Tuesday, February 16, 2010

White Wednesday

Joining Kathleen over at Faded Charm for White Wednesdays!

White Framed Mirrors.
I feel so much better today. THANK YOU for all your sweet comment's to get well soon. Wow, I have not been sick in 2 years. I guess the mom power that comes from having a child wore off..
I am not good at resting and sitting still..I love to work and be with my family and friends, and when your sick you..ugh.. you can't do a thing and I realize quickly how fortunate we are to have good health!

We just moved in a few months ago..and there is tons to do around our here. I found these beautiful vintage white framed mirrors ..another one of my lovely collections..and I never pass these up!
These are so gorgeous on a wall grouped together, what a statement!

This shape is sooo hard to come by and is stunning just by herself...

I am playing around with my camera and I am having so much fun. I have the Nikon D60..Great camera if you have kids..
I am trying to find a class to take with my super talented friend Jennifer from The Old Painted Cottage. We both want to maximize our camera's functions,
and feel we can do that with a couple of courses, hopefully..I am the type of girl who can go to school forever, and  I always want to take a class on whatever INTERESTS me. You can never stop learning! Knowledge is power! I am a creator though.. I am not an avid writer..like the Flower Patch Farm Girl who is both! I look forward to her posts, they are genuine, unique and a flippen hoot!  
but, my friends writing is one class that I have no interest in..lol..

This is an odd niche we have in our passway from the formal family room to the kitchen family room.
 I just played around with these and came up with a simple arrangement!

Love the detail on this frame.

so sweet...

Oval shaped mirrors are another rare find!

I have decided to ship these off to The Agoura Antique Mart to sell..let me know if anyone is interested, just email me..I am not selling on a regular basis, only when I feel I want to move something out and bring something new in..
oxox, lulu


  1. Gorgeous mirrors...they certainly do add to the *look* don't they? Happy WW!

  2. Beautiful frames on those mirrors!!!
    Hug Anna

  3. I love your mirrors, and of course can't miss that chandelier! Maybe you can share with me what you learn in your photography class! I want to take a class in photography.
    I too am a huge fan of the Flower Patch Farm Girl. There isn't another blog out there like hers. Her posts always brighten my day. I love to go back and reread her posts. I too admire the way she writes.
    Love your blog Lulu, can't wait for more glimpses of your beautiful home!
    Take Care,

  4. Hi Lulu, so pleased to hear you are feeling better!! Gorgeous mirrors! Love your niche in your passageway, you have such lovely style and a wonderful way of putting things together! Hope those mirrors go to lovely new homes! Thanks for sharing Lulu ~ Tina x

  5. Hi Lulu, your mirrors are beautiful and so is your home. I think taking a class is a great idea but your pictures are very good. But it never hurts to learn moor. Happy WW


  6. Wonderful Mirrors! Anyone would look good, looking into these.

  7. Hi Lulu, the mirrors are so beautiful, I wish I wasn't so far away. Nellie xx

  8. What pretty whites! I love this post! Your house looks amazingly beautiful! I am swooning over that chandelier!!

    I would love to take a photography class myself. I just have a digital camera...nothing professional, but it gets the job done!

    Glad you are feeling better!



  9. These are sooo gorgeous! I love the creative shots..awesome! I love mirrors and frames and especially in white..the charm is flawless! Fantastic post...beautiful!
    Happy White Wednesday..yay!!

  10. All of those mirrors are gorgeous! Love that oval one especially. I have been looking for a nice one forever! I want it for my bath. So jealous that you can have a white house with a little one! I keep thinking that when the kids are moved out, but the hubby is just as bad.

  11. What beautifully shaped unique mirrors! If I could spot two feet on any wall I'd snap one of these up. But we all know what my walls look like. And I have paintings just sitting around with no place to put them!

  12. Those mirrors are gorgeous. Love, love, love!

  13. Pretty mirrors, love the shapes! Glad to here that you are feeling better.

    Susan and Bentley

  14. You have some great mirrors. Especially the first one. What an unusual shape. I love how you can see through it to your table in the photo.

    Enjoy your WW.


  15. So happy you're back and feeling better! Great pics! I'm having so much fun playing with my Canon, but know a photography class would help! Your mirror is gorgeous!

  16. oh how beautiful! I have several of my great-grandparents old picture frames that I would love to insert mirrors into once we get settled into our new place. thanks for sharing! :)

  17. Your W.W. Post is Beautiful, I Love Everything & Your Header Photo with the Roses is Fabulous!

  18. I posted about mirrors today too! Yours are just so lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  19. G'Day~Glad you are better.The old Painted Cottage is your friend, you lucky ladies how fun you get to hang together.I have a love of mirrors as well.Mine are a lil more rustic.My Grandmother has many all from France in gold but they are beautiful.I am buying my daughter a new camera I will check out the Nikon D60 thanks for info.Have fun! Yes it's never to late to learn something new.Always have an opened mind.Enjoy~Kim

  20. Oh I am in love.
    I love old mirrors painted white, I have a thing for mirrors & we have so many (of course painted white) in our home & I just love yours.
    I've joined in on White Wednesday too, so I hope you will pop along & visit.

  21. So beautiful! I love the uniqueness of your mirror...the shape is amazing!

    The arrangement in your niche is stunning...soooo you!

    Happy WW!

  22. I have a Nikon too. Aren't they just the best!

  23. Your post is divine. I love all the mirrors.
    The header pic is beautiful. I think the red and white vase is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all of your pretties.

  24. Your mirrors are gorgeous!! I also love Shannan she is just a hoot and so genuine!! I just got done reading a bunch of your posts and you are so talented...glad I found my way over to your blog! have a great day, Tara

  25. I LOVE the whites! I can't wait to see more pictures from your house.

  26. Hello Lu, I'm hoping you are feeling better!

    This post is absolutely beautiful, so pretty!!!

    Thanks for stopping by today and leaving a kind comment....My grandchildren are the light of my life!! Being a grandma is a different kind of love....so Blessed....Have a good week!

  27. Gorgeous! I love that first mirror! I now want to paint all my walls white! It looks so beautiful!

  28. Hi LuLu,

    Are you feeling better??
    Wishing you a warm cozy evening, Your friend Laurie

  29. oh mirrors have a soft spot in my heart... Yours are just beautiful... the shapes are all wonderful and the chandelier... oh my its breathtaking!!!!
    feel better sooooon!!

  30. Those mirrors are GORGEOUS!!! All of them:) WOW!

  31. 2 things I wish I studied in college... cooking and decorating! ;) happy to find ya! LOVE old white things... love them!
    Just Jenn ~ your newest follower!

  32. Wish to have those mirrors on my condo especially the first one. Like it!
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