the mother of pearl piece you added to your pot...it is gorgeous...I don't think I have seen one before.

    I can't wait to see your friend's site!

    Happy Sunday!

  24. lovin' the lavender, its smell is so soothing, and I love them paired with the buckets.

  25. The lavender looks gorgeous and I bet the smell is amazing!! The salad looks so yummy!!

  26. I just don't know how I'd live without my trusty rusty bucket. I'm at a loss when I've misplaced it in the garden. Isn't that lavender heavenly? I have some I purchased in a little spray bottle to spray on my pillowcases. Helps induce tranquil sleep...

  27. You are just amazing, so creative .. and a recipe too, fabulous ;)

    xoxo DJ

  28. Oh Lu! You have got my heart ticking with some excitement over this "new website" ..hmm.... who could it be? Your lavender - WOW. It looks fabulous in those old super chic garden pails. I so regret not picking up some at the flea market today. Great pics! And the salad looks delicious!
    :) Lara

  29. Lavender is one of the most romantic flowers & scents in my view. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  30. How lovely!!! Beautiful photos!

    Have a nice day!


  31. Absolutely lovely. I like your style. And that lavender is such a lovely pale color. Just beautiful.

  32. Oh those are amazing!!! I love your photos...lavender ~ beautiful scent...

    cannot wait to hear about your friend!!! Already sounds amazing...

    and that potato salad...looks amazingly yummy!

  33. Your lavender pots look incredible and I swear I can smell it all the way in Houston!
    Happy Monday my friend,

  34. Okay I am going to run and get some buckets for my lavender :)

    I am going to go to Trader Joes for goodies to make your wonderful salad.
    I will lety you know how it turned out!! looks yummy!!!


  35. You make everything looks stunning.... i have a lavendar plant... tiny but hanging in there.... oh how i want it to be big and full!!! I'll take an order of your salad too.... delicious!!!
    May is going to be a great month!!!

  36. I can't wait to check out her new site! Love the recipe. Thanks! Gorgeous photos as always!


  37. I just bought some lilac (they didn't have any lavender) at a Nursery that's going out of business today! I can't wait to plant it!

  38. Hi Lulu,
    oh, your pics are gorgous from the french lavender, I can think I can smell it right now... Your potato salad looks soooo good, so I will made it perhaps von weekend...
    Warm greetings from germany

  39. Hi Lulu!
    That potato salad looks yummy! I will definitely be trying that recipe:)
    Your lavender plants look so cute in those pots. I hope you have a green thumb to keep them going. I couldn't do that arrangement because I would have those babies looking brown and dying in no time. The only good thing is I could use the dried up lavender to fill my sachets I make...I guess that's a silver lining :)
    I hope you're having a good day!

  40. Such a nice blog.. I too have Herbs in different pots.. I love to cook with them as I don't use salt and the Herbs make up for the taste!
    Congrats on your Romantic Homes spread!


  41. I love your herbs and lavendar...so pretty in their pots! I am going to try this recipe..it looks delicious...thanks for sharing!
    :) Laura