Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Different Styles & A Recipe


Hello friends. I have been a busy working bee.

I am pooped!

I am sorry I have not had to much time to visit.

I miss everyone.

I am so grateful for this day!

Here are some sneak peaks of different styles and vignettes I recently created.

More to come!

One great thing about design is you get to live vicariously through your clients, and also when you style

stores, often changing different looks without having to buy 10 homes! Lol…

Someday huh?

My favorite cow paintings and a country theme.

Sample Shots 2 210

So cute!!!

Sample Shots 2 166 

Victorian Chic

Samples Shot 198

I love this chippy mantel.

 Sample Shots 2 226

Stunning shade.

Sample Shots 2 221 

Moroccan with a little nautical!

Sample Shots 2 055

Great burlap ottomans.

Sample Shots 2 074

I love these blue and white ginger jars.

Sample Shots 2 053

 I will be sharing a new clients home soon,

and also some not so new clients homes.  I need more hours in a day… lol

Ok, on to other news…

This recipe is for the talented special amazing women I was so fortunate enough to work with this weekend on


special project!

Thank you for making an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity so much fun!

SOON to share!!!

Hope you gals like this Tomato and Butter Bean Salad


4 Tomatoes

1 Can Butter Beans ( my sister’s idea)

Fresh Basil

Dried Basil

Olive oil


Salt & Pepper


giveaway 050

Fresh basil.

giveaway 033

Gorgeous tomatoes. 


giveaway 027

Rinse butter beans.

giveaway 046


I read somewhere that it is not healthy to eat tomatoes seeds.

I was taught to cut the meat of the tomatoes skin like this.

giveaway 039

 Then cut into slices.

giveaway 044

Toss butter beans, tomatoes, chopped basil, as much dried basil as you prefer.

Cover with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Squeeze some lemon juice,

and wala.

Great summer salad!

giveaway 054

I want to also wish my talented dear friend Leslie a speedy recovery.

She is going into surgery on Thursday, and we all wish her well.

I will pray for you!

Have a beautiful day my friends.




  1. I love this recipe! Anything with beans that I can throw together and bring for a grab and go lunch. My daughter in law makes one with shrimp, lime, celery, scallions, dried chilies and cilantro that is yummy too served over lettuce or as lettuce wraps. Thanks, Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  2. ok dear I must know where to find the cow pics.... I am inlove....you are very good.

  3. Gorgeous vignettes Lu! Love the country themed one and would also like info on where you found those cute guys! Thanks for a new summer salad recipe, looks yummy!!!

  4. Thanks for all the lovely pics! I SO need that shade in my life! :)

  5. That mantel is incredible!!


    All this is Grace and Charm

  6. Oh I love the first two...the cow photos are a perfect touch, can't wait to see the rooms you have decorated!! happy Wednesday to you!!

  7. I am having a friend for lunch tomorrow and i am going to make this...I was originally making shrimp salad...but this look sooooo yummmy! Thanks for the recipe!

    The vignettes you created are...as always...beautiful perfection! you didn't miss a detail! Love them all!


  8. The recipe sounds delish - will have to try your version!

    Also love all the vignettes you created! How cute is that first one with the cow picture. I have been on a horse picture kick lately, but I think I just might have to make it farm animals!


  9. I do love all these looks! Looking at the pillows in the chairs, I'm thinking blue and white or blue and cream/beige is going to be quite big this coming year.

  10. Oh Lu, these are just absolutely amazing!

    I love the first couple of pics, it actually looks like those sweet cows are grazing on the potted greenery. :-)

    I have just one question for you now...

    When you can you be here to re-design MY casa???


  11. Yummie !!!!...........hugs from Ria

  12. I am definitely drawn to the Victorian aesthetic..beautiful. I like the sound of your recipe, I'll definitely try it. Rachaelxx

  13. I must try this recipe. I have one similar but I add pasta and I use cannelini beans. Are those the same?

  14. I can't tell you how bad I've been looking for the perfect cow print.... and I should have known you would feature it on your blog!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE {my family thinks i've lost my mind searching for a cow print.... which makes me search harder LOL
    thanks for the delicious looking recipe,

  15. I'd love to know where to find some cow prints like that?????

    I love this post...love it!!! LOVE the cow print!

  16. Hi Lulu,
    I have to say I am in love with the top two photos! That room is just gorgeous. If I had the money I would re-do my home in that style.
    Beautiful photos, you did an awesome job on the decor!
    Have a great day.

  17. That salad will be on my summer eating list!!

  18. Oh yeah, that salad sounds delish! Love those cows..I paint cows and other animals, so yeah, love those cows!

  19. Ah, those burlap ottomans. You have given me some inspiration. I saw some fabric, a sort of barlap, sack, hessian type stuff at the local hardware store, it would be perfect! Thank you.

  20. I really like that lamp for some odd reason. It is just so cute! The salad looks wonderful! I do something similar to that but with garbanzo beans instead of the butter beans. My youngest loves tomatoes and garbanzo beans!

  21. I love the coffee table that looks like a basket and the burlap ottomans. I can't wait to see the homes you decorated!

  22. I really like the cow paintings and the way you did the country theme. Cute, cute, cute!

  23. Oh, I need you to come decorate my house. Gorgeous work, lady!

  24. Those cows are to die for!!!! Totally want to redo what I just did all because of those cows...You are so good at what you do girl-keep it up!

  25. I love all that you share!!! It is just beautiful...loving those pillows too! That recipe looks soooo yummy! You do a great job at it all!

  26. I love every look..really. Maybe that's what I need..clients. Then that way I can play often and never spend a dime. Sounds like fun! Have a great weekend sweet friend~ xoxox Susie

  27. So very pretty! Don't feel bad for being away, we all get busy and we all understand! Wishing you a wonderful relaxing weekend, thanks for the recipe, looks yummy!

  28. You had me at butter beans.

  29. I am loving your blog! The design, the recipes, all yummy!