Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kitchen Island Re-do

Kitchen island mini makeover.

Please excuse me but, I have to swoon a little.

It took my husband all of 4 hours to add the wide, paneled wainscoting to our kitchen island, including painting and adding 3 1/2 inch molding.   We wanted to add some texture to the kitchen.  We painted the island a few different colors, black, cord, then grey, but in the end returned to old faithful white.  White kitchens are my favorite.

Mr T.  is the best man a girl could ask for.  He is hard-working, an amazing father, and hubby. His faith is sound with God. He is my best friend.

My cute handyman does things around the house for me often. Bless him for being so patient. How many times can a girl change a paint color? 

He knows how important it is to make a house a home, and we make it fun! 

I am lucky.

Kitchen 3 009 

Wide panel wainscoting is another favorite. 

We have a few more projects under way, can’t wait to share.

kitchen 2 008

  I LOVE old stools.

I was so fortunate to come across these two little cuties on sale together.

kitchen 2 449


kitchen 2 451 

 My alabaster apples, a great accessory.

  I will be hosting another giveaway…

These gorgeous finds will be part of another amazing giveaway !


kitchen 2 058 

kitchen 2 032

My French, wooden kitchen linen holder…lol 

kitchen 2 020

French wicker wine jugs!

kitchen 2 021

How well do you gals know me?

Ok, fun little game…you know I can cook a little, but can I bake?

Is this apple pie real or fake?

Did I spend long hours on this beautiful yummy apple pie?

kitchen 2 425

Find out in a future post…tied to the giveaway!

Kitchen 3 020

This old, black caddie is used to hold my vintage blue and

white transfer ware, linens, ironstone and silver utensils. (not for use)


Kitchen 3 053

I love the black patina.

kitchen 2 015

My French herb basket found a new place in my kitchen window.

Now the herbs gets the perfect amount of sun.

Kitchen 3 078

I changed the white balance in my camera to cloudy to achieve this affect.

Me likey…

Here are some close-ups of the apple pie and kitchen.

Kitchen 3 035


Kitchen 3 036


Kitchen 3 014

kitchen 2 205 

My two  favorite pictures.

Kitchen 3 100

Daddy’s little helper!

Mix Match 102

Love to share.

Have a beautiful day!




  1. Oh My! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your island - really your whole kitchen! You did a fabulous job on it. All of your accessories look so lovely in there - I would love to find a utensil caddy like that.
    I am really in love with the whole room! :)

  2. Hi Lulu!
    Your kitchen is gorgerous. White kitchens are my favourite by far. Your hubby did a wonderful job with the island. I have the same hubby always ready to repaint something for the hundreth time!
    I enjoyed this post!
    Pamela :)

  3. Wow! It looks fantastic. Everything is so bright and cheerful. I love it.

  4. oh lulu! it looks beautiful! tell your sweet hubby great job! where did you find the wide panel wainscotting? i have been wanting to put something on my "island" type counter but i have the corbels too! both together look fabulous! ok, for that yummy looking pie! it makes my mouth water! it looks so real but i am gonna say its not! am i right? love your pictures! xo

  5. You know what my favorite is? The linen holder. I love love love it. The whole transformation is great.

  6. The whole thing is absolutely beautiful. I just have to say that little white stool on the right (with wire or something under it) is the coolest thing!

  7. Your kitchen looks amazing! We are hoping to be moving into a new house soon, and with white countertops I was worried white cabinets would be too much, but I am sold! Beatiful as always!!

  8. What a lucky lady to have such a handy man. You island is lovely ~ I love all the white. The kitchen looks so fresh and inviting featuring all its goodies!


  9. Hi Lulu, your kitchen island looks fantastic! I love that wainscoting and how cute is your little man, helping out his Dad - so sweet:) Wishing you a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  10. LOVE the kitchen and the white. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love your stools! What a find. The wine jugs and other accessories are perfect against the white. So pretty!

  12. Once again, I am wiping drool. I am so in love with your kitchen!

  13. wow that made my day! Thanks for sharing! I was thinking as I read your post to heck with the apples I want a slice of that pie...mmm then read further and you hinted it may not be real lol...I don't know you well enough to know for sure..but it definitely fooled me :)

  14. Your kitchen looks like my dream kitchen! It is so pretty!

  15. Such a beautiful kitchen! Now I want my island and stools to be white...and maybe the walls too....yours is stunning!!

  16. I love what you've done. Even the accessories are way fab. As far as the pie goes.. I think it's fake.. and before you asked I thought it was fake.. probably because I myself do bake and I think I do pretty well. But in all my years of making pies I never got perfect syrupy drips along the underside of the crusts edge. Of course if it is real then you can have me over for some pie and coffee. I'll even bring the ice cream! Oh, and I love the stoools too.

