Saturday, March 6, 2010

Living Room Fun

Living room 078

When I was young we would often go visit my mom’s girlfriends homes, play with friends, cousin’s.. swim ..the good old days!  I remember some of her friends would have a Formal Living Room you weren’t allowed to go in. You know the one..The room to the right or left side of the house when you enter ..Usually a sunken living room, (which I still love). The one  room were you can see the vacuum lines on the carpet, and you don’t see any foot prints.  Sometimes, things were covered in plastic, sometimes not.

I remember standing on the edge of that room, thinking this so perfect, I can’t stand it. I want to touch it! Mess it up!

Fast forward..I was in trouble by the end of the day..

That’s not us…We love to live simple and comfortable, my Rachel sofa’s has seen juice, spaghetti, mud..and much much more..we’ll leave it at that. Their easy to wash and I just add bleach when accident’s happen. I love the smell of clean laundry. I am a bit of a clean freak, I like most of us,  look forward to spring cleaning! I have a little bit of Monica in me..lolol  …(FRIENDS) my husband and I love that show we watch all the re-runs, Excuse my randomness.  Husband and I are working hard, busy and blessed.

Anyhoo..I thought I share some photo’s.. I was having some living room fun around  here this week, pulling stuff out and hanging a few things..

Living room 147

I have some finds on order..waiting patiently..the hurry up and wait game..not so fun

Living room 203

ahhh..baby’s breath

Living room 137 

Living room 242 

My huge, vintage, tin framed mirror I have had forever, paired with vintage etched mirrors. I am really picky about art work. I am on the hunt for some now. Its hard to find!

Living room 128

 I heart urns!

Living room 149

Playing with my camera’s lighting…

Living room 151 

Vintage French books..oh la la

Living room 154



Living room 214 


Living room 231


Living room 169


Living room 173

Like all my friends who love to decorate,  I love to change and re-arrange, I have a ton left to do around here, and plenty of time..no rush.. but, It’s starting to feel like home. Yippy..It’s been a long road..

Happy Day’s



  1. Hi! Stopping by for a visit from MBC. Great blog.

  2. Oh Lu ~ your living room is GORGEOUS!! I want to come and visit just so I can sit in that perfect room on a perfect white slipcovered sofa and chat to you!!!Love your urns, they are gorgeous and your thread spindles:) What a beautiful home you have!! ~ Tina xx

  3. Wow, that mirror is Amazing! I have to say~ Is it made out of old ceiling tile tin? To die for.I am a lil jealous I have to say: 2 great items, no not just 2, 3 great items in one room.Mirror, clock and Miss Ashwells Sofas. O.k a lot jealous.........Looks fab LuLu thanks for sharring.~Kim

  4. Lulu,
    OH my goodness. I have been waiting for this. I knew it was going to be spectacular. I LOVE that mirror & the sofas. I love the antlers on the chest. Your clock is amazing! I love it all, but most of all I love how you have displayed it in your home. Can you imagine not having slipcovers? I can't. Thank you for sharing!
    Take Care,

  5. Lu, I absolutely love your living room! It is just beautiful, can you come and decorate my house now? We'll watch friends re-runs! (loved that show) Deb

  6. This looks awesome! Lovin' all the white!

  7. I love lovvveee your living room. All the white is gorgeous! Pure, sweet and cozy! Your clock .... sigh .... adorable. Off to look at and read some of your past posts.... Have a lovely week ahead!

  8. ... I could move right in ... and just dwell in this room ... bring my coffee and a magazine, oh and a scone please.

  9. Ok Lulu, I'm drooling....drooling and it's only morning! ha! Your living room is dreamy! Very elegant and inviting. BTW, if I were you, I'd keep an eye on your fabulous clock...it might just find it's way over to my place!

    Do you know where I might find a "how to" on life size cardboard cut outs? Preferably one for tall clocks *wink*

    Happy weekend!

  10. Oh my goodness...it's gorgeous! Slipcovers are wonderful...I need them again! :) I love the contrasts of textures, and that mirror is magnificent...what a find! I want a photography lesson!!

  11. Hi Lulu! Simply gorgeous! I am so glad you and your sister have started blogging, because I LOVE visiting both of you!

    That tin mirror is awesome and makes a great focal point. Oh, and the french books....be still my heart! They are getting so hard to find!

    It's really beautiful....all of it!



  12. Love your mirror! Everything looks so bright and fresh! I am ready for spring!

  13. Oh WOW!! That is a beautiful, peaceful, just wanna kick back on your sofa w/ a little Jane Austen kinda room!! I love it!! (Esp. the mirrors...all of them!) Enjoy the rest of the weekend LuLu!

