Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dried Flowers & DIY Wreaths

My new favorite!

I am really into drying flowers right now.  It is a lost art!! Remember this oregano plant I had from this post?

Well, I left it alone to dry out. I had this twig wreath from Michaels. Then I just added the dried oregano to it.

I am very picky when It comes to wreaths. It is hard to find the perfect one, so I made one myself and

couldn’t be happier!

DIY Wreath 394


DIY Wreath 402

I hung it outside on my back yard gate.

My cute little neighbors asked me to make them one.  LOL

DIY Wreath 405


DIY Wreath 407

I added 2 old fake hydrangeas that I bought at

The Agoura Antique Mart

DIY Wreath 428

I just love it!

DIY Wreath 442

Look at the tiny specs of purple.

DIY Wreath 439


DIY Wreath 457


Drying Flowers 002

 Remember my beautiful peonies from this post.?

Drying Flowers 162

Look how stunning they look dried out! This is my new hobby!

I can’t get over how beautiful it turned out!

Drying Flowers 152


Drying Flowers 177 

I have a HUGE announcement next week, and a fun thing happening.

I have some great amazing friends involved and we are so excited to announce it!

Drying Flowers 189

Oh ya, almost forgot my quick memorial wreath I made for my front door.

I tied all these tin stars I bought from Michaels awhile back, on a rope

Wa la…

Drying Flowers 076 

Easy and fun,

my neighbors want this one too..LOL

Drying Flowers 077


Drying Flowers 073


Drying Flowers 065 

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!




  1. you're spot on!

    funny thing, I was headed out in a few minutes to look for wreaths for my two front doors!


  2. you make wonderful things with dried flowers!beautiful photos!

  3. The wreath looks natural and that's how I like them. Good going LuLu. I am drying hydrangeas now.


  4. I love your wreath...and hydrangeas are a favorite! Very pretty and welcoming!
    :) Laura

  5. I am very particular about wreaths as well and typically don't care for floral wreaths. That is until I saw yours, it is wonderful! I have some dried hydrangeas at home and may have to take a stab at this myself.
    Have a fantastic weekend Lulu!!

  6. Oh, Lulu, they sure are the pretiest wreath I've even seen. Beautiful!!!!
    You are so talented and what a nice hobby!
    Looking forward for you announcment!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Li :-)

  7. Wow! Lu, I'm speechless, these dried flowers are amazing!! I love it!!!

    xoxo Zaira

  8. Hi Lu,
    What a great wreath! I love how you left part of the grapevine showing. I am definitely going to have to get me an aregano plant...LOVE it! :)
    I'm surprised the petals didn't just fall off the peonies...lovely!
    Happy Memorial Day weekend! :) ~ Jo

  9. I'm drying rose petals as I speak. It's hard to let go of such beautiful blooms, so drying just seems the right thing to do. As always, your designs are one of a kind.

  10. Love your wreaths. And drying out Peonies? What a great idea. I just planted one so I will definitely dry the flowers and hang them from my beams in the kitchen with the other dried flowers. Thank you for the inspiration:)
    Blog:Capers of the vintage vixens

  11. Hi dear Lu! I love dried flowers!!! especially hydrangeas!!!

    Have a wonderful week end!!!

  12. This is gorgeous! I was just thinking I need to update my wreath, this is just the perfect idea and i already have all the supplies :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  13. The wreath looks so nice! Maybe I should make myself one :)

  14. Your wreath is just lovely!
    And those peonies, *sigh*....gorgeous!

    Looking forward to your big announcement (wink!)


  15. I love your hydrangea wreath Lu!!! I also totally agree with the lovely Anne above, your dried peonies are gorgeous!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to hear your big announcement!! Hugs ~ Tina xx

  16. Hi, Lulu! Wow! These photos are just amazing!! Love them all!!!

    Have a wonderfull weekend!!


  17. I love the wreath and those dried peonies! Looking forward to your big announcement!


  18. Well don't you have an eye for beauty miss! I never knew Oregano could look that gorgeous! I don't make a lot of wreaths but I am on the hunt for an old bike wheel with lots of spokes and rust to use as a base for a wreath. I made one out of a garden hose to tuck in on an old rusty metal bench. Have you ever been on Bonjade's blog or Cindee's Garden? Happy Friday and I'll be back - pop in at jennsthreegraces, Jennifer

  19. You sure are talented at design! I have oregano growing all over. In the gardens and fairy containers. Love the pungent scent of it. Happy and safe Memorial Day!

  20. Hi Lulu,
    Don't you love how the oregano dries? I dried some last year and I just love it. Your wreath is lovely. I love to dry just about everything in the garden. I do believe I love flowers as much dried as fresh.
    Your Memorial door hanging is just perfect.

  21. they are all gorgeous!!! just gorgeous! I love them all:)

  22. Cheers LuLu~ You did an amazing job! Bravo
    I love dried flowers too.

    I am excited to hear your exciting News! Can't wait.~Kim

  23. wow those peonies looks amazing, just beautiful! Do pop over to my blog, I'm having a giveaway.

  24. looks so pretty! i am picky about my wreaths too! i hope you have a great memorial day!

  25. that wreath turned out really beautiful. I always hang my hydrangeas upside down to dry them out and i have bouquets all over my house with them. but i have never seen oregano like this! gorgeous!

  26. This is just gorgeous, I would have never guessed those little buds were oregano, mixed with the hydrangeas, it's so so pretty, Great combination!

  27. I wish I could find these oregano blooms! Years ago I had a floral business called "Down To Earth" with my friend Jamie in NJ - we sold a lot of things to woman in the NY metropolitan area - wealthy - lucky us - we did our own home shows. Big items for huge homes. Wives of the NY Giants, Yankees, etc. Well, one day Jamie decided to make a big floor basket called the "NJ Basket" and filled it with all kinds of wonderful tall grasses, etc. She went on a picking expedition...found some fab, unusual specimens to add. When her latest idea was complete - I stopped in and told her I espeically loved the addition of the POISON SUMAC... we drove to the pharmacy together. Be careful what you pick for, lol. Jennifer

  28. Love your blog, Lulu! Sweet, fun, and inspiring! And I sure wish I knew how well peonies dried! I would'ave done that to all of mine! Thanks for the idea, tho!

    I'll be following to hear more news from you...:)

    xoxo laurie@heavenswalk

  29. Love the wreath!
    Im very picky myself when it comes to wreaths. Its hard to find one I like! Love your blog! hope i can get as good as you some day!

  30. I've never thought about using dried oregano for a wreath. Great Idea. Looks great and smells great too. Thanks for the idea.


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