  17. Your island bench looks gorgeous! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and a wonderful little helper! I love your whole kitchen it looks so light and inviting. I would've said that you apple pie looks real and that you are an amazing pastry chef but after your comments I am not sure, is it fake? I will be checking back to find out! xx

  18. Everything looks wonderful, the wicker wine jugs are a passion of mine, and that black caddy, oh so dear to my heart!

  19. your kitchen looks absolutely beautiful!I love your white and black patinas!

  20. Lulu have I told you lately how much I love your blog...well it's time to tell you again in case you didn't hear me the first twenty times. I love the island and the stools are right up my alley. I have couple with the wire on them and they are my favorites. Your kitchen is beautiful!

  21. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Your kitchen is too beautiful and the accessories are just perfect. Rxx

  22. Oh, Lulu!! this island is amazing!!! Love everything, and tools are gorgeous, a lucky find!!! Bello, bello, bello!!!

    Hygs xxx

  23. Lulu,
    I have been waiting to see more of your amazing kitchen!! I lOVE all of it. There are so many things that I love that you do. I am like you~ I always return to white! I love those alabaster apples. You have a special touch!
    Thanks for the link! : ))) I now remember! Love your idea, Thank you!
    Your friend,
    I am off to bed!

  24. Lulu, it is just great. I love love your stools they are fantastic and look so great with the island. Great photography. thanks for sharing.

  25. What a stunning kitchen! SO many beautiful things, the herb basket, the stools, the china, too many to mention! And that pie - please send me some!

  26. It just looks gorgeous!!! I love it!!! And your pictures...I cannot even pick out one I like the best:)

  27. I am totally drooling over everything in your kitchen, including the apple pie~ whether it's real or not....
    Happy Monday. ;)

  28. Oh *sigh*. I love EVERYTHING. We just picked up some wide wainscoting for use in our laundry room that we are redoing.

  29. LuLu...LuLu....can I come to your house for vacation? Seriously you are really good! There are alot of us out there attempting what you do seriously beautiful and so complete! If I ever win/build/inherit my dream house I am flying you to help! Really love it! Your photos are to die for...amazing light! Have a great day girl!

  30. Wow! It looks fantastic. Everything is so bright and cheerful......... I love it........ Lulu !!

    It really likes if it comes out of a magazine !!!

    So beautiful done !!! hugs from me Ria

  31. Oh Lulu is just gorgeous!!! Love it Love it Love it!!! I want to stools too.... oh my i'm on the hunt for 2 more stools and yours are sooooo perfect! I could sit for hours in your kitchen... it's perfect,

  32. ooops... i just re~read my comment... it should have said, ' I want your stools!!!

  33. Gorgeous! Every visit here is a treat!!! Your island project is beautiful...you are a lucky girl to have such a handy husband and his little helper is a doll!

    The stools are a perfect accent to your gorgeous kitchen as well as all of your other goodies. I LOVE the way you dress your home...perfection!


    I hope you don't mind if I return to stalk your kitchen...I love it!

  34. Swoony swoon swoon!! love the wide panel beadboard, we have this all over the house, in white...did I say swoon!! As for the pie, hmmm, I am thinking it is fake but it looks so good and as if it came from Julian...are you familiar with famous Julian apple pies! yummmie!
    Happy day, lovely kitchen and happy handy man!

  35. Beautiful! I don't know if the pie is real or not, but it looks delicious! Can't wait to find out!
    ☺ Celeste

  36. I'm pretty sure this is what the kitchen in Heaven looks like. :) Beautiful job - enjoy!!!

  37. Hi Lulu,
    Love this post~ everything just looks so nice! Your hubby did such a wonderul job for you, what a sweetie! I also am in love w/ those stools....& I'm thinking you must have made the apple pie!? It looks so yummy...


  38. It is gorgeous and you are allowed to change your mind about paint colour as many times as you like as it is a girl thing and they expect us to do it!

    Leeann x

  39. Love the island but the pie has me drooling! ;)

  40. love the island, love the baskets, love the stools, love your faucet, there is nothing about you kitchen I do not love. Beautiful!!!

  41. gracious. i love your house. i love your style. amazing.

    so dreamy. so clean. so crisp. so welcoming.

    and your heart for your hubby and his heart for God....makes it all even better.

    we could so be friends in real life. :)))

  42. Oh Lulu, this Island looks perfect! Love all the details. And I love the apple pie... it looks great too. Can't wait the next post to handle the truth... fake or real pie... ?!?! Hugs & Kisses, Mira!

  43. Oh, Lulu...love, love, love your kitchen. You think I could borrow your hubby for a week or so! ;) Wow, he does great work! It's beautiful...gorgeous. I could read your blog all day!