  14. When can I come over for some lemonade and just relax in your lovely room? Those sofas look like they hug people when you sit upon them. So lovely...so inviting. I will bring scones too. :)


  15. This is just so pretty. I heart those urns, too! Thank you for sharing your inspiring room!

  16. Love this room and I'm with you every room should be approachable and used.

    Love your white clock..

  17. Hi Lu! ...been bumping into you all morning on blog-about! Everything is dreamy at your place, as always--but we need to discuss the most fantastic clock ever!
    I heart it VERY much!

  18. Those couches looks so comfy! Love the french urns too and I know what you mean about artwork. I can never find anything I like either and if I do it is usually an outrageous amount :)

  19. Lulu, my heart almost stopped when I saw this picture of your living room. LOVE IT!!! It's so funny what you said about formal living rooms. Just because a room is white doesn't mean hands off.lol When people come to our home (esp. hubs friends)...they won't even go sit in the living room. I think they are afraid of the white and that I'll get mad at them if they sit anywhere. So funny, but it surprises me that children feel right at home in all of it. And dogs!
    I love your beautiful style.

  20. Lulu your room looks beautiful, I love your tin mirror, the french books and your lounges. Just gorgeous! xx

  21. It is just beautiful!!! I LOVE it...and that clock...a deep sigh...it is so beautiful and your mirrors:) Everything looks wonderful:)

  22. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! I am in love with that room,it is perfect,every detail....can I come live with you.....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Sooooo pretty!
    That clock is AMAZING!
    And the color on those old books is just perfection.

    Have a wonderful week!

  24. Lu~ I am SO happy that your camera is fixed...these images were worth waiting for. Your living is amazing and we do have the same clock! :)

  25. Oh, your living room is so beautiful. I am so jealous of that clock! Sooo gorgeous.

  26. this is such a beautiful, lovely room! I would feel very comfortable in there!

  27. What a beautiful room! I LOVE that clock! White slipcovers are the way to go! I love mine!

  28. The couch and chair look so cozy and comfy! My mom and I were saying last night how much we like your living room.

    I think watching re-runs of Friends is fun too :)

  29. The white here is stunning and so stylish> A beautiful look x

  30. Wow Lulu, your style is absolutely beautiful and I love that you allow your kids to eat on on the white sofa and that mud and juice have left their trails! you certianly have a fun style!! Thanks for sharing!

  31. нαρρу ωσмαи'ѕ dαу тσ αℓℓ нєяє =D

  32. WOW!!! I love your living room! The clock is so pretty. I think it is hard to find artwork, I feel like I have to connect to it in some way. I use a lot of mirrors and old prints of advertising and stuff like that. Anyway, truely beautiful!
    P.S. I love all the Rachael Ashwell pillows and stuff!

  33. Please come over!!! Our minds are on the same track... last night i looked at my living room and knew i wanted to change it up... we use every room in our house... it's kiddos allowed in all areas.... and my living room has been my struggle with how to make it look the way i want.... it's the one of first things people see when i swing open the door... how i wish you could come over and help me create a cozy light airy room!! Yours is gorgeous and i want to sink in you couch!!

  34. Oh this is so beautiful, I love everything. My favourite is the tin mirror... and of course that amazing clock. And I totally understood the Friends reference! You have such a lovely room.

  35. It is all so great, the swishy sofas, the old books, the spools.....love it

  36. I am inspired.

    (The white fabric in the closet needs to be transformed and the milk glass needs to be set out.)

  37. LuLu,

    I am so happy I was finally able to visit your blog today! It is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE your living room! Your pictures are so great, too! Love it all!

    Have a wonderful week!


  38. So, so, so, so, so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seems to me you're doing quite well with your photography!! :)

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  39. Beautiful home, beautiful pictures, beautiful everything!!

  40. LuLu, it's amazing need I say more...Love the tin mirror I had one like it in more white and am sad that I allowed myself to give it up. It was a Christy Rapasy frame and I repalced the rose's with a mirror and then used it in a model home I decorated :( So now that I see your's... I have BIG regrets.

    Well you also inspire me to look for something to replace that loss. Keep on inspiring your design style is something to be proud of.

    Interior Design

  41. Lulu, it's gorgeous! So serene and pretty.

  42. oh my gosh! I adore your clock and your mirror! One day I will have a Swedish clock just like that!


  43. Hi Lulu, I'm not sure why I haven't found this before??? but your living room is amazing! I want to just curl up with a coffee (non-spill cup hehehe) and a good book! Your clock is sooo charming. I just adore it all! ~Stacey