Saturday, March 13, 2010

Farm Table & Swan Grace


kitchen 3 240

One of the best-known children's tales, The Ugly Duckling, tells of an little "duckling" who doesn't look like the others, who are all very surprised when he grows up to become that most elegant of birds, the swan.

On one level, this fable illustrates the deceptive nature of first appearances and teaches us that true beauty grows from within. Swan, in teaching us that we all have inner grace and beauty, teaches self-esteem.

Swan symbolizes grace and beauty on many levels. It is associated with love, music, and poetry. In Roman mythology Swan was sacred to Venus, the goddess of love. In Greek tradition, this bird was often pictured singing to a lyre.  More fun info here

Isn’t that sometimes what we feel with our homes..??

kitchen 3 132

I been looking for Swan Grace forever…

kitchen 3 146

My lovely chandie…

and school box.

kitchen 3 160

kitchen 3 215

 I secretly want those shades from Lola b's  giveaway on this chandie


kitchen 3 241 

My favorite once again..

Farm Table 108


kitchen 3 298

Farm Table 123 

My son love Swan Grace..birdie’s are his favorite!

kitchen 3 117


kitchen 3 116

The kitchen is the Hub of the Home and I wanted to get it finished… some-what first..

I used my own vintage crystal knobs, with a 6-pull value pack, oil-rubbed-bronze-finish, from Target.

For less than $40.00 and my husband’s quick install, we achieved an instant face-lift. 

I want to re-do the cabinets someday soon..so far we put in the subway tiles, and carrera marble..

Saving my pennies..

kitchen 3 165


 kitchen 3 178

Have a lovely day!



  1. Gorgeous images, my friend...the chandie, the school box, the swan....and the little cutie reaching up on the table!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Lu, your kitchen is just beautiful!! Your photos are amazing. I love your chandie, your cupboards, that gorgeous school box, the swan, but most of all that sweet little man - just too cute!! Your home is gorgeous!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend sweet Lu ~ Tina xx

  3. Gorgeous photos Lu! Good luck on winning the chandi shades!! Your little guy is a cutie!


  4. savory thoughts for a rainiy sunday ... mmmmmm-yummy

  5. What a great kitchen table and chairs. Your box on the counter filled with plates and such is wonderful and I love the flowers in that beautiful glass jar. All lovely!

  6. Lovely and your son is so cute!

  7. I love the school box. Your kitchen is great and I love the swan.

  8. Beautiful photos! I love your farm table and chandelier and school box... everything really! Can't wait to see more!

  9. These are gorgeous pictures! I love the swan, the chandelier and the box on your counter. You are off to a lovely start on the room. You always capture such beautiful shots ~

  10. Stunning! Love the textures and the white...your son is precious!

  11. Your kitchen is amazing! I absolutely love your table! A perfect place for Swan Grace :)

  12. Oh my goodness your kitchen is gorgeous. I love it so much. What type of floor do you have in your kitchen? I have all whtie cabinets, white beadboard walls and wood countertops. The floors are wood and I checked them with black paint but now feel the black is a bit heavy down there..hmm wonder how white distressed checks would be?
    thanks for always being such a great friend and commenting. I adore you blog my friend.

  13. Lu your kitchen is stunning as is your chandie and your swan. Love that lil cutie petting your swan too.
    Happy weekend to you.

  14. I've tried to leave a comment before...but it woulldn't let me...so glad to do it now!

    Your kitchen looks so wonderful!!! The swan is just so perfect in this setting!

  15. That storage box is so very cut and functional. All the white really looks fresh and clean...I'm sure the swan loves it there.

  16. Your home is truly a place I want to call home. I love the swan and its ever poignant meaning. I love the picture with your son ever so eager to "pet" the bird...so precious!


  17. Beautiful! Mind if I come live at your house?;)
    ☺ Celeste

  18. Miss LuLu~I'm sure your home is to die for, photos are awesome! Miss Swan Grace is very graceful looking.Dusty is darling and I am sure Miss Swan Grace would be his new bestie if you let him.LOL

    Great find at Target' I have always called Target Tar Je' kinda French, makes me think I went soemwhere Fab! I love a great deal.~Kim

  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!! I love those hydrangeas...and that swan...that chandi...that school box...the entire image...beautiful!