    For the pie, if it's real...I want a slice! Beth

  44. Hello Lu - your kitchen looks fabulous! Love everything about it. Those stools are perfect! And that pie definitely looks real and totally mouth watering!


  45. love the wainscoting, stools and the herb basket.
    love you too!

  46. It is so lovely. Everythign looks so inviting and fresh. Love the white and the apples. I say the apple pie is real. Thanks for hte ppek at your beautiful family kitchen.

  47. Love the black cutlery box. I have them in all colours. I make them and then make them look old. Yummy pie.

  48. Oh my goodness LuLu, your kitchen is amazing, I love the white, it's gorgeous! That pie, well, I might just have to come over and have a bite after I help you on your closet :)

  49. Beuatiful and very inspirational Kitchen Lulu!!!
    I'm so lazy to start mine here...it needs a makeover, but looking at yours makes me feel alive again to just start and do it!
    Love, love, love yours! Gorgeous!
    Have a lovely and sunny week!

  50. lu lu girl wow love the crisp white with the distressed stools magnificent and we also renivated out kitchen to white ....my island is black ...i'm not so sure my hubby will want to change it to white...love what ya'll did..suzanne

  51. Absolutely love, love, love it! Will show my hubby when he gets home from work as a subtle hint. Happy week!

  52. Ok, that seals it. I want to move in with you. Will you adopt me?? ~mary~

  53. So I'm totally crazy about your kitchen. The white is wonderful. Love your alabaster apples and ALL of your accents. Great job! ◕ ‿ ◕

  54. The kitchen looks awesome. I really am enamoured of the chippy black tray with the silverware in it!

  55. Hi Lulu! Your kitchen is amazing! and with that island is more gorgeous that ever! E' veramente bellissimo!!!!

  56. Hi Lulu!
    First of all I have to say is, OMG, I am LOVING your kitchen!!! What is not to LOVE about it? I think you were right to change the color on the bead board back to white. Can your hubby come and do this at my house? I have an island that is just begging for the same exact treatment. I love the old patina'd black utensil caddy. That is just the right pop of black in there. I think it makes such a statement. Your basket of herbs and the basket wine bottles are so awesome, too!! The piece-de-resistance to me is that beautiful countertop on your island...YUMMY. I just love, love, love white kitchens and you have a smashing one. It totally rocks!!
    Thanks for sharing. I just love to come and visit you :)

  57. Just beautiful....your hubby did such a wonderful job!!! Those little stools are just perfect and are the crowning touch!!!!! What a great find those were!!! Your entire kitchen is simply divine!!! *sigh*

  58. LuLu,
    That kitchen is as yummy as the fake apple pie! He he he!!!

    I love the kitchen and the corner window is fabulous but those stools I adore!!!

    See you soon!!

  59. Where do I begin...I love your kitchen...a white counter is something I hope to get at some point...and let's see...what else do I love...your herb basket...stools...wicker wine jugs...the little black caddy...I could go on for days...it's all gorgeous!

  60. And we so LOVE for you to share! Speaking of sharing, I saw you in Romantic Homes last night. Congratulations! You are just doing positively fabulous things with this blog. I am soooo proud of you! ...I think I may be cropping up there soon...

  61. Wonderful! I love it Lulu! PLEASE can I come for pie???

  62. STUNNING is not a good enough word....but I can't think of a better one!! oh,I know WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it all!

  63. Beautiful photos of your darling kitchen. I love how your island turned out. I'm keeping my eyes open for somepiece of furniture to go in the middle of my kitchen instead of the table I have now. The beadboard would look great since my cupboards are beadboard also.

    Enjoy your week.


  64. I love every single thing about your kitchen. My mom and dad actually just did the same thing to their kitchen island a week ago!

  65. Mmm...apple pie sounds really good right now! And your kitchen.....WOW, stunning! I'd like a slice of that too please.

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Thank you so much for following and for your kind words on my blog! I'm following you now too! : )

  66. DROOLING as well, LOVE your ktichen it is perfect ♥♥
    I also think the yummie looking pie is not real (I dare not say fake, it looks SO lovely lol) IF iut is real I am over in a heartbeat too haha

  67. Your Kitchen is gorgeous!!! I love it! I think the pie is fake... sorry to say that its fake, but it is beautiful.. lol

  68. ok so I'm catching up on your older posts...and this is my third comment in less than 5 minutes...I'm not a stalker really hahha! Your kitchen is sooooooo great. I love that you and your husband work together and enjoy making your house your home. My husband rolls his eyes alot and says no. But eventually I break him down and he loves it and all is good. I've been working on him painting our kitchen cupboards white for about 7 years...hopefully I'll win soon!!! You have such a beautiful home. Blessings ~Stacey

  69. LuLu, your kitchen is amazing, I like the white combination, it is gorgeous and I done same this work on Christmas time. I remind my Christmas days.
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