Friday, April 23, 2010

Winner & Wallpaper

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Congratulations to the fabulous Kelly Blake from

The Eclectic Owl

You were the random number chosen for the lovely

Le Creuset giveaway!

Be sure to visit Kelly’s blog, it is fun and fresh.

Please email me your info.

Happy Cooking!

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I wanted to THANK YOU ALL  for taking the time to visit my blog,

and leaving such sincere comments.

I am so lucky.

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These gorgeous sunflowers were staring at me at the Farmer’s Market

I just had to give them to all of you!

They were so bright and cheery.  They made me smile.

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  Adjacent to the

kitchen is our family room… but,

that is a whole other project in waiting…

Never mind, back to this post.

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So lovely.

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Don’t they make you happy?

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This gorgeous, paintable, embossed wallpaper was on back order

for way to long…

It finally arrived! We are almost done with our wallpaper project.

Can’t wait share.

Stay tuned!!!

(example wallpaper photo below)

Best Wallpaper EVER

Have a beautiful weekend!




  1. Sister all I have to say is that you are pretty amazing!!you have such style!!proud to say you are my sister...

  2. Congratulations Kelly!
    Oh Lulu your photos are beautiful. I just love everything about them. Love the lemons in the jar with the sunflowers. I really love those jugs. I have always wanted to get some of those. Can I have your kitchen???
    You are the BEST
    Take Care,

  3. What gorgeous, cheery phoptographs. The wallpaper looks amazing.
    ps congrats to Kelly for being the winner :)

  4. Congrats to the lucky gal! I LOVE those sunflowers and the lemon together! What a cheerful combination. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  5. Congratulations to Kelly!!! What a wonderful giveaway! She will enjoy them for years, no doubt! I love mine!

    Those sunflowers just make me so happy! Thank you for sharing their sunny glow with the rest of the world! We need it here. It's supposed to rain ALL weekend!:-)

  6. Bonjour Lulu,
    What a lovely and sunny post. I just read Donatella comment, I didn't know you were sisters. Donatello is such a wonderful blogger friend. I'm glad I'm following both of you!
    Wishing you a good weekend,

  7. Lucky girl Kelly!

    Lulu.. you are super talented. Those pictures (and plenty of others Ive seen here) are gorgeous. You could totally do a book! You wouldn't even need a designer or a photographer. Or note cards or postcards. You rock Lu!

  8. Lovely pics as always Lulu. Rory


  9. Congratulations to Kelly, what a lucky gal!! I love your photos Lulu, those sunflowers have birghtened my day!! Thank you for sharing them:) I can't wait to see your gorgeous wallpaper reveal!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  10. G'Day~Sunflowers make me Smile too! Love all the photos and the cheery yellow of the flowers.Beautiful! ~Cheers Kim

    Congrats Kelly ! Enjoy

  11. I think those are some of my favorite photos of yours! totally postcard them

  12. Lovely photos! Pretty wallpaper!

  13. Congratulations to Kelly, I will be sure to visit her blog and say Hi. I love your photos today Lu, they are gorgeous! The sunflowers make me smile and I love how you have styled the shots! xx

  14. The sunflowers are happy and bright but the stool in the last photo just took my breath away!!

  15. The flowers look amazing.Picture perfect...Kathy

  16. Thank you for the gorguous sunflowers!!! What a sight to see first thing in the morning... sunshine for sure... i can't leave out your old wine jugs that i'm secretly obsessed over... LOVE THEM
    & then to see the wallpaper... oh my goodness why do i think after i see the whole room i'm going to want to take up wallpapering!!!!!! already have a chicken feeder i have to explain to my hubby now he's going to come home to rolls of wallpaper LOL
    have a great weekend and thanks for the inspiration!!!

  17. omgoodness. i love those sunflowers. do i need to go to my farmer's market and pick up some for my house? i think i do!!!

    gorgeous photos...just gorgeous.

    can't wait to see the photos of your project that you're working on.

    happy weekend..tara

  18. Thank you so much for the beautiful sunflowers...they brightened my morning! I love them in the jar wih the lemons...so fresh and pretty!

    Can't wait to see your finished wallpaper project!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend sweet girl!


  19. The yellow looks so sunny and pretty against all that white. Makes me want to paint everything white and throw yellow all around!

    I love anagalyptic wallpaper! I got the beadboard design and used it in my kitchen and bathroom. No one can tell the difference. I never was into wallpaper, but this stuff... yeah buddy!

  20. What a cheery and sunny post! I am just loving those vintage basket wine bottles you have paired in the vignette. It is spectacular and looks so wonderful with the sunflowers, which are a favorite of mine. I love your style, girl!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  21. Bee-You-Tee-Full photos! I'm loving those sunflowers and lemons!

  22. Oh woow I love them in with the yellow lemons,tooo sweet.Im getting some ideas here, you guys are all so great on blogger I have been so inspired with many of you.

    Have a great weekend!

  23. Have a beautiful weekend! Lulu..........love the lemons and sunflowers..............hugs from me Ria

  24. What beautiful photos!!! All that yellow is so cheery!

  25. Congratulations to her! Guess what I'm getting ready to plant? Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers. From Renee's Garden Seed company.

  26. Lemons and Sunflowers what could be more cheery!?

    Can't wait to see what you're doing will wallpaper! I spend 2 weeks tearing wallpaper off my dining room walls a few months ago. It goes up lots nicer than coming down!!

  27. LOVE sunflowers! Such happy color! Get well! We miss you!

  28. I love the look of lemons and their beauty in photographs! xx

  29. beautiful beautiful photos...you have an amazing kitchen!!! those flowers in the jug with lemons!!! Can't wait to see the wallpaper!

  30. Congratulations to Kelly, what a lucky girl she is. And what bright and happy pics! I love the wallpaper, you've inspired me to look for some to pretty up our boring living room walls. You have such a beautiful blog, and I love reading through all your lovely posts. Kerri xx

  31. Thanks LuLu they put a big smile on my face :) Can't wait to see your finished project! Have a wonderful Sunday
    Kristin XO

  32. Your sunflowers and lemons are just gorgeous, and such beautiful photo's you take too!

  33. What a happy post,love all the yellows! Hope your keeping well,Chrissy

  34. What a beautiful post!!!with amazing photo's!!


  35. Ohhhhh I cant wait to see! It's gonna be pretty I just know it~

  36. gorgeous!! your photos are stunning, I love sunflowers and adding the lemons was a perfect touch!! Can't wait to see the wallpaper!! :)

  37. What a beautiful blog! I'm glad Mean Mommy sent me over! She wasn't kidding when she said eye candy!

  38. those sunflowers are gorgeous! please stop by my blog and participate on my latest giveaway... your images would be perfect for it!

  39. Lulu, these photos are so beautiful! The sunflowers DO make me happy.xo Lidy

  40. Lu I love your gorgeous photos. It's always a joy to see them when I come over. The sunflowers are WOW!
    Congratulations to Kelly for winning the giveaway. She's a lucky girl.
    How wonderful you were featured in RH!!! Yo so deserve it girl.

  41. I love putting the sunflowers with the lemons. I just planted 3 different kinds of sunflowers and I hope mine turn out just as beautiful.