Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Fever


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter filled with God and  family fun!

I have been busy with family, projects, organizing like crazy… and some gardening thrown in.

Spring cleaning fever is here!

Bathroom Stars 3 088

Our home has cute niches everywhere. This one is above our tub! (photos to follow)

This spa like atmosphere belongs to my two year old son! He tagged the  tub! We never get to use it..lol

Remember the dye project with the starfish? HERE

Bathroom Stars 3 013


Bathroom Stars 3 038


Bathroom Stars 3 018

 I heart chippy old urns!

Bathroom Stars 3 105


Bathroom Stars 3 060

I love to frame old documents! This French deed dated 1829,

was framed in an old chippy black frame I found for 5 dollars.

Bathroom Stars 3 046

You need to check out The Agoura Antique Mart 

the owner of this antique mart has the best eye for unique finds.

I always find great stuff there.

Bathroom Stars 3 043


Bathroom Stars 3 095 

I am having fun with some photo’s. Since blogging I have developed a passion for photography… I

love Sepia tones and…

Bathroom Stars 3 074

Black and white.

Bathroom Stars 3 038

I have great projects, recipes and inspiration to share with you in the next few weeks!

So stick around.. 

Have a beautiful day!



  1. I could just feast on your blog for days...the most beautiful eye candy ever! I adore all of the natural elements in you niche...the urn is stunning!

    Can't wait to see all you have planned!

  2. The dye technique turned out fabulous :) I am jealous that a sweet by has this spa thing going on. I am doing some dying as well... I will hopefully be able to share tomorrow on my blog, with my first ever giveaway too. stop by and say hello sometime..


  3. Just beautiful!!! I am a new follower to your blog site and I have to say I love your style! That urn with the starfish is fabulous!
    Have a great day.
    Alabaster Rose Designs & 15 Bella Vie

  4. Those are beautiful pictures! Well done! And I really love your starfish (& everything else!) You have got great style!! Our little town is having a huge garage sale at the fairgrounds this Saturday! I can't wait and I'll certainly be on the outlook for urns!!

  5. Beautiful photos and great inspiration I have a niche right above my tub in the Master I haven't figured out what to do with!! I just might copy this look.

  6. I want a niche like that~~~Beautifully done!

  7. Howdy Lulu~ you are so fortunate to have sweet nooks everywhere AND a cutie to help you decorate. Your photos are lovely as always and I'm looking forward to more inspiration from you. :)

  8. love the pictures...what inspiration....we're painting both bathrooms next weekend!! (cottage white)

    Anywho, I'm so excited to finally give my master bath some attention! Your photos are perfect inspiration.

    Where did you find all the shells, coral, etc....?

    Thanks Lu~

  9. Love it all. Your photos are great. Claire

  10. Love the niche. I have gotten spring fever with cleaning here lately too. Today is cold and rainy and I find that I am also. Just a blah day.

    Love your photos! Sepia is my fav!

  11. What beautiful soft colors. Love this!

  12. Beautiful and refreshing!
    ☺ Celeste

  13. This is so me!! I love the vase and the sea theme in it it is so Yummie!! And then having niches is like a Mediterranean dream .. niches are so great with little lanterns in them as well, you lucky girl.
    ad for the French letter I added a page to my blog where I sell some flee market finds. One of them is a French lette or document like this one here ;) So if anyone would like one as well have a peek at the side bar (more vosgesparis) Hope you don;t mind me saying this here
    have a hreat week

  14. oh I need some sea fans... they are so pretty. Lovely photos

  15. I loooove it! :) Where can I find some urns? I never seem to stumble upon any?

  16. WOnderful Pictures LuLu, thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see what you have coming up!

  17. Love the urn with the coral and sea elements, perfect for the bath...just beautiful! And that starfish blue is just yummy!

  18. You just can't go wrong with a chippy urn and seaside decor!! I love it! My son has the cutest bathroom in the house and it never gets used he is always in mine! lol! Happy Tuesday!

  19. Beautiful display! I love your finds...and think you should start adding photo tips to your blog. You're amazing!

  20. Gorgeous + so are your photos! I love a bit of seaside! ( happily following ) xoxo

  21. Beautiful Lulu! I love sepia and black and white as well. I'm always changing my picutres here!
    Love yours!!!
    Have a lovely week!
    :-) Li

  22. Yeah I started my spring cleaning too!
    I love the beach elements of those images, reminds me home (Brazil!)

  23. I'll be right here checking you out! I love old urns too. I don't seem to have spring cleaning fever. Just stay out in the garden fever!

  24. Honestly Lu, I think your sea treasures just might be my favorite! Well... there IS that clock.
    So lovely and how wonderful to be back blogging about!

  25. So much beauty, can't wait to see your bathroom..Rachaelxx

  26. thanks for adding me to your blogroll....honored, for REAL.

  27. i love the way everything looks! its peaceful and beautiful! i need something over my tub and wished i had a cute niche! i feel the same about picture taking since blogging! cant wait to see all the wonderful posts coming!

  28. hello LuLu!!
    I love the photos and about sepia tones, I love them too! I guess thats why decorate in natural tones and blurlap is pretty sepia in color :)

    See you soon.

  29. I love that you changed the color of the starfish! Genius idea. I love urns too, this looks fabulous!

  30. I love to see someone decorate with sea shells. What a nice vignette you have created for yourself.

    Decorators Club

  31. As Nate Berkus says - no room is complete without an element of sealife. :) These are lovely photos!

  32. Very pretty!!!! I love chippy paint too~

  33. You are an amazing photographer! I always love stopping by here Lulu! Beautiful vignette, as always!

  34. I just love your display Lu! The blue starfish look great...another project on my to do list.

  35. You do have some lovely little nooks around your home. You have made them look beautiful!! xx

  36. I had the fever a week ago ... got right to it and did the WHOLE house ..

    feeln really good now ...

  37. Absolutely gorgeous!!! oh my goodness Lulu...it is so beautiful what you have done and you have a GREAT talent...Happy Easter to you and yes Spring cleaning is in the air!

  38. OH Lu, I LOVE that vignette with the chippy urn! It's gorgeous! AND that FRENCH deed, what a find!

  39. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!! Love, love, love it. I really love it, can you tell? I am a shell girl, so maybe I am a little biased I have them all over my house. Nothing like a little beach in the middle of the Midwest if you ask me! ;o)


  40. these photos make me feel all swooney! LOVE it! wow!!! so beautiful! Love how you edited the photos too. What do you call that big sea weed looking thingy that sticks out in the back of the urn? that's so pretty! I need that! xoxo

  41. you made a beautiful seaside decoration !wonderful photos!

  42. I love your photos Lulu :) I wish I have so beautiful starfish...I have to look around maybe I buy somewhere :)
    I wish you sunny day :)

  43. This was great! The starfish and the old urn make the loveliest photos together. Beachy cool!

  44. This is a gorgeous little vignette! Never tire of starfish. Lovely blog! Look forward to visiting often! xo Erica


  45. Oh my, I love the gorgeousness of your bathroom! The colors are so soothing and really do make me think of a spa! Very inspirational for my future bathroom!


  46. You were reading my mind with this post. I surfed the net last night looking for wholesale coral and shells. After seeing your beautiful pictures, I'll be in the car bright and early on Sat. to go to the monthly antique market to get the best selection of sea treasures. Fingers crossed that my Florida source will be there. Thanks for the inspiration and needed kick in the butt. Have a great weekend.

  47. AHHHHH!!!!!I love this post,I love this post.....really,everything about it,every last detail,I love it!!!!Great job!!!