Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thankful Guilt

I can't help but feel sad today for what is happening around the world. First Haiti, then Chile, now Japan.  Coastal areas are in warning of a Tsunami!..So many people have lost loved ones, injured family and friends.
But, yet I sit here warm in my house with my family healthy and happy! I feel guilty because I am thankful and happy. I feel guilty because there's a tiny hurray in my heart because my issue of Flea Market Style has finally arrived. After a long awaited time. God I am so grateful for all that I have,..  I feel guilty for being happy.
  Knowing so many are hurt..God Speed!

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  1. Good evening... this is true, we are as snug as bugs in our home, while others are hurting. You know it is Gods plan and his time for everything... and I will say, I am saddened yet happy/thankful too, to be as snug as a bug in a rug in my home. On another note I was just recently turned on to your blog and became an instant follower and even more delighted when I saw your space in Jennifer's blog this morning. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


  2. I think we all feel a little like that. I agree with Sheila. xo Lidy

  3. LuLu~Ah your so Sweet! May you and your family be blessed for thinking of others in their time of need. Special Prayers from all of us and through you to all of them in their time of need.Bless them all!

    I just looked at my Flea Market Mg again tonight and still find things that I didn't see before.Enjoy!

  4. Oh Lulu,
    I know it is so sad, I have had a lot of sadness the past couple of years. I am from a very large family, and our family used to be so close, up until 3 years ago. Unfortunately it is tragedies like these that makes me realize life could be a lot worse. I am learning to appreciate the blessings I do have and be thankful.
    Take Care,
    Your friend,

  5. I agree! My whole family lives in Hawaii and it was very scary just waiting. I myself have experienced many tsunami warnings all the years I lived in the islands and it can be quite scary but also so greatful for everything you have when you realize you're safe!

    Oh and I too received my Flea Market mag and I can't wait to read it...:-)

  6. Lu ~ you are such a special person. If anyone should not be feeling guilty it is you. You have such a beautiful and caring soul, obviously based on your strong faith and it is something that sets you apart from so many. We are also sending prayers and thoughts to all of those that have been affected by these terrible tragedies, it certainly does put things into perspective. Your deep concern for others, I think, certainly allows you the small joy of enjoying your Flea Market Style. ~ Tina xx

  7. Such sweet post....
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  8. you have such a genteelspirit ... I do know your sentiments exactly ... sometimes I feel like bubble-girl

    ... my heart aches for people who suffer

    let's catch up ...

  9. I feel the same way. Such a sweet post.

  10. Hi Lulu,
    you don't have to feel guilty... thank god for your blessed life and pray for all those who haven't such a secure and safe life...
    curious about your upcoming favorit cup, hugs from Germany (we have a horrific stormy day here) Mira!

  11. Dear Lu,
    You are so full of love and passion. I admire you for that! There are so many real-life problems :-( Some day we will all rejoice in heaven togeather!


  12. It is hard to watch the suffering, especially when it occurs in countries were people have so little. It really is up to all of us to help.

    Susan and Bentley

  13. I know how you feel...I struggle with posting what amounts to mindless trifles when there's so much tragedy going on out there.

    But I think that when things get rough, people need an escape of sorts, a respite from all the unhappiness. Just my two-cents!

    Have a blessed Sunday,

  14. It is so hard to watch when others are having pain and turmoil in their lives, time to pray and help as we can. Thanking God for our blessings and knowing that when we are hurting others are there to help us.
    hugs and blessings,

  15. what a wonderful post...you are exactly right:)

  16. hey, im monica...your newest follower.

    i found your blog via a friend of mine's blog/

    i love your bloggy blog!

    super sweet post

    can't wait to read more. more. more!