  20. That is sooo how I feel about my house right now. I know what I want, but its going to take time to get it where I want it to be, and I'm so impatient. Thank you for the inspiring words! Beautiful photos. Love your table and chairs.

  21. You made some really lovely pictures, very tender ;)

  22. I LOVE Miss Swan Grace!


    Everything is Beautiful!

    That chandelier is the BEST too!!


  23. Your swan is so quirky and lovely! That kitchen is divine and the pictures captured it all so well. Kudos to you, my friend!

  24. It looks gorgeous!! I love the swan, it's so unique!

  25. So so pretty... And divine hydrangeas! x

  26. Gorgeous, all of it, the swan the light, the knobs, your photos!! swooning over here and it is only 8:30am!! :)

  27. Beautiful Lu!!!I'll start my kitchen renovation next week...and will be pretty much all white! I love yours. Such a good inspiration. Xoxo, Li

  28. Oh i love your Swan Grace... i have a Grace but she walks on 2 legs :) ... but now i see that i need a wood one too :)
    I'd be over in a heart beat for a cup of coffee in your dreamy kitchen....oh it's gorgeous... i need knobs for my island redo.. will have to have your input!!!

  29. Oh my gosh...I totally covet your kitchen! LOVE the white...love the chandi...and love the swan! ;o) Incredibly beautiful! ~mary~

  30. Oh I loved the Ugly Duckling, I even had a coloring-in book of the story.

    I love your swan ~ so very beautiful and your light fitting, basically the whole room lol!

  31. This is simply gorgeous, I love your blog...wow!


  32. I love your kitchen and your SWAN!!!! My friend Tracey got one that looks exactly like it last year....awesome! She got it at a place here in FL called Rennegars....
    love, love, love it all!

    I can't wait to follow your blog!

  33. Your pictures are gorgeous!! Love the swan & love love love the chandelier! The farm table & chairs also are making me swoon. As are the hydrangea blooms. :)


  34. White hydrangeas! Live white hydrangeas!!! We still have snow. A couple of months. Love everything shown. Hope you win the lampshades.

  35. Love the room, the swan, and everything. The glass knobs add just the right sparkle to the room!

  36. You are my new inspiration!!! Absolute perfection! (Great photos...)
    Thanks! I can't wait to read more!

  37. What a beautiful post. Love your kitchen.

  38. Hi Lu,
    I love the kitchen and the new hardware !! Stunning !!

    I reaLLLy love your little mans strawberry blonde hair !!! What a cutie!!

    Your friend Laurie

  39. Hi Lulu,
    I just love your kitchen. I can't enough of the way you decorate! I hope you got my email. I emailed you from my losttrailranch account.
    Take Care,

  40. Your kitchen is pure heaven|I love the white hydrangea!

  41. Beautiful space..! I love all that white - and the chandelier is beautiful. And if you don't win the shades - don't worry... I actually like it better without them. :)


  42. I am loving your blog! I've just spent quite a bit of time reading (I've only just discovered it). Your white palette is soothing and yet cheerful at the same time. So, I'm drooling over your chandelier...where did you get it?

  43. Your kitchen is so gorgeous it has caused me to rethink mine. I've been unhappy with my tile choice and, after seeing how lovely the subway tiles look in yours, I'm going to take them down and start again. Your blog is really beautiful..Rachaelxx

  44. OMG LuLu! Love the tiles, the boy, the chandi and the big blue jar w/ the blossoms! I want one of those jars. oh, and the farmtable! It's all so beautiful and inspiring. xo

  45. Can you tell me where you found the Swan? It is perfect!

  46. lulu! your home is beautiful! i am so glad you shared it with us! i am now on the hunt for my own swan grace! so glad i am a follower! looking forward to more posts!

  47. Wow, your kitchen is amazing! Looks like it comes straight out of a magazine shoot! Thanks for the visit and lovely comment, have a great weekend!:)